Police Use of Force: Fact or Fiction?

Link to the 2 year study on police use of force and the severity of injury:

This study or references to it have appeared in multiple publications.

As always, one facet on a topic and one video isn’t enough to bear the weight of an entire comprehensive subject. Take it for what it is.



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21 thoughts on “Police Use of Force: Fact or Fiction?

  1. I am glad you Explained Where and What Constitution SCs were getting their information
    from. I was born in 1946 an I had never heard the Laws they were Quoting From until you
    mentioned it. I now Remember in 6th grade Reading that, it was changed before the Constitution was signed into The Law Of the Land, We have Come A Long Way Since Then
    The Constitution is LAW . It would be great if People in Power would Realized That.
    Thank You
    Have A Blessed Day

  2. 0:561:10

    "It is super important to look at things objectively … where does that come from? Why are you thinking that?"

    Well, for starters, there are literally millions of videos on youtube alone, let alone other websites, showing cops beating the ever loving piss out of people for no reason. Now, I haven't seen the rest of this video yet, but I think I already know what you're thinking: That doesn't mean it's commonplace, because youtube uploaders don't really upload model cases of cops acting with professionalism and rationale thinking, right?

    Well, we also have consistent reports of these cops NOT being charged with any crimes, or in the rare event they are charged, not being convicted (like Philip Brailsford or Jeronimo Yanez). If that happens even one time, even if it's a minority of cases, that is still an abomination.

    Then we have instances of cops using force – any force at all, not just lethal force – in cases where use of force in any capacity is blatantly unconstitutional, like in the 2011 case of Ian Walsh punching Marilyn Levias merely for exercising her constitutional rights. Maybe that was only one isolated case, but literally every other cop within Seattle could have, and should have, been on his case like a football team before he even finished his shift. The rest of the cops, judges, and prosecuting attorneys in that area are still part of the problem simply by reason of them not doing their jobs.

    So speaking only for myself, THAT is why i am thinking that police use of force is "super high."

  3. Problem is Mike, this is America and police policies, procedures, and actions are not consistent across the nation. Good to know that it's perfectly okay for cops to use lethal force to stop a suspect by shooting her in the knee and have that deemed unjustified, but not be followed up with any criminal charges. Good stuff. (that's sarcasm).

    The problem isn't with street cops Mike. The problem is with the higher ups and incidents where cops commit crimes being mostly handled by their own jurisdiction.

    As for your "study" … there are 18000 police departments in the US. 3 police departments … that's not statistically significant. You've fallen victim to confirmation bias. You find a study and say "durr study" … without bothering to check to see if the study is at all viable.

    Anti-gunners do this as well. I remember a study from Upenn regarding CCWers and whether or not carrying a gun will help protect you. They collected all their data from hospitals. If you don't already see the problem here then you need to take a stat class. If you want some hints you can look up the monty hall problem or figure out the probability of a quarter landing heads after it's landed tails 10 times in a row.

  4. So I’ve watched a few of these now. And while I’ve agreed with almost everything he’s said… I need to know. Is there any video on this channel where mike admits that an officers actions were unjustified? Just one? Man I hope so… I like these videos

  5. I got fucked up by two police officers when I was in high school, because I had a water bottle in my jacket pocket, and they thought it was a gun. They were nervous, and tackled me to the ground, shattering my jaw. I just found your channel yesterday, its helping get over my hatred of them. I think we should highlight how undertrained our officers are. I have to drink my fucking meals everyday because of two scared men with badges. I was enlisting in the marine corps, and was JUST about to got to meps. I'm still planning on it when im done with my surgeries, but im set back a good little chunk of my life.
    Dont get me wrong, I respect, and support all law enforcment officers, but we need to stop blaming "criminals" for everything. Everyone knows damn well anyone can become a "criminal" real quick.

  6. Hey Mike the cop, I just wanted to let you know that your STUPID is showing!! I have proof that a driver license is COMMERCIAL- CONTRACTS! I hope I never run into you…you don't have the authority to kidnap "the people" or steal their private property….for the lack of a "DRVER LICENSE! Also, the Authority vested in the District courts as well as the appeals are in an for THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA… THE COURTS ARE OPERATING under ADMIRALTY LAW…I would love to see someone accept your oath!

  7. Do what I'll say or else!!! Am I right?? You know I am. Cops believe they're the "authority" and because of this they'll threaten others who break laws the state deems as "illegal" (where no injured party exists). It's called authorization, plain and simple.

  8. Meh I generally fall on the side of police and tend to give police the benefit of the doubt, but for those numbers to be meaningful it would have to be from all police stations over a significant time period. This could be very cherry picked.

  9. Maybe the perceptions that police are using force in an exaggerated amount has more to do with the ability to record and post any and everything with technology verses it being the real deal. Like the perception that more bad things are going on in the world but the truth is we (the general public) just never knew about the rest of it until technology bridged the gap.

  10. Well, if you have a camera and accidentally passing by the police officers on the working and then you decide to point your camera to the officers your change to be beaten up and have POP is way higher what Mike the Cop is telling. I wonder why? Why police union is paying now $500 rewards to stop filming the officers ?

  11. I wondered which police precincts were chosen as i would expect individual precincts would have large effects on the result. Surprisingly the three are Mesa AZ, Shreveport LA and Winston-Salem NC. While Mesa stands out to me as one i've heard in the news, all three have had their scandals recently according to google news.

    So i think this even strengthens the results that Mike is looking for here. If all three of the departments can be seemingly dripping with brutality scandals and yet have these overall numbers…

    One correction, from what i can read there were actually 6 instances of UOF involving firearms. 2 resulted in no injury (warning shot i guess??), 1 in "moderate" injury, 3 in severe injury (A further table shows only a single fatality). Having said that even 6 firearms incidents is nowhere near this image of cops just looking to gun down the nearest ethnic minority. What it does highlight is that once firearms come to play, serious injuries happen which should not be surprising.

    I think another interesting statistic here is a statistical argument against the deadliness of tasers. 0 "significant"(moderate or severe) injuries in 502 incidents. Not suggesting that the taser is a perfect weapon (for reasons Mike has already amply talked about) but i'd say to anyone worried about people getting electrocuted to death by tasers, these statistics say you're worrying about the wrong thing.

  12. So why do cops in America kill one person about every seven hours? What are you trying to do, convince people that you cops are not that bad, or that not all cops are bad? If that were true… then why would you have to make a video like this?

  13. The examples you give that you claim are not reality are documented to have occured recently in America. If, as you claim, You Tube videos are not credable what's different about your video? Moreover, the statistics you cite are SELF REPORTED uses of force. How many were covered up, not reported, or reported untruthfully? We all know (though some of us will not admitt) that cops routinely lie on their reports.

  14. I didn't watch a cop use excessive force on a citizen because the citizen could not sit down fast enough because they had a prosthetic leg so the cop took the guy down and start punching him in the face for nothing. As the other cops stood there knowing that the cop was in the wrong they told the cop that use excessive force to just leave. But someone like you Mike would say you have to study where this is coming from. Have you ever thought it comes from a lot of cops know they can get away with what they do and a lot of cops are secretly in their own gang as well. So miss me with that you just sound like someone who wants to pick a side with the system because you are working with them.

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