Police Body Cams: More Than Meets The Eye

Body cams, like many other police tools, are just that…TOOLS. They have their advantages and disadvantages, but can they be used in the way the public thinks they can?

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Author: rafael.nieves


42 thoughts on “Police Body Cams: More Than Meets The Eye

  1. The statement you make at 7:18 that the words and actions are based the situation a person is in is so true and applies to everyone not just law enforcement. When citizens are dealing with a armed person shouting commands and we are expected to obey it's a experience that most people are not used to dealing with .

  2. Amazing how so many departments across the country prioritize use of body cams, but some can't be bothered for "logistical" issues. Sigh.

  3. Mike what type of hairdresser do you go to your hair looks beautiful ( I'm not saying this to be offencive I mean when I say) like what type of hair dresser.

  4. This is the first thing I've seen from you that I completely disagree with. And maybe you don't still have the same opinion today. But cameras are not expensive. They weren't in 2016. Hard drives are not expensive, they weren't in 2016. If the system is expensive it's because you're only looking at contracts with people who want to rip you off because they know it's a government contract and they can get away with ridiculously overcharging you.

  5. A couple of the funniest shows on TV is CSI & NCIS. So far out in left field of you ask me. A person with dementia wanders from their house. Dog teams 300 people helicopters and two years later their body is found 1/4 Mike from the house. Thousands die each year and more go missing with no trace. Life sucks.

  6. Body cams also don’t allow good cops to make field decisions that made good cops good cops. Example….

    Officer pulls over driver who’s slightly buzzed and blows a .07. “Suspect” is less than a block from home…

    Officer off camera allows person to walk home safely… but officer on camera has to arrest them, because they can’t risk making that decision on camera.

    I don’t support drunk driving…. but the system is more broken and creates more systemic problems than bad cops do. Body cameras while they can be good. Marries an officer to the system.

  7. Mike is absolutely right about the fact that body cams usually exonerate the officers. Which is exactly why black lives matter wants to get rid of them.

  8. Policing is not like any other occupation. Your final arguments falls down very quickly if you spend a few minutes contemplating it. Other than that, good video and interesting perspective.

  9. I would watch this if it was a show. I'm genuinely curious what it like in their shoes. How else would I know what their favorite type of donut is?

    It's really important for people's safety. Everyone acts different when they know they are being watched. Plus it keeps both parties safer.

  10. I think if cops were paid more theyd take their jobs more seriously and have more to lose if they try to run around and just kill someone for no reason other than they can and get away with it. I live in Louisville, a lot of the officers here are laughing when they shoot rubber bullets at the protesters.

  11. You collect a paycheck, it's called "credit". All police should wear one especially in these times. Especially when the police is infringing on our rights and also apparently killing citizens in handcuffs…..

  12. Wish I had camera's going several times during my life and my interactions with Police. I would be a WEALTHY person now (after the lawsuits). As to the cost factor,,, I have to call the Bullshit Flag on you. I keep cameras going around my house and in my vehicles. I just gave a Go-Pro away the other day. Cameras cost near nothing to use and maintain. The Police in my small rural town can not afford Body Cams but every single one of them has their own personal high performance Hemi engine car. The Town is loaded up with Military type equipment. The Town (a TINY rural, farm community) just built a $500,000.oo Police Station.

  13. Yep. I read an article that some Community Leaders think the body camera was Rasist. I was trained in the Marine Corps, you hate all races equally. This was 1980. I also did Shore Patrol and worked for Master at Arms. You hate all drunks equally.

  14. believe it or not we (ppl who are in favor of body cams) don't want cops going to jail or being fired for things they didnt do… so if a video clears you of wrong doing, GREAT…. at the same time I want the officers who KNOW their word (and their legal rep.) carries more weight in a court room than a civilian to be held accountable for his/her actions (whether it be a Michael Slager situation where an officer thinks something happened that didnt happen, shoots and then panics and says a person they shot took their taser ALL THE WAY UP to that MONSTER wearing a badge that raped/assaulted all those women on the job in Oklahoma… i think it was like 15+ women assaulted…. THIS ISNT OLD SH*T I'M TALKING ABOUT HERE) … these days YOU NEED VIDEO AND THEN SOME for evidence if you are going to EVEN TRY to make a serious complaint against an officer/dept. and expect some sort or reasonable outcome…. so yeah I WANT BODY CAM VIDEOS TO HAVE GOOD COPS FOUND INNOCENT AND BAD COPS FOUND GUILTY… and we need body cams that CANT be turned off for longer than 5 or so mins for B-room breaks and stuff like that, and we need PD's to BE TRANSPARENT AND FORTH COMING WITH THE FOOTAGE… or else WHY ARE THEY WEARING THEM… but honestly nobody i know wants cops getting in ANY trouble for doing the job correctly… as a matter of fact WE NEED YOU GUYS MORE THAN EVER….. straight up…

  15. In the court if public opinion body cam footage is absolutely useless. A large portion of the population can see a cop use justified force and still vilify the officer for not doing something different. "Shoot him in the leg, tase him, jUsT tAkE tHe kNiFe" are some examples that come to mind.

  16. Unless you have some kind of evidence to support this wild conspiracy of cameras being wrong because they don't have feelings….I think I'm gonna stick with my own opinion that all officers need body cameras.

  17. Body cam in most cases proves the officer did nothin wrong, it helps the officer who is being accused, then WHY are so many officers against using it, the ONLY logical reason is that they know they are doing the wrong thing, and want to keep doing the wrong thisg, as this will be shown on the body camera.

    Not wanting to use body cam = Criminal cop

  18. I asked a local cop why they don't have body cams. He said that they asked for them, but the Township had legal concerns about them. He said if they walk into someone's house and forget to turn off the audio then they're in violation. (I believe it's the wiretapping act of 1963) That's a shame. It would defend falsely accused cops and occassionally get rid of some bad ones.

  19. I think they are wonderful, eliminates some damming variables. You'll notice though the more predominant body cams become ,media can't help themselves, illuminating only exploits.

  20. Officers can testify the mood and feel of the situation ,I also think officers should narrate the scene for the camera. Thanx for honest truth like your channel.

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