Police under attack at the US Capitol!!! {4K}

Washington D.C. – We @CopsConsTV have been wondering what the US Capitol Police in Washington DC were doing to keep the DC protesters out of the US Capitol building and where they failed on January 6, 2021.

We obtained some never before seen footage of the events on the west side of the building where Officers were able to keep protesters out of the building as opposed to the east side where the Capitol was breached by protesters.

Watch as the night before Metro DC Officers protected a small group of BLM protesters from Trump supporters. Then watch the following day as tensions rose at the capitol building until the crowd could no longer be contained by the under equipped Officers and very basic barricades.

***Many images are graphic and viewer discretion is advised***

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIFpSg-6HIc ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


23 thoughts on “Police under attack at the US Capitol!!! {4K}

  1. 45:26 That guy with the plastic PASGT Helmet and Gas mask with no filter just REALLY Pisses me off Hell both of them with their plate carriers. Waste of valuable equipment that can be suited for a far better cause. You can tell they don't know what they're doing and how to properly equip it.

  2. Utterly outrageous !!! Can’t believe. Couldn’t believe So many of these people are US vets and cops !!!! Talk about being a traitor !!! Every single one of them deserve the toughest sentence they deserve!!! How many officers have committed suicide now since this Jan 6????? I think it’s really disgusting that no one has any regrets after what they’ve done. Yes, they were “brainwashed” in a lot of ways, but they’re responsible for their actions.
    Thank you to all the officers and Natl guard!!! You are above all this rubbish!!

  3. I’m ashamed that the ones that used to stand next to police to defend agaisnt Antifa riots but then are fighting police! STOP AND THINK!! You are literally storming the UNITED STATED CAPITAL BUILDING!??? You LITERALLY turned into what you used to fight!! Throwing. Objects at officers thst are doing their job protecting our capital building !?? Do you think they should step aside? SO hypocritical! Damaging the capital building , that’s what you’ve come to. Made American oTriotz seem insane! Look at the scenario , Antifa didn’t show up at the capital becasue they were seeing you behave the same way they do and they knew nothing could look worse than what you did. I’ve watched the Patriots /antifa vidoes for years and always sided on the Patriot side because I Love my country and hated that antifa despises america while they enjoy the freedoms. I have 2 police officer siblings and was so proud of a group that would show up to support the police from anti-aging riots . A group thst wouldn’t let antifa shut up their voices . But then I see this! You could have been an example, the media was alllllll there , TALK to police ,yeah it wouldn’t change getting in there but understanding their doing their jobs the same job they’d do agaisnt antifa or anyone else would have shown THE bigggest difference between you and the extreme left, but truthfully you undid everything you’ve come to build. The amount of comments from supporters of your group saying their disgusted , you’re no different than antifa acting like this.
    We all know the first digital election was rigged and I hate that our president thst wanted to continually make America into the highest superpower , a military thst could take on the world to defend freedoms , then Biden wins and pulls us out of Afgansitan completely by a deadline. Date telling the Taliban we won’t be back and now a year later Afgansitan has one of the worst crisis events of everyone that isn’t Taliban fleeing for their lives and anyone that helped America being hunted and Biden won’t do a thing . I get it and I’m pissed off too but I’m pissed off at Biden and the new admisnistratuin , not pissed at police doing their jobs!? This isn’t how you fight, you keep your integrity and rally and make Americans proud of this Patriot group to help the next republican get in and undo this mess , don’t behave like antifa. All the videos proving that many people in this were actually antifa and throwing things. Riling up the mob. Makes me sick still and I can’t be defending this group anymore with this kind of behavior. Rioting isn’t the answer . The media showed a psychotic looking violent “trump” mob assaulting police and breaking into the capital,..now both sides loose. Sad

  4. You can hear these idiots talking about “this is a fucking Revolution” 😂😂😂 ya how’d that go for ya? What changed? You ppl got to stop ball hugging who ever the POTUS is….. whoever it is dose not gaf about any of yinz!!! Stop looking for these clowns to change your life , it’s not gonna happen!!! No matter who is in office it’s all the same !!!

  5. Wanted to scroll through your vids before posing this. Just wondering where your section on the BLM terrorist attacks on DC is? Should be a lot, it was about 6 months of rioting with many buildings burned dozens dead, hundreds of police injured and billions in damages. Ring any bells? If not you should probably take down that shield with the blue line, it's a disgrace that you even dare display that.

  6. it literally boggles my mind how they are holding blue lives matter flags while trampling them and treating them like this … trump supporters are something else

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