Pursuit Ends in Deputy-Involved Shooting After Suspect Drives Away During a Traffic Stop

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Riverside, California — On Saturday, September 3, 2022, about 5:24 PM, deputies from the Jurupa Valley Station Special Enforcement Team conducted a traffic enforcement stop of a vehicle in the area of Dodd Street and 48 Street in the city of Jurupa Valley. Deputies contacted the driver and ordered him out of the vehicle for further investigation. The driver became uncooperative, re-entered his vehicle, and sped away dragging a deputy a short distance. A vehicle pursuit ensued, ultimately concluding on a steep hillside in the 3600 block of Conning Street.

Deputies exited their vehicles and attempted to call the suspect out of his vehicle. The suspect reversed his vehicle in rapid acceleration in the direction of the deputies, resulting in a deputy-involved shooting. The suspect, Jeovanni Ramirez, 31-year-old resident of Jurupa Valley, was not struck by gunfire. He was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. The injured deputy was transported to a local hospital and received medical treatment for his injuries. The involved deputy was placed on paid administrative leave according to Department policy.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Pursuit Ends in Deputy-Involved Shooting After Suspect Drives Away During a Traffic Stop

  1. why do the cops think it's ok to pull guy out of car for a registration issue. that's insane. tyrants! bad cops there. sucks for the good cops having to work with scum like these guys who violate peoples rights.

  2. It was his right not to be searched under the 4th amended. I’m not sure if Mexicans are considered human. The firearm was constitutionally protected by the 2nd amendment.

  3. This deputy's communication skills suck. I'm certainly not excusing the felon's actions, but the officer escalated the situation much quicker than he needed to.

  4. That cop was a major idiot.
    "Get out of the house."
    "Put your hands on the hood." The hood is in the front of the car, stupid.
    No professionalism.
    No skill.
    No de-escalation techniques.
    Risked other people's lives because of it.

  5. 2 of those 4 charges shouldn't even exist, but unfortunately he loves in Commifornia and we all know nobody has rights or freedom there.

  6. i wonder if he verified with God that any rights were given to any human lol, I love the asinine line so much, it should be illegal how much pleasure laughing at a sentiment like that bring me x)

  7. I had think he drive a Ford 350 but it's a Dodge…Good job from the Cops, now the best punishment is, he must help to build the Wall!!! He is a Ramirez he can good work. Maybe then his life has a purpose.

  8. Was the cop also charged with being drunk on duty? "Get out of the house!" it's a car. "Out your hands on the hood!" while pointing at the rear window

  9. Terry pats for weapons are justified if the officers have good reason to believe the suspect is armed AND presently poses a threat to them(I.e stopping someone suspected of robbery). I don’t know what they saw or hear during or before this so I can’t judge that pat attempt.

  10. I can tell you them being in an unmarked they weren’t stopping him for tags they used that as a reason they obviously know more about this guy than we do hence why they got him out the car so quick and wanted to pay him down

  11. I hope the perp doesn’t get released and goes to prison for the next 10 years.
    Thanks for these officers laying their lives out there to protect honest law abiding citizens 👮‍♀️🚔👮‍♀️🚔🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. In this town, we have about 50 percent of city funding going into our local department. During the George Floyd riots many kids from the local high-school came to city council meetings to advocate for defending. Defunding never happened. Two years later, council members act as if they've always supported police.

    This town doesn't deserve good cops. Yet we have them. I'm very grateful for them.

  13. This proves that cops have no idea what the law is ,they just make shit up as they go about fucking with people . And then whine that the public hates them , well no shit , this is a dangerous person and should not be allowed to be a law enforcement person (there not officers ever). To bad the citizen didn't shoot his stupid ass. Yea I know ,the gun was planted . No longer willing to put up with there bullshit , I dont care if they do have a gun and a badge , it doesn't make them right. All those police assholes reading this , take my advice and stop the tyrannical bull crap and get into a law course so you at least know the law , or get out of the police all together.

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