PTSD A Conversation: Law Enforcement + Military

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42 thoughts on “PTSD A Conversation: Law Enforcement + Military

  1. Traumatic experiences are stored in the deep brain. Those memories and feelings come up when a person is trying to relax. Symptoms of PTSD are: night terrors, snap temper, edginess, teeth grinding, flashbacks, wariness, depression, automatic defensive reactions. These are normal. But, there are ways to deal with PTSD. Those ways are specific to the individual. Right after a traumatic experience it is a release to write everything down. What happened and the feelings that ensued. After a time, and if the event has been submerged it will pop out. So what are the ways to deal with them? One is to put yourself in a relaxation, bring up the memory in all of its horror while keeping grounded to the present, reframe the memory. Here is where it is specific to the individual. One must say to oneself, I did the best I could do and I forgive myself completely. Another is to take the power away from the horror and face it down. Face your fears until you overcome them. You can imagine squashing them like a bug or whatever works. Another is to recreate the memory with a positive outcome for yourself. Only you know what it takes. Until you can bring up the memory without any terror or fear or bad feelings, you have not dealt with it in the way that works for you. You are not allowed to castigate yourself. You are valuable and special. The goal is to bring you to a state of peace and joy in your life. Not to take away the memories but take the power from them. I have tried to make this brief and simple. I hope this resonates with you. Test it when you are ready.

  2. Its funny that PTSD can prevent a person from buying a gun or getting a CCW, yet, it doesn't prevent that person from becoming a cop….. special treatment continues.

  3. Wow Mike…even with your respectable record in law enforcement I truly could see and feel your humility sitting in that room with those men and being as respectful as you were. Well done, brother. Class act.

  4. Regarding PTSD, as soon as someone says they have it, all while sporting unnatural colours in their hair, I become INCREDIBLY skeptical.

  5. I was one year in the military, nothing impressive, but I am always thankful to the people that are in the military, police, I’m a volunteer firefighter, want to join as well a volunteer EMS group, if you are reading this, if you are a soldier, or police, firefighter, Ems, (or you were) thank you for your service, no matter in what country, if you have ptsd, wish you a soon recovery…. thanks for the hard work mike, keep the good work. Gruß from Germany

  6. Great topic of discussion fellas. It is so very important in these times to figure out solutions for PTSD. It takes a trues hearted person to reach out to others in regards to helping people with this issue. God Bless and be safe!!

  7. A lot of time First Responders use humor and sarcasm as a tool to deal with stress. I use my faith in Jesus Christ that he will get me through it. If not… then the strength and trust to endure it. Because I can’t do it on my own.

  8. This is probably the most relevant video concerning the work you heroes do, it's a hard fking job to face evil headstrong. Some people on the other side of the fight get whiplash and ptsd from realizing the shit they put y'all and the innocent through their wrongdoing. Justice is a shared pain, Victims, Criminals and the Righteous…. The struggle is unreal and painful and the objective is humanity. I love your work but those idiots are just the misinformed parts of you bruh, keep it real. Justice is an objective and everyone is affected by its struggle.

  9. I worked in social services/ special ed/ juvenile corrections for a total of 20 years. I did some research about how too much cortisol can literally destroy our bodies. Doctors rarely acknowledge this. The burnout is so high and most of my co-workers were on some kind of pills. I take hydroxyzine to sleep. People in our country need to do a better job of taking care of people who take care of people.

  10. Damn Steve! My deployment with 2nd ID was to Kandahar Afghanistan from 2012 to 2013. We may have passed by each other at some point!

  11. Do you think they will take guns away from all the cops with ptsd? Ill bet they don't. Because you serve the satanic temple called government. I think that the badge will grant extra rights yet again. Not only will they not take them they will surely let you keep the machine guns too and the tanks, MRAPS, C4 and all the other good shit they have given you for some un godly reason.

  12. Thank You for your services whether in the Police Dept. or Our Military Severs Thank You all so very much I can’t put into words what it means to me, I completely know freedom is Never Free and Thank your families also it has been tough on them as well. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. Afghanistan , September 2010 F.O.B. Orgun-E
    I was at the main E.C.P. pulling security with some two other guys, we took the first I.D.F attack of my deployment, we get out of the Hummvee and pull security for if something happens, an hour goes by and nothing happens.
    We go back to our normal duty for that day, a few hours go by and one of the local nationals comes up to us begging for help, his son and daughter who where playing out in a field triggered an old Soviet land mine and it goes off.
    We did everything in our power to help stabilize the children until the medics arrived.
    Later that evening my buddy I was pulling guard with that day tells me the girl didn't make it, but the boy survived.
    I'll never forget that day, and it still haunts me even now.

  14. Wow….
    "What you signed up for….."
    If any of you EVER hear me say that, here's what I mean….
    You KNEW it was going to fuck you up…..
    You KNEW it was going to hurt you….
    You KNEW that it would hurt your heart for the rest of your life…..
    still…. something ELSE was so important to you, that you did it anyway……
    …yeah… you knew… but you gave a shit, so you did it anyway….
    …it may not mean much, but THIS over-the-hill cantankerous New Hampshire Hillbilly is DAMNED grateful TO you, and FOR you….. Every fuckin' one of you….
    Ya… I know I'm objectionable and vulgar.. you're just gonna' have to deal with it….. You don't have to like me… I understand…. but I still love and respect you….

    God Bless you all….

  15. My son spent 11 months in Afghanistan, 82nd Airborne division, and upon returning home this past April, his ptsd was—sadly—palpable. Talking is key, I can’t stress it enough. Although, if being honest, when he first got home he didn’t want to talk about shit. However, he has a great Army brotherhood surrounding him and they knew just how much to push him in order to get him to open up about some horrendous shit he’d endured whilst over there. Thank you for bringing up this subject. It’s not talked about enough. And to hell with those who say “You know what you signed up for…” That’s the thing: they all know what they’re signing up for and despite the monsters they imagined they’d deal with, their worst nightmares had nothing on the real life terror of it all. And despite my son’s worst nightmares of dealing with what he’s dealt with since returning, he reenlisted within a few weeks. I gave birth to my hero. ❤️🇺🇸❤️
    God bless…

  16. Suicide is not a selfish act. When I hear people say that I want to throat punch them. We need to get rid of the stigmatism that we are broken.
    I am a disabled vet(10%) and I solo kayaked from Maine to Florida raising awareness. Mission22 also treats Plocie and Firefighters

  17. Everyone can suffer from rape victims, battered spouses, emotional harassment etc. The medical field has proven that 3 sections of your brain gets rewired and becomes hypersensitive. This is why you can trigger so quickly

  18. Thank Center Mass for having this. I performed underwater recovery for 20 years. The reason myself and the other 139 members signed up for this was to try to bring families closure. We all had to throw that switch to disassociate with death to handle the bodies. It wasn't until 10 years after leaving the team that my PTSD hit me. There were other life events that combined with it.
    Now I am Ambassador for MIssion22 trying to end Veteran Suicide.

  19. Thanks so much guys. If you're naked… we have clothes and guns… all you need in life.
    The first person to speak up and give me a mind check was a Lt who I never thought knew I even existed. He had noticed my truck at the pub on his other jurisdiction and knew I didn't drink.
    Special thanks to the deputies who saved my life on a bridge and leave me to share that hope.

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