Pt 3: Female Sergeant Tells Police Her Chief Spied on Her

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel and security footage from a criminal investigation into the Bernalillo Police Department Police Chief for installing a security camera with audio inside a sergeants shared office in the BPD station. This is the interview with the Sgt who claimed she was video tapped without her permission.

Police Chief Broderick Sharp installed the camera in the office to keep an eye on his police staff. It was installed in an air vent. A female sergeant found out about and filed a criminal compliant because she felt the Chief was spying on her and seeing her change clothes.

The State Police found no wrong doing and closed the case. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


34 thoughts on “Pt 3: Female Sergeant Tells Police Her Chief Spied on Her

  1. why did you change your uniforms at your office where you share with other officers in a first place? with exposing your nipples?

  2. People like her make the entire department toxic. Its amazing she even still has a job their. It would be better for the entire department if she was gone.

  3. Much respect to the cheif, this is just a bitter officer that doesnt like what the new cheif is doing to clean the department up and she wants to get back at him because cameras were installed to keep everyone honest. She should have to be held accountable for trying to destroy this guys career.

  4. How many of her fellow coworkers really want to see her boobs that bad?! She seems like she’s an instigator. Looking for an early retirement via lawsuit perhaps?!

  5. If u watch the interview with the chief he points out that you walk in the room and u will see the tv with all the cameras including that room lmao. There’s no way that u didn’t know u were being watched lol

  6. She And the rest of the rot and this department needs to be cut. This chief is admirable and I understand what he's trying to do however there are clearly some officers in this department that cannot and are not willing to be rehabilitated. So trim the fat get them gone and bring in some young new blood that doesn't already have bad habits. That chief can do wonderful things with that. We need more officers and superior officers like that man.

  7. Only 10 minutes in I can tell everybody on the planet is out to get this poor woman according to her 🤔🤔🤔 Drinking game everytime she says nipples take a shot 🥃

  8. called her doctor because of a camera in her office, doctor told her she "needed to take a couple of days" because she was "freaking out"… umm… what??

  9. Wow. So she didn't notice the big ass screen with all the camera feeds on it including the one in their shared space.

  10. I can’t believe he’s asking HER about when it’s legal to video her undressing without her consent. Why doesn’t she have a union rep advocating for her?
    If dudes were subjected to this treatment they would not take it on stride… they would be cajoling for a pass. Fucking clueless patriarchy. Law enforcement, you’re embarrassing yourself. WTF is wrong with you? Are you so insecure that you can’t tolerate a gender-blind workplace when you need a partner to have your back? Or are you afraid you will get what you gave?
    If your behavior to female coworkers is the backup you expect you have cause to be afraid.
    Really you should be glad we just want equality, not justice or payback.
    Dudes, check your boy’s club. Everything will get better. 💋

  11. She should be fired, police department chiefs have a job to do and do them privately. She should have been dealt with to protect the safety of law enforcement officers. Why isn't the chief in trouble for allowing her to report this? Freemasons know what to do with people like her.

  12. Why the heck was she changing in an office she shares with other men?? There are bathrooms. She’s dumb and it’s her fault. It’s not like it’s her private office. She shares it. Ugh

  13. Dude I’d be like great you saw my boobs, are you gonna tell me theyre nice at least? It’s not like they haven’t seen boobs before. Theyre just boobs. I don’t think it’s a big deal. She’s too uptight yo be working with men. She should go work with a bunch of chicks.

  14. Well now they know which cop is the bad cop. I am so sick and tired of women like this B giving all women a bad name. Who changes cloths in an open office anyhow. He should sue you for having to see that sh*t? Have some damn decency and go to the damn bathroom for f*ck sake. Nasty ass. This should show everyone she does not have the moral character to be a cop. How you gonna get so bent out of shape, knowing there are cameras everywhere anyhow? None of this makes any sense. She is obviously manipulative and has a hidden agenda.

    This guy should get a trophy for dealing with this crap. I would consider myself lucky to have him as law enforcement in my city. I am sure she has made this whole department toxic and now he has to figure out something to build back any distrust she may have caused others to have, and bring the morale up for the whole place. She should be held accountable. Women who claim to be the victims of anything sexual will ruin the life's of those they accuse completely so if they are caught lying, or making things up, or even exaggeration like this, they should be held accountable and publicly shamed as the man would be.

    She is mentally UNSTABLE and should not be a cop 100%

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