San Antonio Police Officer Shoots Suspect Trying To Drive Off at McDonald’s

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San Antonio, Texas — On Sunday, October 2, 2022, at around 10:30 p.m., San Antonio Police officer, James Brennand, handling a disturbance at the McDonald’s at 11700 Blanco Road noticed a vehicle in the parking lot he believed had fled from him during an attempted stop the night before. The vehicle, which was not related to the disturbance call, was occupied by a male driver, later identified as 17-year-old Eric Cantu and a female passenger.

The Officer abruptly opened the Cantu’s door and ordered him out of the car. The officer reported that he was hit by the open door as Cantu started to reverse the vehicle. The officer then stepped back and opened fire on the vehicle as Cantu continued to reverse away from him. Cantu shifted the vehicle to drive and then turned away from the Officer to leave. The Officer shot several times at the fleeing vehicle and then ran after the vehicle. Cantu suffered multiple gunshot wounds, he was transported to University Hospital, where he underwent surgery. His passenger was uninjured. Cantu was charged with evading detention in a vehicle and assault on a peace officer.

Following an internal review, Brennard’s employment with San Antonio Police Department was terminated. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has determined that the actions of the probationary officer during this critical incident were in violation of departmental tactics, training, and procedures. The Department’s Shooting Team is finalizing its investigation and will forward its findings to the Bexar County District Attorney’s office for an independent investigation.The investigation remains ongoing.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “San Antonio Police Officer Shoots Suspect Trying To Drive Off at McDonald’s

  1. Charged with evading detention? Any sane person would attempt to flee some psycho cop who just opened your car door and went hands on.

  2. It's fascinating how police officers in America often simply shoot straight away and, above all, directly at the person. Sure if he's armed I understand but this guy ate a burger and just wanted to drive away lol he could have shot the tires as well if the person wasn't a danger to others.

  3. What, he was holding a deadly weapon, a Macds quaterpounder. Of course the cop has to shoot first and question later. Well done that cop.

  4. First thing you should do is block the car in, you have a huge SUV squad car, just roll up on him and block him in. Yeah this guy could have tried to drive over the kerb but you reduce the risk of injury to yourself.

  5. Why are cops so scared of everything. Passing out from "fentanyl exposure" to shooting people's dogs in their yard and now shooting cars for driving in the opposite direction. If you're such a coward under pressure then maybe don't be a cop???

  6. think the officer only thought about how much damage this guy could cause if he went on a high speed chase so he wanted to end the threat before it begun. this is a hard one.

  7. I don't care who calls it legal. It was still nice to see Mr. Big Mac get his extra spicy. You want this guy driving around? I don't.

  8. what cowardly cops are in America that you are yelling like that, you are idiots. With such a cry, you introduce the suspect into a state of stupar. And the suspect is not when in such situations to disobey the order of the policeman, what do American idiots teach you at the academy. And why should everyone shoot at once, are you in the wild west ??? people, self-defense techniques, judo, wrestling, everything that Russian police officers are taught. And Russian police officers very rarely take out their weapons only in emergency situations. Because how many suspects and ordinary people die in America and how many in Russia, in America people and suspects die twenty times more. It's a shame. You are not cops, you are murderers, you are real gangsters with guns.

  9. Sorry but this cop shouldn't be a cop at all and by his actions should probably be behind bars asap.. that was way overboard and not following protocol whatsoever .

  10. He just opened the door and tried to execute him and his passenger… wtf any normal person would try to escape a mentally ill "peace" officer.

    I can't believe you are calling them "peace officers" when they're not peaceful.

  11. Wow. That’s rough. Seems like a situation of “shoot first and ask questions later “. Would like to know the back story of original call for the officer.

  12. First of all, cop failed to identify as a police officer when you just swing open someones door and demand they get out. Id be in shock regardless of who opened my door when i wasnt expecting it. Id think they are trying to car jack me. Yeah. Some will argue the uniform, but ive seen 1000 videos on youtube of police impersonation. Im dipping too. Cop cannot justify discharging his firearm and they cannot justify evading or assault on a police officer charges due to the cop failing to identify and approaching in this manner. Should have pulled the car behind him and lit him up in the parking lot while he was parked. Cant back up if the cruiser is behind you.

  13. Why the hell does the officer just open the door like that?
    And what justifies the use of his firearm?
    I would also flee if I were being shot at.
    The officer should submit to an investigation.

  14. Unpopular opinion: he did hit and push him with the door as he backed up, I can see why the cop may have thought he was gonna get run over. Anything after the first shot was not necessary.

  15. Cop never identifies himself, he takes a clear step back and away from danger…and proceeds to shoot the kid multiple times. This is gross. This maniac needs to go to jail, that's attempted murder.

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