Sacramento Police Shoot Woman Pointing Pellet Gun at Officers

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Sacramento, California — On May 20, 2023, at approximately 12:15 p.m., Sacramento Police Department patrol officers responded to a business in the 1100 block of 24th Street regarding reports of an individual saying they had a gun. The complainant provided a detailed description of the individual. Officers responded to the location and checked the area. About twenty minutes later, while officers were checking the area of the first call, the Sacramento Police Department received a report of an individual waving around a gun near the intersection of 28th Street and N Street. A third caller stated an individual was pointing a gun at the customers of a business in the N Street and 28th Street area. Detailed descriptions of the armed individual were provided to dispatch, similar to those provided on the 24th Street call.

Following the initial 9-1-1 calls, the Sacramento Police Department received four additional 9-1-1 calls over the next four minutes, two in the 1400 block of 28th Street and two in the 2700 block of N Street. In one of those calls, an employee at an area business related that an individual with a gun came into the establishment while waving it around and stealing money. The other calls all related an armed individual was either pointing a gun at someone or waving one around. Sacramento Police Department patrol officers responded to the 28th Street and N Street area. A uniformed Sacramento Police Department K9 handler (Officer #1) observed an individual near 29th Street and Q Street matching the description provided by the callers. Officer #1 attempted to contact the individual, but the individual ran from the officer. As the individual was running from Officer #1, the officer issued numerous commands that were ignored.

An additional uniformed K9 handler (Officer #2) arrived in his patrol vehicle. The individual stopped running, turned toward Officer #1 and #2, and produced what appeared to be a silver handgun. Officer #1 and #2 confronted the individual, who continued to ignore the officers’ orders to comply and pointed the silver handgun at the K9 handlers. An officer-involved shooting occurred shortly thereafter. Officer #1 and #2 discharged their weapons, and neither was injured. Two witnesses were seated in a vehicle in the immediate area of the incident. Officers rendered emergency medical aid to the individual. She was transported to an area hospital by the Sacramento Fire Department, where she received medical treatment for her injuries. Officers recovered a silver pellet handgun in the immediate area where the suspect was taken into custody. 43-year-old Chio Saeteurn was arrested on robbery charges and booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail.

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0:00 – 911 Calls
2:00 – Dashcam Footage
6:16 – Bodycam: Officer #1
9:56 – Bodycam: Officer #2
12:05 – Bodycam: Officer #3
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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Sacramento Police Shoot Woman Pointing Pellet Gun at Officers

  1. The painfully slow, dumbstruck amble away from the car by that useless bystander is really something to behold. Zero survival instinct, zero ability to follow basic instructions.

  2. WHAT are those two toolbags at 3:20 (bottom screen, to the left) doing? They see a cop yelling, with his gun drawn, and they're slooowly moseying around their car just feet from the officer. Some people are frickin clueless.🤯 If I came upon that scene, I'd very briskly walk (not run, unless I had to) in the other direction. It's basic common sense. Lordy.

  3. “I saw everything! You didn’t need to shoot that man!” 😂🤣This lady is the worst witness I have ever seen. First, the suspect was a woman not a man. Second, the police DID need to shoot her because she was acting crazy and pointing realistic looking gun at police and bystanders.
    If I ever commit a crime I pray she is the only witness. After she tells them what she "saw" the police will be looking for 12 year old black girl with long dreads instead of a 6'2" 185lb white male with blonde hair in his 40's.

  4. Wow. I can’t believe Male officers shot at this innocent woman🙄😒 It makes me sick to my damn kidney stones some people are defending her actions. GET A CLUE!

  5. I’d never be lucky enough to have people filming me getting shot by a bunch of lying shitpiles!!! Especially the one barking orders , lookin pretty stupid

  6. By the gods of 9mm…a cop that did an actual assessment of injury and didn't scream out for tourniquet.
    There is hope.

    Those women screaming….just made me think of the part of judge dred where the incoming back up judge says " You have suffered an emotional trauma, medical help is arriving."

  7. Love that bullets are flying right in front of you and instead of getting far away quickly, instead its..let me grab my fkin phone like a moron !!

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