Police respond to RUST movie set after Baldwin shoots Cinematographer

​ @Cop Watch obtained body worn camera of the interview of famous actor Alec Baldwin immediately after the shooting. Baldwin was interviewed by Santa Fe County Deputies on the incident.

Here is some never before seen footage of the initial police response to the chaotic scene on set immediately after the shooting.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent or glorify violence in any way. We are sharing the footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISJEpaMT4p4 ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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27 thoughts on “Police respond to RUST movie set after Baldwin shoots Cinematographer

  1. Baldwin is a murdering scoundrel and everyone knows if an average citizen did something like this they'd be investigated into oblivion and would likely end in the slammer for involuntary manslaughter or something at a bare minimum, not to mention being bankrupted by court costs from all the legal nonsense. Baldwin gets to walk away scot free after killing this woman and act like "gun control" is the issue rather than him and his crew's incompetence/negligence… I genuinely hope terrible things happen to him.

  2. Again, I love your channel thank you for all you do!

    Just suggesting that some subtitles would be useful on most of your videos if possible. Between the people in the video mumbling and the weather elements it is really hard to hear everything that’s being said.

    Just a tip, thank you

  3. A lot of non-responder people walking around all over the place. Should gave been told to go to a single spot and not talk to each other with a police officer in charge of the non-responders. 26 minutes of this video AFTER this officer got there, and still no helicopter. Boy, lawyering up already. And one cop points to Baldwin and tells the other cop, "He's the one who PULLED THE TRIGGER." Would be interesting to know if he said that because those are the exact words Baldwin used talking to that cop.

  4. And to think this movie was gonna blow really bad anyway.
    Also………you have a better chance of getting shot by Alec Baldwin then you do catching covid.

  5. Where is the jacket Alec was wearing when he fired the gun? He immediately took it off and nobody noticed. Could be an important piece of the puzzle maybe a dummy round in the pocket

  6. Man 20 years on the force BAD JOB IN SECURING A CRIME SCENE DEPUTIES. First Deputy on scene should be taking down depositions on what happened but he is sitting in his vehicle?! The Cpl. Comes on scene asking a civilian were is my deputy!?! Then finds him sitting in his vehicle. Cpl. Don't say hi Dan or Tom or ask him what happened but gets him out and moves his vehicle into the cheap seats 100 yards away? Like he did with his vehicle. You park both squads on a 45 angle of a building that is a crime scene then you park them 50 to 70 yards from that said crime scene. At our crime scenes we have up to 4 squads 2 ambulances and a fire tuck with the fire chief at a active shooting scene. They have 1 sherrif vehicle and 1 ambulance?!!!! WTF! Then the Sheriff deputy were can we land a chopper. Your in the middle of a desert dumb ass! We landed Flight for life on a lake drive street next to a suburban hospital! It took a fire truck or city plow truck or squads even Hospital Security helped out blocking the road. Then they landed in between tower wires on poles. What kind of deputies do they have out there that don't have there own crime scene tape? And don't know how to deloy it? My Gosh we have 4 barricades with reflectors on them 6 cones 2 to 3 rolls of caution police tape. We have flares and triangle reflectors to in every police vehicle. When an officer or deputy arrives at a scene he conferes with eye witnesses and FIRE DEPT. EMT AND MEDICS THEN WE SECURE THE SCENE. These 2 deputies were dumb and didn't know how to do their job and their on live tv to! Where is the victim gone, I thought you took the victims all ready then you have a back up deputy walking around sitting in his squad when the Cpl. Walks up to him. Man we're is the fire arm and bullets used in the shooting?!! I don't know?! On a crime scene involving a gun that weapon and rounds must be confiscated and locked up in the squad. The people there all crew members should be separated and not talking to each other let alone the active shooter who was alec Baldwin should be in a squad.

  7. This is so sad. The carelessness with weapons and having live ammunition on site were disgraceful. Whoever loaded those weapons should have looked at every bullet before loading the guns. It then should have been rechecked by every person handling the gun. Pathetic!

  8. Ya by throwing the gun loader in the back and letting the shooter drive himself to the police station after running errands 🤔 kinda like Pelosi getting a DUI but not releasing the mug shot or video and a one side dictator so called hearing on January 6 where ppl broke some windows and walked into their own building getting shot unarmed. Yet they won't shoot a foreign invader, instead they house them, give them our money, baby food, cash, fly them in the middle of the night all over the country. Sickening ‼️

  9. Q. Where is the firearms at? A. With the armorer. R. OK, leave them there and don't let anyone move them. I have important tape to put up, now out of my scene

  10. RIP Helina (sp)🤕 💔🙏🏻💜

    he Armour (sp) told tfhe guy who loaned the weapons 2 the film set that she wan1ted 2 use live rounds. When he said "he'll no she then brought her own gun & ammo.1

  11. I tell you this much. When this cop pulls crime scene tape??? It's his damn show until detectives arrive. That poor outta shape cop with the gut he kept riding about "moving away from my crime scene!!" ,….??……is probably cussing his ass every breath. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Sooo SAD to watch, knowing that was the last day in that Beautiful Lady's Life. Emergency Personnel Looked very professional & All seemed to do what they could do to help.

  13. Wow, if the crew on the set had been as diligent as the responding officer, we'd only hear about Baldwin when he attacked reporters or airline staff or citizens….

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