Pt 1: Police Chief Plants Secret Camera Inside Police Station

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel and security footage from a criminal investigation into the Bernalillo Police Department Police Chief for installing a security camera with audio inside a sergeants shared office in the BPD station.

Police Chief Broderick Sharp installed the camera in the office to keep an eye on his police staff. It was installed in an air vent. A female sergeant found out about and filed a criminal compliant because she felt the Chief was spying on her and seeing her change clothes. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


24 thoughts on “Pt 1: Police Chief Plants Secret Camera Inside Police Station

  1. Setting the camera in the first place is the first crime, unless it’s being in suspicions of committing a crime, it seems like they are putting a camera there to take eyes off of what the real problem is which is the whole department

  2. Yeah Cheif installs secret camera in ceiling of break room, but then asks several people if he has the correct angle and if they can see it. Some secret, kinda makes you wonder.

  3. There's no way I'll work at some shit hole where you can't trust no one and always watching you waiting for you to screw up and it doesn't matter if you have a good work ethic or not that's a recipe for high blood and violence at the workplace meaning people are armed at the work place could snap any time yeah great place to work at 😡🙄

  4. From what he said in the interview, his staff needs to be monitored. Credit card theft by another officer, cops lying to protect each other. He really needs to clean house and this is the first step in doing so.

  5. If the purpose of this video was to impune the character of the police chief it failed. Everybody and every room was a on camera TV right in the room. Anybody undressing in front of a camera they can see themselves on the TV is a liar and has ulterior motives for complaining. This chief is cleaning house. Good!

  6. The video monitor the cameras display on is in the same room!!!!!! Look it's on the left on top of the filing cabinet. And it's not a private area. It's a shared office and they have a private area for officers to change clothes. Putting it in the vent actually limits the field of view.

  7. The LT. does most of the directing for the camera and it’s placed where they can see the whole room. It’s a shared room so I don’t see any problems with it. The video is also up on a screen right in the room. The new Cap. is trying to clean up a corrupt Dept. if this is how you do it, then keep on doing it!

  8. Ummm, if CopWatch wants to have ANY credibility, you need to make your headlines more accurate. Like maybe “New Chief cleaning up corrupt department by creating accountability with cameras”. Or how about “Bad cops ruining department and new chief ain’t having it”???

  9. At least covid hasn't had a impact on police corruption. Seems to be alive and well. This is where you're taxes are going to fund corrupt perv cops private live sick pastimes you sir should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. If you watch all 3 parts, the Chief is lying that the camera wasn't meant to be hidden and that it was for the whole office, if he wanted the whole office covered they wouldnt have put it in the vent. Also they said in the video they wanted the computer screens on it. The SGT is lying about the being naked part, she just didn't want to be secretly filmed because they were going to use the video to get rid of her, so she made up the getting changed part to fight back against the Chief trying to record her. Its sounds like she is a problem for the department, filing lawsuits and such, and that they were trying to get rid of her.

  11. Between write ups, demotion and this hidden cam setup they are giving her fuel to sue the department for hostile work environment. The Chief intentions might be good but he's going about it the wrong way. He should know better then that.

  12. /I remember a few years ago (30+) a certain agency was trying to catch a suspected spy. Technology at the time limited placement of a surveillance camera but in that case the spy-catchers went in over the weekend and placed a cameras in a perfect position in the vent pointed at the suspect’s desk.  
    About a week later the suspect rearranged the office (open bay) and moved his desk out of view of the camera. To remedy that problem, the head of the department went storming in that section, made a big scene , chewed out the section leader and ordered them to move everything to the previous positions. They were trying to maintain close 24/7 surveillance.  
    No one suspected anything to include the suspect and a few months later they arrested and convicted him. True story.

  13. So, what is the problem with installing a second camera in a room that have cameras alright install?
    te second video at timestamp 22 17 speaks for itself.

  14. I dont see anything malicious about the way he had the camera set up? Its pretty obvious he wanted it set to where it could capture the computer screens? If he even had it in mind to capture her naked, he wouldnt have split the camera view with that grate on the vent? Most employers dont even suspect that their employees are getting naked in their office to start with? Why would they?

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