RUST movie set tragedy Police response to Shooting

On April 26, 2021,@CopsConsTV combed through hours of police body worn camera footage released to all the requesting media outlets. We like many outlets requested the footage and it was released to us and many others today by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department in Santa Fe NM where the film was being made. We have compiled a group of videos which stood out to us as the most relevant immediately after Police and rescue workers were called to the set. It is important to point out a tragic death occurred which is still under investigation and the Santa Fe DA’s office has not decided to charge anyone yet with any crimes as of this writing.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing the footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. The police are just as inept as the movie crew. If you're going to carry a first aid kit as a cop, firefighter, or EMT, you better bloody know where everything is. If someone asks for a seal, you should know exactly where to look. He wasn't moving with a purpose and was clearly panicking. And not separating witnesses and allowing them to discuss the incident amongst themselves. Just goes to show, when ineptitude is everywhere, tragedy occurs.

  2. Must be nice to be a celebrity, though. I've never seen an attempted murder suspect allowed to talk to everyone, smoke cigarettes, and have no handcuffs. Any other Joe Schmo would be cuffed and put in the back of a patrol vehicle from what I've seen.

    And it's offensive to my sensibilities that they are letting their killer go change out of his killer-clothes? Those close are evidence, what's wrong with these cops? Not to mention saying, "Sure, you can drive yourself anywhere you want to go!! Including Mexico since it isn't that far compared to where I am. If I were fleeeing I'm too far north to go to Mexico.

    The travesty of our judicial and law enforcement agencies is that not all people are treated equally. EVERYONE all cops should treat their suspects and perpetrators either like we are all already guilty or all already innocent, acting like names are meaningless and you're blind.

  3. I was finding Baldwin a bit suspect from his first encounter but now I think he couldn't be guiltier.

    You'll see after the 30 min mark, one of the workers has his back to police and a young man's arm across his shoulders in consolation.

    The curiousist think I ever sis see happens at 30:57ish, when Baldwin looks around and after noting that worker's body language, Baldwin immediately assumes a more grief-stricken pose. I mean, what a LIAR!! For all we know he did it on purpose to give his movie a little more attention or clout since Alec Baldwin hasn't been the A-Lister he used to be. In fact, even in my thousands of movies I've seen over the years and the hundreds that I own, I am hard-pressed to even name a movie he was in. He seems to be providing more of a supporting role to the A-lister types.

    In any event, it should be down to the person who uses the prop to check it and make sure there aren't any full loads in his bullets. On any set, where you know people are target-shooting, especially, between takes, it's just common sense. And the fact that all the other bullets were "proper" after the revolver was cleared, makes it even more so. But if the armorer is the one who brought the bullets to give as "toys" to play with when they aren't shooting, she isn't only stupid, she is more guilty than Baldwin since she put a loaded gun, that he otherwise didn't have, into his hands. If she hadn't brought live rounds, nobody could have been hurt.

    Lastly, how rude to walk by that cop with bottles of water for everybody but him. He wasn't even offered any even though they're in the sun during the hight of heat during the day.

  4. "How do I know that's the gun?"
    "That's the gun!"
    "(Oh) okay…"

    Seriously? That's the dumbest crime-scene exchange I've ever heard.

  5. Alec should've been arrested and charged with murder! He's the one that pulled the trigger without verifying it was a cold gun. Not to mention he should've never pointed that gun at them in the first place. The whole situation just proves that a Dumboctat celebrity can get away with murder! I bet if Alec was a Trump supporter, he'd he'd be in prison by now.

