Richmond Police Officers Shoot Armed Man During Search of Home Filled With Guns

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Richmond, California — On June 28, 2023, Police responded at a residence on the 1200 block of Sanderling Island, at 9:08 a.m. to serve a search warrant. Prior to that, at 4:09 a.m., officers had located and arrested Jose Martinez on firearm charges during a traffic stop. During that stop, Martinez told officers he lived at the Sanderling Island residence and that additional firearms were stored there. Officers arrived at the apartment and knocked on the door. Officers stepped inside after demanding entrance and using a key provided by Martinez.

Police said they continued to announce themselves while searching the two-story house. Officers entered the house and approached a closed bedroom door. They identified themselves as the “Richmond Police.” As they opened the door, they encountered another man, identified as 66-year-old Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald was on a bed, armed with an AR-15-style pistol. He was shot after raising the firearm toward officers, according to authorities. Officers provided medical aid, but he was pronounced dead by medical officials. According to authorities, MacDonald, Richmond resident, had past criminal convictions that prohibited him from possessing a firearm.

Officers discovered a significant amount of weaponry following a further search, including:

– A live hand grenade
– 23 pistols
– 8 revolvers
– 20 rifles
– 2 shotguns
– A large quantity of ammunition

Materials for manufacturing ammunition were also found, police said.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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49 thoughts on “Richmond Police Officers Shoot Armed Man During Search of Home Filled With Guns

  1. Its like an old home and they just put a new (ugly) facade. Also this couldve gone so wrong especially with the hand granade this guy had.

  2. Douchebag Jose got pulled over and ratted out his friend having multiple firearms at his house and then even gave the cops a key to go search the house too… obviously his friend Kevin is just an average joe prepper preparing for the end of the world, but since he isn't allowed to own any guns… rather than going to prison, he was forced to suicide by cop when they arrived. Lesson here is don't live with punks like Jose. All Jose needed to do was take the fall for his own actions and not involve his friend to lighten his sentence, but Jose is a scumbag snitch. Rip Kevin, he stockpiled all those resources all those years for nothing.

    and for everyone more concerned about how the house is built rather than a guy dying, you guys are morons, go watch more memes.

  3. There are military tech available to see through the wall with the help of heat signature… Why don't the police/swat use this technology even if it is limited in number to avoid the ambushing and police casualities

  4. See, this is why America doesn't fear Russia. We are allowed to own firearms. Yeah, dysfunctional jerks get their hands on them, and our police (and frequently we) must deal with that.
    Therefore, our POLICE are far more competent than any Russian soldier or "special forces unit". Ten's of thousands of Americans are more capable than the current Russian military.
    Russia? You're just not used to dealing with this type of sh*t. We win. Always will. Fear us. We got guns. We're capable, and we will fight.

  5. So nobody talks about Jose Martinez snitching on the old man because he got caught with a gun during a traffic stop… Why did Martinez snitched on the old man? Unbelievable… We can all guess " hoodlum trying to be hardcore gangster 😂" can't do the time so he snitched on a man who has absolutely nothing to do with his situation. The old man was probably helping Martinez and gave him a gun so he can protect himself. Idk I'm assuming but it's not right at all. DAMN

  6. ou je suis dans l'erreur, ou je vois qu'ils passe tous ou en parti devant la porte et murs ou est le suspect, et décide de faire celle ci en dernier, si le suspect aurait voulu leur faire du mal immédiatement avec ce type d'armes, il aurait facilement pu le faire a travers la porte ou les murs avec ce Calibre. surement un cas psychotique encore une fois…..qui sait…..vaut mieux pas savoir……..cela semble théâtrale.

  7. Old man could have gotten the drop on them especially with the live grenade. I suspect he knew he was done. Good search by cops tho.

  8. Dudes got some scary habits and objects in that room. Fake body parts a fully uniformed life-sized combat doll on a pulley system? A gun on a rotating stand at the window like a turret setup? Workout equipment bars and cables everywhere..

    Quite a collection in one room all over the place unsecured. Seems to living in 1 room – a renter?

    Shelves full of everything he owns including food. Living like someone with a few screws loose . Bananas

  9. This what it will look like right after they pass an assault weapons ban and the police won't care if you were a law abiding citizen every day before that. They will kill you anyway because you had guns. These the enforcers for the new world order.

  10. Glad the officers were okay but I'd like to see a little more sense of urgency when it comes to a suspect being shot..

  11. So what was the warrant for? I certainly hope it wasn't for the guns. Surely these cops all didn't just violate the Second Amendment, and also violate their oath of office for holding up the Constitution of the United States

  12. Point Richmond is a community across the bay from San Francisco, with a sort of middle class /working class area, separated from a VERY affluent section, mostly accessible by a tunnel through a hill, if I recall correctly. (Dornan Drive Tunnel) Sanderling Island is part of the Marina in what I understood to be the affluent neighborhood.

  13. If people in the state of California can't have more than 10 rounds, there's no reason the gang members who become policia should be carrying 30 round clipazines.

  14. 85 years old he’s prolly a veteran and didn’t even hear them come in . Prolly thought it was intruders . I wonder what he did to get a search warrant .

  15. The second amendment says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Felons, or those with a criminal past, STILL have their GOD given right to possess a firearm. Unjust. Maybe not in the eyes of the law, but in the eyes of the lord.

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