Sacramento Police Officer Shoots 75-Year-Old Man Who Tried To Attack His Wife

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Sacramento, California — On July 2, 2022, shortly before 12:15 a.m., Sacramento Police Department patrol officers responded to a residence in the 5600 block of Gilgunn Way for a report of an individual threatening to kill his wife, who was also on scene. Additional information revealed the individual was armed with a knife, and the wife had locked herself inside a bathroom in the residence. When officers arrived on the scene, they contacted the individual, a 75-year-old male identified as Michael Moore who was observed to be armed with two knives.

Officers communicated with Moore for over 10 minutes and utilized verbal de-escalation techniques in an attempt to disarm him. Eventually, Moore, who remained armed, moved inside the bathroom and assaulted his wife. The victim was heard screaming as officers entered the residence. Officers confronted Moore and one officer fired their duty weapon. Officers rendered medical aid until Moore was transported to a hospital for treatment, where he was pronounced deceased. The victim was not injured, and no officers were injured during this incident.

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0:00 – 911 Call
3:23 – Bodycam: Officer #1
16:35 – Bodycam: Officer #2

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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25 thoughts on “Sacramento Police Officer Shoots 75-Year-Old Man Who Tried To Attack His Wife

  1. I feel like this illustrates a problem with the "primary officer" paradigm that most agencies go by. They have all those cops there and this one cop is having to keep the guys attention and plan the actions of all those other officers. Every time he was distracted by doing that the man would move away and any back and forth they had built up by talking is basically gone. I feel like this could have ended much faster and without gunfire if the primary officer focused on talking to the guy while the Sgt, and a couple other guys move off to the side and come in from the garage or a back door, just something besides 10 cops standing out front doing nothing while one guy tries to do 14 things at once.

  2. Wow…that 911 dispatcher. “We’ll get around to you eventually.” She didn’t leave the caller with a warm and fuzzy. She could’ve at least stayed on the phone with the caller until PD arrived.
    Getting old sux. They been together 35 years. I’d like to believe he was senile or post-CVA (stroke) or maybe meds that caused him to lash out against his woman.

  3. Out of all these episodes we see, I still can not believe less lethal isn't that powerful to be able to fire a net over the subject disabiling him by velocity and power. Hope all officers recover from this, this type of event does not go away, even the officer walking out the door, you could he it in his voice that he was not ok, he had to comprehend what just happened. We can create weapons of war, weapons to harm, yet we don't create weapons of mastering the human….

  4. A riot shield could and should have been deployed to pin hime down. Prison guards do this quite frequently along non-lethal dischargers.

  5. he still never stabbed her, maby because they shot him, buy maby they could have used less lethal many times before. How about shooting the guy in the leg when he was at the door. Honestly it seams like knightsticks and a old fashioned ass kicking would have worked anything besides killing the poor soul who has lost his mind

  6. Someone needs to invent like a webbing for situations like this. Something that just wraps the old guy up until they can get him restrained. He really didn't deserve to die like this after all those years of life. He just needed help coming back to reality.

  7. Some tactical considerations…… we have contact with the victim how about find out where in the house the victim is and start making contact with her while keeping the suspect distracted at the front see if you can pull her out the back and leave him as the only person inside the residence instead of having 20 officers at the front standing around.

    On final take down he advanced towards the door numerous times before going inside and attempting to stab her no less lethal we used at all…… All questions that are going to have to be answered at the civil trial

  8. Got to use common sense to quickly assess the situation.
    Old man, slow, get closer, user taser or bean bag and the old man hits the floor.

  9. What a freaking nightmare scenario. Man getting old and losing your shit is probably one of the worst things that could happen. Just think living with someone over 30 years and they don't recognize you or worse, become insanely violent. It's on my shortlist of real fears.

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