  6. I understand the gravity of the situation but half of these "professionals" had no clue what was going on when they unfortunately took HH in the helicopter…it's the antithesis of good and positive usually when they take you away in one of those…

  7. The whole situation is odd first of all, it is concerning how the girl with the multi color hair was handling a gun where she is clueless about where the ammo was. Does she have any verified credentials that indicate her capability in handling a weapon. Based on the how the sets are usually run which are more fluently. Also viewing the body cam footage of an officer explaining to someone named Sanchez to ensure he kept everyone separate from discussing the incident and yet he did not follow instructions. At 21:51 the cast crew and actors were discussing the incident. They should have never been allowed to do so. Everyone should have been separated. Also when the initial instructions were given out, it should have not been just Baldwin, any witnesses to the incident should have been kept from each other to avoid the discussion. I can see where the lawyer in the court will use that against the prosecutors. 27:21 indicates that this could have been prevented. Also the officer should have not allowed the conversation of the incident to continue on. I do not know what officer or deputy this was, who was gathering names of those who witnessed or were involved, but he was the one who should have kept the crew from discussing the case. 45:52 again they are discussing the incident. The guy Baldwin was discussing it with another coworker when this officer was given specific instructions to not allow him to do so. 53:02 the lady with cowboy hat was very leery of talking to detectives because the company's lawyer wanted to be present that is a sign of a cover up. Something is missing here. The lawyer is not there for the best interest of the employees only for the company, plus her showing up so quickly is highly suspicious. Many occurrences are a bit suspicious and I hope the detectives find truth. Also, he should have not been allowed to change close until crime scene technicians collected the items for evidence. The deputy made the right call to have him keep the clothes on until he asks the technicians what the best approach is. Always good to have a lawyer, however, the lady is not there for the employees just to cover up something else or help the company. The lawyer that has a white shirt is the lady I am referring too plus she has a clip board. She was hoping for a screw up by the deputy as licked her lips 55:02 is the start of the conversation. I give her that she was checking up on the victims unlike the lady in the white shirt who is the blonde that cared more about insurance. Very odd situation that Baldwin's story was determined as inconsistent claiming that he did not pull the trigger when clearly in the video he did. Later on the FBI's crime lab was involved and determined that his entire story was false. That says something.

  8. Gun was already cocked and finger on trigger. In interviews he said he never had finger on trigger and only pulled the hammer on the gun, then the gun went off.

  9. The people responsible for this tragedy must be prosecuted and serve jail time. They need to be held accountable and suffer the consequences for their severe negligence. I hope it doesn't end up like The Crow and they get off scot-free.

  10. That is extremely I'm in hardcore extremely f**** suspicious why would they get the gun and the ammo used in it and take it to a different building hello big f**** red flag with strobe lights come on people

  11. Well that's even more damn suspicious a shooting occurred and the armorer grab the gun and took off across the damn field with it everybody would come and damn since even if they are a little bit of ignorant they know not to touch the damn murder weapon something tells me the armor is behind this

  12. Okay now they're saying that the guy was just shot in the arm but want me to go other people saying no he got shot the stomach the guy is shorter than the woman is pretty forgive me if I'm wrong a lot of this s*** just don't add up I truly wish they found out who is that fault and throw their ass in the bottom of the ocean I don't care what they do this s*** is ignorant my number one hero Brandon Lee was murdered I know the true reason people said oh it's just an accident no no there's a lot more to it Brandon Lee was actually going to expose who actually murdered his dad Bruce Lee I know the real facts about that and I can prove it and no I won't be b********* you I can actually prove it so I'm going to dig deep on this and see what I can find it's been a while so I'm going to be a little rusty but I guarantee you I will find out

  13. And by the way that's really stupid that Baldwin went on national television saying my thumb fingers etc was never on the trigger well it clearly shows that it was he's a f**** liar

  14. Now we're just a damn minute they said that she was shot in the stomach and then the guy was shot in the arm why this investigation on going and really found out who's involved there's got to be somebody there that can give it information on was it delivered or was it a true accident

  15. That’s what happens when you put a purple hair leftist Democrat as the armor. It was Her to put that real bullet in there you know it was her

  16. You’ll see the other idiot laying on the ground when the officer came in he was on his cell phone. I swear people care more about clout than an actual situation that’s happening in real life.

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