Sean Kingston Accused of Armed Robbery, False Imprisonment

This video presents exclusive, never-before-seen footage from a 2018 incident.

On July 27, 2018, Assistant State Attorney Eddie L. Holiday III wrote a memo to Chief Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hogue regarding State of Florida v. Kisean Anderson. Kisean Anderson is better known as the singer and rapper Sean Kingston.

Holiday’s rather-frustrated memo explained the facts of the case against Kingston, and why the State of Florida was declining to prosecute.

In summary, on June 28, 2018, Amanda Torres was in Miami for a vacation when her boss called her regarding a jewelry transaction that he wanted Torres to complete. The boss explained that Torres would pick up two pieces of jewelry from a store in downtown Miami and go to the Kisean Anderson aka Sean Kingston’s home to sell the jewelry for $75,000 and a trade-in watch. When Torres and an employee of the jewelry store, Hanan Rubinov, drove to Kingston’s home, they learned that Kingston did not have the full $75,000.

Kingston only had $24,000, however Kingston still wanted the jewelry and as sign of good faith gave Torres $24,000 and a “very expensive watch” with the intention that that the next day, Kingston would withdraw the rest of the money and retrieve the original trade-in watch. Torres allowed Kingston to take the two pieces of jewelry, and took the watch plus $24,000. The next morning, Kingston’s mother called Torres and explained that she would withdraw $50,000 from a bank on behalf of Kingston. Kingston’s mother also explained that she needed a ride to the bank, and asked Torres to pick her up from her son’s home. Torres retrieved Kingston’s collateral watch, with the thought that she would soon receive the $50,000 and the trade-in watch discussed the previous day. Torres and Rubinov picked up Kingston’s mother from her son’s home and drove to the bank. Kingston’s mother withdrew $50,000 and handed the money to Torres. The three then returned to Kingston’s house to retrieve the trade-in watch, but when they got to Kingston’s house, Kingston’s mother stated that the trade in watch wasn’t there.

Kingston’s mother tried to trade in another watch, but Torres’s boss refused to accept the substitute, so Kingston’s mother called her son and asked him to come home and negotiate himself. After negotiating for nearly three hours, Kingston decided that he no longer wanted the jewelry and asked for his money back. Torres handed Kingston’s watch back to him and asked for the two pieces of jewelry that Torres had allowed Kingston to hold the previous day. Kingston refused, stating that he would only give back the jewelry after he had received all of his money, which had been placed in a jewelry store safe. Kingston demanded that they all drive downtown to retrieve the money, and stated that he would return the jewelry once he had received his $24,000. Torres called her boss to explain the situation, and her boss advised that they should ride downtown together, or else Kingston might just keep the jewelry and drive away.

Torres got into Kingston’s Bentley coupe, with Kingston driving and and an unknown Latino male in the front passenger seat. Before they left, Kingston asked the Latino male for his gun. Ultimately, Rubinov retrieved the $24,000 and handed the money to Kingston, who handed the money to an unknown black male to be counted. Torres then told Kingston to let her out of his car and to hand over the jewelry, because Kingston had his money. In response, Kingston yelled at Torres “I’m not letting you out. I need to make sure all my ** money is here. You’re not getting out!” The black male then counted the money multiple times.

During the counting, Kingston took off the jewelry, placed it in a box, and handed the box to Torres, but Kingston did not allow Torres to leave. Then, the black male told Kingston they had only received $23,700. When Kingston heard that he had been shorted, he tried to take the jewelry box from Torres. They struggled over the box, but Kingston overpowered Torres and took the jewelry box. When Torres protested, Kingston took out a gun, racked the slide, and pointed it at Torres, telling her “You’re not getting out of the ** car, because I don’t have all my money!” Torres asked to count the money herself, and explained that all the money was there. Kingston then gave the money back to the black male, who agreed that all the money was there. As Kingston apologized for pointing his gun at Torres and Torres left the car, the black male slammed the door on Torres’ finger, causing injury.

After reviewing the evidence, ASA Holiday filed an arrest warrant and information charging Kingston with one count of Armed Robbery with a Firearm and one count of Armed False Imprisonment.

I’m at YouTube’s character limit. For details on why the charges against Kingston were dropped, visit the Real World Police subreddit.

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  2. Imagine getting yourself and your own mother involved in shady deals for some f–king jewelry… as a man.
    It doesn't matter that the criminal charges were dropped, he's still guilty of being a potential cast member of Real Housewives of Wherever He Lives.

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