Sand Springs Police Officers Shoot At an SUV After a High-Speed Chase

* (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) *
Sand Springs, Oklahoma — Newly released body camera video shows the moment two Sand Springs Police Officers shoot at an SUV in the middle of a high-speed chase. Video shows officers chasing three people in a car, later identified as Brandon Beaty, Aubrey Beaty and Tiffany Delgado. On August 01, 2022 A Sand Springs business called police to report a larceny at their business. The caller provided a vehicle description and tag number which led police to the subjects who were in a stolen vehicle out of Stephens County. A pursuit ensued between the vehicle and Sand Springs police that entered Pawnee County.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers joined the chase and eventually used a tactical vehicle intervention maneuver to spin the driver out. As a result, the vehicle spun into a trooper’s patrol unit and also crashed head-on into a Sand Springs vehicle. The officer outside his car and another inside their car fired their guns but didn’t hit anyone. The chase ended near Keystone Lake in Pawnee County where the people in the SUV they were chasing got out and escaped before being found several hours later. Brandon Beaty is charged with shoplifting, possessing a stolen vehicle, and eluding police. Police said Aubrey Beaty and Tiffany Delgado are facing joyriding charges.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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28 thoughts on “Sand Springs Police Officers Shoot At an SUV After a High-Speed Chase

  1. Law Enforcement officers are terrified of overreacting. So they are hesitating, as you can see in this video, to act aggressively toward fools like those presented here. Notice no one even continued the pursuit. They just gave up. I am not critical of those hero officers in any way. I would have done the same thing. Make a mistake and your career is over. Better to let them go.

  2. They just shouted, not 1 shot was fired. not to kill but to would an arm at least or a leg, to stop the suspect, really inept officers: "stop! stop! stop! I'm going to tell your mom!" really? -_-!

  3. 1:20 I would fire this cop….not for firing a shot that did not need to be fired – but rather because, he had a shot lined up – that could have ended this situation…but lacked the courage to take it.
    This is what happens, when you send police to jail, for being police….

  4. That cop fully missed on purpose & so he should’ve his life wasn’t in danger. But he missed dude as I’m guessing he didn’t wanna risk going to prison for murder?.

  5. Instead of shooting into the cab (the police intentionally missed people inside) I think they should have aimed at the vehicles rear tires.

  6. They intentionally missed. The way these suspects were acting they shouldnt have intentionally missed. Never fire warning shots. That officer could have been seriously injured in that head on. To allow them to keep going endangered everyone in that community. Any escape is a danger to the community. Hostage situations happen too quick to let people off like that. They were using the vehicle as a battering ram and that is deadly force.

  7. In this situation the driver clearly has no regard for other people’s lives, the officers should have shot him but they intentionally did not.

  8. It looks like both officers were trying to disable the vehicle with their shots. I can’t blame them for trying to stop the situation without a volley of fire into a heavily occupied vehicle.

  9. If the perpetrators are a danger to the public or the officer's, they are expected to stop that threat. They failed to do their job. Period! If someone else would have gotten hurt by that vehicle, they would be able to sue the department. It's a double edged sword, because of the pity mentality. I have no pity for criminals like these. They didn't care about killing anyone else.

  10. Everyone has a problem with this, but I don't. By the book, lethal force was maybe technically justified, but they chose to shoot warning shots (indicating they didn't think lethal force was justified) and it doesn't matter because the video depicts a situation where it looks to be justified. So what's the argument? "On video the judge decides lethal force was justified, but these cops decided not to kill anyone, so now they will be charged with failing to kill." Yeah right.

  11. idky i thought it was goodlettsville chase from today but i’m waiting to see the vid on here. cause i was in the traffic as it was ending

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