Police Detectives Shoot Auto Theft Suspect in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Albuquerque, New Mexico — The Albuquerque Police Department released new details of a shooting that happened during a stolen car investigation at motel in the southeast part of the city. Officers located a stolen, red Chevy Volt at 9:45 p.m. at Central Ave. and Pennsylvania St. N.E. The vehicle was reported stolen from Santa Fe on April 12, 2022. A male entered the vehicle and drove it out of the parking lot. An officer tried unsuccessfully to deploy a StarChase device before initiating a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle did not stop. Officers eventually succeeded in deploying a StarChase device and APD dispatch tracked the vehicle. About 10 minutes later, the passenger got out of the vehicle. Officers attempted a spike belt in the area of General Bradley St. and Copper Ave., S.E., but the vehicle drove around it. Officers made contact with the man who exited the vehicle. He told officers he did not know the vehicle was stolen, and he said his brother, Shannon Candelario, was driving the car.

He said he did not know if his brother was in possession of any weapons or narcotics. Auto Theft detectives arrived in the area where the vehicle was being tracked and observed the vehicle enter the parking lot of the Motel 6, located at 13141 Central Ave. N.E. The vehicle traveled north through the parking lot and parked. A detective parked nearby and monitored while other detectives entered a separate parking lot. The driver, later confirmed to be Shannon Candelario, exited the vehicle and walked southbound along the east side of the motel, toward the lobby. A supervisor initiated a plan for a force array with an arrest team to take Candelario into custody. All detectives were wearing markings identifying them as police. Candelario started walking northbound toward the area where he parked the stolen vehicle. The arrest team approached Candelario and announced he was under arrest. Another detective approached in his vehicle with emergency lights engaged.

Candelario walked away from detectives, placed his hand in the pocket of his hoodie and retrieved an unknown item. He shouted obscenities and said, “You’re gonna have to shoot me.” He refused to comply with commands. One detective later told investigators he also observed Candelario put his hand in his left pocket and quickly drew an object out and held it down low by his side. A second detective announced: “He’s got a weapon. I’m not sure if it’s a knife or what it is.” The first detective ran along the east side of the vehicles in the parking lot, attempting to acquire a visual of Candelario. The detective observed Candelario near the driver’s side door of the stolen vehicle, and gave verbal commands. The detective told investigators he saw the male pull an object from his front pocket and “punch” the object out toward the detective. Two Officers fired their weapons toward Candelario, who was struck. Officers rendered aid to Candelario who was transported to the hospital to treat his wounds.

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0:00 – Bodycam: Det. Damian Lujan
2:16 – Bodycam: Det. Jerry Arnold

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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27 thoughts on “Police Detectives Shoot Auto Theft Suspect in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  1. And the Gun said: let there be instantaneous lead poisoning, and there was instantaneous lead poisoning, and once again, there was less crime in the city, as there should be.

  2. The suspect shouts "SHOOT ME" The officer replies, I get paid to oblige you, I'll give you a couple in the chest if that's ok. 🤣

  3. This asshoIe is probably the same thief who broke the lock off my Uhaul truck and stole my kids gas powered scotters and documents I had in a box while I was moving from AZ to OH…. I stopped by an Albuquerque hotel and woke up to door to the rental truck wide open

  4. He was a good boy. He never did nuffin' wrong. He was gonna be a doctor! He was just borrowing that car to take his grandma to bingo. Brutality!

  5. Why did he shoot up you didn't have a gun that I saw he was just getting in his car what's up with the tasers no tasers no more cops are Trigger Happy

  6. @ 2:42 – absolutely f-ing retarded.. some cops just love firing their weapons, they're in a goddamn hotel/apartment complex with other people walking around and vehicles etc.

  7. Dude with the AR-15 really wanted to shoot that thing. The suspect was already on the ground when he pulled the trigger. I hope no bystanders where shot by his stray bullet.
    So meany bad cops these day 😫

  8. Detective Jerry Arnold that was a stupid as shot 🤦
    You couldn't see the target or any other threat and just fired a round off into a vehicle.
    Trigger happy much? 🤔

  9. I'd say why shoot him, but felony theft is felony theft. Lethal force authorized.
    Though i find it odd that they had an army of police for this one guy.

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