Rapper ‘DaBaby’ Interrogated by Miami Beach Detectives; Admits to Shooting

On May 31, 2021, superstar rapper Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk and his entourage were involved in an altercation in front of the Miami Beach restaurant Prime 112. Real World Police recently published a police interview of DaBaby’s bodyguard in relation to the incident. Today, in this Real World Police exclusive, the narrative takes unexpected twists and turns as DaBaby first demands (and receives!) a custom Miranda waiver, after which he relates his version of the events, revealing that he himself fired shots.

Below is a lightly edited version of the arrest report that was ultimately filed for Wisdom Akornuche Awute. Wisdom is (a) an artist on DaBaby’s label, and (b) the person who was ultimately charged with attempted murder in relation to the Prime 112 shooting. The stories, to say the least, are not the same. At all.

On May 31, 2021, at approximately 2337 hours, Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD) Officer Guzman advised MBPD dispatch of shots fired on the 100 block of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida. When police arrived on scene, they found Emerson Delgado, shot in his right calf. Delgado was quickly transported to a nearby hospital for emergency care.

On scene, officers contacted Carlos Aviles, who related as follows:

[The arrest report identifies Aviles and Delgado as victims.]

Mr. Delgado and Mr. Aviles had been attempting to enter their vehicle, which was parked in front of Prime 112. A verbal altercation ensued between Aviles, Delgado, and a group of males, who Aviles identified as the entourage of rapper DaBaby. Aviles stated that the argument escalated to the point where Delgado was struck on his face by one of DaBaby’s entourage members. Delgado stumbled and attempted to run from his attacker.

Aviles identified a male that began chasing after him northbound on Ocean Drive as a rapper by the name of “Wisdom.” Aviles stated that Awute extended his arm and pointed a firearm directly at him, which made him fear for his life, thinking he was going to be shot. Awute then redirected his aim toward Delgado and discharged his firearm, striking Delgado in his right calf.

[Surveillance footage of the shooting, as well as surveillance footage from Prime 112, were both recently published on Real World Police.]

Delgado and Aviles started running towards Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Park, where they lost sight of Awute.

At MDPD Criminal Investigations Division, Detective Alberto Porro interviewed Aviles and Delgado. Aviles was able to positively identify Wisdom Awute via photograph, reiterating that he knew who Awute was because he is a famous rapper.

Detectives determined that Awute was staying at the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. They located Awute at the hotel, where he was arrested. Wisdom Awute refused to provide a statement to detectives.

Of course, the above narrative makes no mention of the apparent reality that a member of DaBaby’s entourage (“Mr. Williams”) was also shot — and apparently paralyzed — nor the claim that the group of males, who are alleged to have started shooting first, also stole one of the vehicles belonging to the entourage and fled the scene in that vehicle.

Miami Beach Police Department did not respond to an interview request in time for this publication. This description will be updated when we have more information to report.

DaBaby was held in the pictured interview room for nearly twelve hours. He has not been charged with any crime in relation the Prime 112 incident.


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00:00 Intro / highlights
01:57 Crime scene investigator photos, GSR test
06:26 Detectives show up
09:08 DaBaby agrees to talk, but only with a different Miranda waiver
13:08 “The rapper treatment”
15:49 DaBaby likes spicy chips
16:43 Modified Miranda waiver comes through
19:34 “I’m just gonna give you the rundown”
27:33 DaBaby explains when he opened fire, and why

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6syJ6lbQetY ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  2. When your name is “DaBaby” I expect you to do nothing else than baby-like mistakes and talk to the police and become DaDefendant.

  3. Da lil baby? I heard all the new rappers are being signed by studios just to take out life insurance. Serious racket going on there. Has to be, cuz the "music" is horrid replays of slowed down 90s techno beats.

  4. As a 2nd amendment advocate with no misdemeanor or felony convictions or arrests on my record, NEVER TALK TO POLICE AFTER A SELF DEFENSE SHOOTING. Say nothing more than "I was in fear for my life and had to defend myself". Then say NOTHING and wait for a lawyer. Once the threat is neutralized or you're out of the immediate danger zone, CALL THE POLICE & REPORT IT exactly like I said. "I need police at (location). I was in fear for my life and had to defend myself. Don't give a bunch of details. Now, in the heat of the moment, is NOT the time to give specifics that can & will be used against you. Let the dispatcher know you've secured your weapon and where it is so responding officers know and are less jumpy. When you hear sirens coming towards you, have your hands up. REMAIN SILENT except for your name, if they ask you where your weapon is so they can secure the scene & that you were in fear for your life and had to defend yourself. If they're pestering you with questions just say: "I understand you're just doing your job, but I don't want to speak anymore until I've got an attorney with me." Also, KNOW your state laws on carrying firearms. Florida, for example, doesn't allow concealed carry without a permit (we are working on getting Constitutional Carry passed in order to return the right of non-felons to carry a firearm without having to get permission from the government to exercise your right which is what having to get a concealed carry permit means). There is also NO OPEN CARRY either in Florida, unless you're fishing or hunting.

  5. If you go around sucker punching people/thugs it's highly likely you'll end up paying the tab for it! He should be serving time for that Walmart killing.

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  7. Lawyer or no lawyer Dababy gangsta enough to know how to handle his business in these situations, he got experience. He knows when he needs a lawyer.

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