Rust Armorer Lawyers Up and Talks to Police About Rust Shooting

Hannah Gutierrez Reed, the armorer and key props assistant on Rust speaks with detectives a few weeks later with her lawyer.

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37 thoughts on “Rust Armorer Lawyers Up and Talks to Police About Rust Shooting

  1. How do you hire a child to do an adult job the person that hired her to be the armorer should be held responsible for the death of this young woman if you allow your child to get a hold of your gun and the child shoots somebody you are ultimately responsible end of story

  2. I hate hearing her talk. She talks like an extremely preppy girl who thinks she is all that. She reminds of me of a roommate I had previously when I was in school who talked just like her and failed her courses enough to be kicked out of college because of her laziness. I know it wasn't the professors because yes there are those that should not be teaching, but many that teach show extreme care for what their students gain from their lectures and lessons. Her outfit switch how nice, but not convinced that you are as good as you say you are. It is interesting that this was I believe her third interview with police and the first time she has no lawyer unlike here. She had no business handling a weapon without experience or training. Most people with licensing must undergo rigorous training and continuous testing such as a fire arms instructor. Not only that they have to undergo other types of training to show their proficiency in fire arms. For the job I am in, I underwent serious training before obtaining my certifications. This should apply especially for anyone who has any contact with a weapon. Every fire arms instructor will emphasize the importance of fire arms safety. Anyone one that handles a gun, remember it should always be assumed that it is loaded and should be handled with great deal of caution. 48:42 the detective should have asked for clarification when she answered the question no really. The responses where definitely rehearsed and I do not believe everything she states to be true. Interesting individual.

  3. Everyone keeps talking about how inexperienced she is, but she wasn’t just inexperienced. She was also made key props person, which prevented her from focusing on being armorer. It was a low-budget film. There are things that a production should not scrimp on. Safety is No. 1.

    But this tragedy isn’t all on her. How did live ammo get on set? And why didn’t Baldwin check his firearm? Why did he pull the trigger during a scene set up? It sounds like this production had a lot of issues.

  4. This whole process of obtaining and monitoring blanks and dummy rounds sounds like a mess from the beginning. Multiple sources, not sure what was received from Seth, don’t know how many rounds. Dummies left on the tray open to anyone walking by.

    I feel like these rounds should be counted specifically each day. The armorer should be on set every time I firearm is being used to verify and re-verify the firearms are clear. Actors should ultimately be reasonable in ensuring that their firearms are not holding live ammunition though, they are the final step before pulling the trigger.

  5. And these are the people that will vote to take your right to bear arms away. She's totally clueless. How does someone without a permit even handle weapons? Hollywood gets a pass from the law?

  6. FACT: armorer Hannah Reed was NOT even on the set when the shooting happened. By law, the person that has possession of a firearm, is responsible for happens when it's fired.

  7. Half the crew walks because of conditions and pay cut and no one takes a look at that?
    Who's to say someone didn't do this to sabotage his movie and career because they were pissed off because of the conditions and pay?

  8. “ I have a very strong personality “ you mean I act like a brat if I don’t get own way. She taking no responsibility and is quick to blame everyone else. Also it’s as if she doesn’t really care about the whole situation. Maybe she just doesn’t realise the gravity of her situation. But she doesn’t come across very well at all, in both of her interrogation video’s.

  9. Lotta people bashing on the clueless 22-year old and not on Baldwin and crew's cost-cutting negligence that led to this whole shit.

  10. I’m wondering if he has something against my dad? No your dad is the one who has been in trouble on prior occasions for same incident which you young lady had ZERO KNOWLEDGE about weapons!

  11. Someone must have interviewed her . So surely they should have realised then she didn't have enough experience for this position

  12. At her age and inexperience such persons should be made by law to keep records or dairies.Of their daily routine handling guns & ammo.Which should be documented and signed off by person in charge of filming crew.

  13. A women she worked with died from a round fired from a gun she was responsible for yet she seems totally unconcerned with the death or the effect it has had on her husband and son. What is wrong with this person ?

  14. I thought she had turned around to ANSWER her cellphone mid interrogation, which would have been simply fabulous 😅😅😅😅😅😅

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