Police Officer Uses Taser on DoorDash Driver After Resisting Arrest

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Collegedale, Tennessee — The Collegedale Police Department have concluded that an excessive force claim filed against one of its officers is ‘unfounded,” and that Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston wrongly chose to involve the U.S. Department of Justice in the matter. On March 10, Officer Evan Driskill used a Taser on Delane Gordon in an arrest during a traffic stop. Gordon and his attorney questioned why he was stopped and why he was tazed. Collegedale officials say that Officer Driskill asked Gordon multiple times for identification and he refused. That’s why he was arrested. They say that the officer only used the Taser after Gordon emphatically refused to comply, many times.

The full video shows that Officer Driskill properly identified himself and the reason for the stop. Gordon was argumentative and immediately asked the officer for proof of his stop, as well as his supervisor. The officer correctly advised Gordon to argue his objection in court. Officer Driskill asked Gordon for his identification 5 times, but Gordon refused to hand the officer his information and the officer made the appropriate decision to arrest the driver for failing to identify himself. The officer opened the driver’s side door to make the arrest and ordered Gordon from the vehicle five times before transitioning to his Taser. The officer drew his taser and ordered the driver out of the car eight more times before holstering his Taser in an effort to de-escalate.

The officer returned to hands-on with the driver and ordered him five more times to exit the vehicle, injuring his own leg in the struggle. It was only when Gordon emphatically stated “No!” to the officer’s many orders, that Officer Driskill made the decision to deploy his taser to gain compliance and effect the arrest. After using the Taser Officer Driskill had to order Gordon ten more times out of the vehicle. Once Officer Driskill finally gained compliance the use of force was immediately ended, and Gordon was safely handcuffed. Gordon was moved to a seated position to prevent positional asphyxiation and to await the arrival of other officers and paramedics.

Attempting to couch the incident as a matter of racial discrimination, Gordon’s attorneys claimed during a March 18th press conference that Gordon had no background or record of involvement with law enforcement, and previous to this incident had “no interaction with officers.” In fact, Gordon has had multiple interactions with law enforcement over the years. Since 2014 he has been stopped and questioned by Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, Murfreesboro Police, Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, and the Collegedale Police Department just 2 months prior to this incident. In 2017, Gordon was a suspect in a domestic assault in Murfreesboro.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “Police Officer Uses Taser on DoorDash Driver After Resisting Arrest

  1. “Is this is how you really are?”

    Yes this is how we really are when you don’t know how show any sort of normal behavior. We’ve all been pulled over, you give your information to a cop he runs your info, explains the situation then 9 times out of 10 you’re left with a warning. If you’re an ass to a cop and don’t respect his role as a deputized authority figure in society then yes you will be extracted forcibly. This isn’t the time to disagree it’s not court, if you disagree then go to court get a lawyer ask the lawyer to get discovery of when the last time that radar was recalibrated. Other than that who cares 10 miles over the speed limit 2 points on your license you can take a class to have removed, and a 200 dollar fine you can appeal or payment plan tf out of is not worth the extra charges he just got for not answering simple damn instructions.

  2. Where are the libertarians on this one? No one thinks the cop escalated too quickly? 7:45 and 11:29 You can tell by the body language of the other officers that this cop messed up. No one is rushing to defend the cop's actions, and everyone's trying to treat the "suspect" with utmost respect because they know they have a case on their hands. Yes, a traffic ticket is no biggie. Yes, not following a lawful order is unlawful. No, there's no reason to go hands-on within 30 seconds of someone refusing a lawful order. Everyone involved could have handled this better.

  3. Mmmm, idk. Yes, much easier to just comply. But, I could see why he questioned it. Also, I would say the cop is in the wrong here.

  4. What an absolute arrogant jackass. All you have to do is comply and argue your case in court which is exactly what the officer was telling him. You don't argue your case on the side of the road. Has there not been enough examples of people not complying and ending up dead? He absolutely deserved to be tased and I can only hope that there are no charges dropped and that there's no plea deal. I'm sick and tired of people acting entitled and breaking the law.

  5. The guy wasn’t arguing he was asking questions there was no argument there is no need for the excessive force but of course it’s a cop that probably got picked down in high school and everywhere else and now he’s got a little power so he wants to use it and just so you know I’m white

  6. My god look at all the police. Do you have any idea what this costs the taxpayers? The guy is a door dash driver, he will likely never pay income taxes in his life yet he and his thirteen children by thirteen different wives will cost society serious money every year of their lives. Its not fair to taxpayers that these people aren't forced to pay for county services.

  7. Why is it so hard to comply? I can never understand people. You are legally detained the second you are asked to stop or when your pulled over FULL STOP

  8. This is ridiculous, cop should be fired for escalating the situation this quickly.

    Don’t be a bootlicker.

  9. Where does it say that you can't get tased on a traffic stop? He literally had you on radar speeding, and you still argued with him. There is a process that you follow on a traffic stop, and you did not follow it. Therfore you got tased.

  10. Both are in the wrong, The officer could've avoided by answering the questions simple and easy saying no or either calling an officer. The speedometer was unlawfully asked by the citizen and that's what he's wrong at. This could've all been avoided.

  11. These are the same people who piss all over the toilet and leave carts in parking spots. Completely oblivious drugged up bums.

  12. OMG this guy is a piece of work from the get go. He immediately asks for a supervisor, REALLY?? He thinks that he knows the law. He’s a “good kid”. “This is all in tape.” “That’s not lawful.” …… is he a lawyer now too?

  13. "I'm a good kid" Ha … Of course he's been in trouble with the law many times 😂 and his idiot lawyer didn't even look into the validity of that claim smh. I'm glad the officer was cleared I think this dude should pay for any rehab/procedure the cop needs on his knee…maybe then he'll stop starting stuff with LE. Happy the Leo is good 💙

  14. The funny part is, if he did just comply then officer probably would have given him a warning and everything would be over. But the guy decided to make things difficult for everyone

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