Real World Uses For a Hi-Point

Hi-Points are certainly cheap but do they have any real world uses? I think there are a few. What would you add to the list?
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42 thoughts on “Real World Uses For a Hi-Point

  1. Funny Video! I seriously hope that after all the 2020 protests and riots, that the police nationwide are not forced to swap their issue weapons for Hi-Points Only. Budget Cut Hi-Points would be extremely sad to see…..

  2. You suck I have 3 Hi Points. I have had jams but so does my friends that carries Glocks too. If you take care of your firearms they will work. I love the fact that all you Glock fanboys stick to your Glocks even though my Hi Points shoots the same ammo as your Glocks. But, why not compare your Glocks to a Wilson Combat , or, a more expensive gun. Glock fanboys usually rides the wave of popularity, Glock today, but as soon as another popular gun brand comes into the main stream fanboys will switch. Hi Point is a no thrills gun, but, it still KILLS whatever comes before the barrel of it.

  3. I like my highpoint, my wife bought a Smith n Wesson 380 sheild, it jammed 2 times in the first box of 5o ammo, we bought the same ammo, except mine is 9 mm, I've shot over 1000 rounds and just now cleaned the gun, the other day went to the range shot 200 rounds with my friend and his Glock 40, his jammed 1 time, my high point never jammed,it is heavy, blocky and ugly, but it goes bang and is fairly accurate

  4. Hey brother I thought it was funny. And you give cops another face that you guys are human funny. Keep up the good work. That chock block move was funny.

  5. Hi points are great for assassinating people.

    Most guns make a loud "Crack!" when you pull the trigger, but the revolutionary design of the hi point changes everything, by instead making a near silent "click," before exploding in your hand three seconds later.

  6. No they are not the best but I did witness a cop in philly get out gunned by one when his glock jammed! All guns malfunction once in a while. Check out Joey niktos test of glock19vs hippoint c9. Next time I'm parked on an incline I'll know what to chock with. Thanks for the idea.👮

  7. I have the .45 and have shot hundreds of rounds through it without one failure to feed. It's not a bad pistol, just a little ugly

  8. If all you got is $150, you're literally better off with a Mosin Nagant for home defense…..and if  you throw it at someone, they are going to die.

  9. I had a Hi point once for about 2 years. It was my first weapon that I bought…… I don't think there was a time I went to fire it and it didn't jam… needless to say I saved up the money and bought a walther P99.

  10. Lol Hi-Points. They're as cheep as whores on Dort Highway and as durable as a steel plate. They also have more uses than any multi-tool on the market.

  11. As a weapon? Without a pommel you can unscrew and throw? Please stop giving people dangerous advice, they may rely on it.

  12. A lot of people talk crap about Hi-Point. The quality is pretty crap, and they do tend to have a high fail rate after 500-1000 rounds, but if you have an extremely restricted budget and just need some personal protection, they still work well enough to save your life in an emergency. That being said, there are also fairly cheap alternatives that do perform better for longer. But I don't like talking crap about someone who just can't afford any better and wants to keep their family safe.

  13. Everyone is going to hate, but there is a actually use for a Hi-Point. They make decent guns that you do not need to worry about. I work in an area where cars get broken into quite frequently, subsequently, I am not allowed weapons in my office (they do have metal detectors). So I like to leave a weapon in the car. If someone does break into my car and steal it, I'm not worried.
    *Also good for that friend of a friend who you meet once and slightly dislike tagging along to the gun range. Give him that and he'll think its great and you don't have to worry about him damaging a gun that matters.

  14. How dare a firearm make the 2nd amendment affordable for citizens who otherwise couldn't justify the money, the nerve right? old worn out joke…

  15. I don't know why people hate on Hi-point so much. I have one (it's not my carry gun, that title belongs to the S&W SD9VE), but the Hi-Point functions every single time. No jams, no problems, and it runs cheap and expensive ammo alike.

    Do people really just talk shit about them for the fun of it?

    Edit: I realize it's a skit and I know you're not being serious, I just see a lot of people talking bad about what is actually a pretty well made gun.

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