Road Rage: Knife vs. Off Duty Cop

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Original video that I saw has since been removed from Tik Tok. I had saved it when I originally viewed it.

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43 thoughts on “Road Rage: Knife vs. Off Duty Cop

  1. Mike posts this after the Armed Attorneys had a video stating road rage was the number one cause of "defensive" shootings.

  2. As usual Mike, great situational commentary. The only time my husband has gotten involved in a situation off duty was at a store where the larceny was occurring and visibly ( the manager ) could physically not handle the defendant by himself. Keep up the great work Mike!

  3. As former LE, I’d never even now get out of my vehicle for a road rage incident. I would have been so worried to lose my job. What if the guy came at him and he shot him? What do you tell your disciplinary board? I carry concealed everyday where I live and again would never put myself or my wife in this situation.

  4. Honestly, the best reaction would have been to say, "You know what, you're right. I shouldn't have blown through that stop sign. I'll be more careful." Would have ended it right away. And if he didn't actually do anything wrong in the first place, just keep driving. But no. The ego gets in the way.

  5. What kind of "Man" would call for his mother to intervene when someone is pointing a gun at him? He's such a worthless stain on society he thought the wise thing to do was bring his mother into a dangerous situation.

  6. This must happen quite frequently due to the laxity of the person filming. Whenever guns come out, no matter the situation, those unarmed/not involved should be seeking cover instead going towards the threat

  7. Avoid confrontation while carrying at all cost regardless what your day job is or how bad ass you think you are! Any fight with a gun is a gun fight at some point.

  8. As a person with common sense, just stay in your car and don’t be so sensitive. Let the dude yell, what’s the purpose of even engaging with him? Bad temperament.

  9. off duty cop was way out of line here! If he acts like that off duty just imagine the fresh hell he rains down on unsuspecting citizens while on duty. Shouldn't be permitted to carry a gun ever again.

  10. So… Officer Fife let's someone who is obviously cool with violence retreat into a residence and then hangs around outside jaw-jacking with Princess De-arrest and the gremlin in a tank top? Lucky that guy didn't come out with a firearm and take the off duty dumbass out. They apparently don't teach critical thinking or situational awareness in NYC.

  11. It's been a while since I have watched one of your videos but here is my two cents.
    Off duty cop A: don't get out and engage with pissed off momma's boy. B: deescalate say sorry my bad and leave.
    C: elderly Louise was in his face but her hands are not visible when he holstered his firearm, she could have had a knive and cut his throat before he could react.
    Bottom line stick with plan A.
    If it was a civilian like me and had shot momma's boy with a knife getting out talking shit and flipping him off before shooting would have made self defense claim difficult.

  12. The guy who said he is a cop got out of the car and told the woman to call 911 but in typical New York Fashion she is just walking around with a cell phone camera like the brain Dead moron that everybody in the tri-state New York area is , she has had the phone in her hand all this time and the idiot is telling somebody else to dial 911 so that she can film everything for Tik-Tok.

  13. This is New York, Mike. This BS happens every day in the Big Apple. If there is a single day in NYC without road rage? It would probably be the day Jesus finally comes back. I agree though… when you're OFF DUTY? You're supposed to be OFF DUTY and he could've just walked away. Even AFTER he flips off dude with the knife? He still could've drove off. That's NOT ALWAYS the case. The two parties don't always have enough distance between them and that would've changed things. If this cop is always acting like this? He needs to get his gun and his badge taken away. Especially because whoever he was with was so nonchalant about it, indicating this happens all the time. It's like….. no big deal.

  14. The undercover cop let his ego get the better of him and couldn’t help but to egg on the other guy who’s clearly not all there…..

  15. sorry Mike I think we need more police officers like him. I have seen what happens to areas that it seems the cops Do not care if they are off duty.

  16. Like you said "When you're off duty, be off duty."

    He shouldn't have given knife boy two seconds. Ignore and move on.

    Did he run the stop sign? Don't know. Not knife boy's place to enforce it.

    But ODO should have demonstrated more self control. If you're going to engage, engage as a cop, not an ignorant asshole. He should've known better. And he should have just called the locals "Hello, I'm officer Dumbass with the NYPD, I am off duty and need uniforms to pull my head out of my ass before Captain Socks and Shorts gets really stupid."

    And I'm sorry, as soon as Capt S&S pulled the knife, it's hands on and disarm, or draw and fire. Let him scream for his mother while Officer Dumbass kneels between his shoulders, slapping on bracelets if available. Or call an ambulance for shots fired. Once a weapon is involved, any weapon, with an aggressive person, the only solution is take them down, hard and fast. Call it the Use of Force process, call it common sense, you don't let anyone hold a weapon on you any longer than the minimum amount of time.

    They were both idiots, but since the officer had training and resources he didn't exploit, he is….The Weakest Link.

  17. I wouldn't have spent any time explaining things to the two women and the guy, who had the knife, shouldn't have been allowed to just stroll off out of sight. The two hens were a distraction. It became a school playground scenario, where two 12 year old boys had a fight and now were having to explain themselves to the teachers or yard duty staff.

  18. Punk pulls a knife on Florida man Florida man's gonna turn his head into a Canoe. He's lucky he lives in New York.

  19. The juice is not worth the squeeze. Why wast your off duty time with family. Don’t think I want this officer working with or for me in my community.

  20. As a NYer I can say that verbal banter is kinda common. We talk like that all the time to each other, even when we like you. When a weapon pops out is a little different, thats where the norm changes.

  21. When the old bag did not stop she should’ve caught a two-piece, and then that punk momma’s boy should have gotten a major ass whoopin

  22. From a LEO View…


    The Off Duty Officer Should Have NOT exited his vehicle in a verbal dispute.

    -Now that we're past that… The fact that the officer has now exited his personal vehicle and is engaged in an escalated "still verbal" but now advanced situational standoff with the EDP the OD officer needs to find a new alternative to de-escalate the situation.

    Once "and if" the emotionally disturbed person began to walk away the OD officer should have returned to his vehicle. Even with verbal direct threats from the EDP that he had something for him that he was apparently going to shove up his ass…the OD officer should have let him continue to walk away.

    This is where the OD officer forgets that he's OFF DUTY and has the laps in judgement and now becomes intrigued and offended by the comments of the EDP.

    The ODO decides to pursue the situation and possibly attempt an investigational stop…Now more in the capacity of an "On Duty Officer"…

    Once the knife comes out and the officer identifies himself. Verbalizing became primary. When the EDP put more distance between them the officer should have attempted the same in a low ready position until the knife was out of the hand of the EDP.

    One good thing to try and remember is to keep a pair of cuffs handy in your car or on your person if you are going to carry off duty and in the capacity of an officer. Any time you pull your firearm to defend yourself…you need to arrest that individual unless of course you took their life.

    It doesn't appear that the mom or other woman could be charged with obstruction at this point but the officer did the right thing by de-escalating and holstering his firearm.

    This whole situation did not need to happen and the officer could have done better to avoid the incident.

    Thankfully no one was injured…

  23. As soon as that guy was complaining about the stop sign being blown, the off-duty officer should have just walked away and acknowledged the mistake. The guy still messed up with the knife though

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