Police Arrest Drug Dealer in Motel Parking Lot

On the afternoon of May 5, 2020, members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s (OCSO) Tactical Anti-Crime (TAC) Unit were conducting proactive patrol in the area of the Quality Inn and Suites located at 626 Lee Road, Orlando, Florida. The TAC decided to patrol this area because it has been previously identified as a high-crime area. Deputies Bryant and Krieger, and Corporal Stephens, were each involved in the arrest.

Deputy Bryant drove by a suspicious vehicle that was backed into a parking spot in the lot of the Quality Inn and Suites. Deputy Bryant was able to see the driver through the windshield, but he was unable to see the driver through the side windows. This led Deputy Bryant to believe that the windows were tinted darker than allowed by Florida law. Deputy Bryant called out his observations over the radio to his colleague, Deputy Krieger who was in a marked vehicle.

Deputy Krieger approached the vehicle in a marked OCSO sports utility vehicle. Deputy Krieger noticed that the window tint on the vehicle appeared to be “extremely dark.” Deputy Krieger parked his vehicle in front of the suspicious vehicle, drew his firearm, and ordered the driver to show his hands. Deputy Krieger was dressed in his OCSO K-9 uniform that contained the word “SHERIFF” in bold white lettering on the front and back.

The driver of the vehicle, later determined to be Isaiah Smalls, drove his vehicle toward Deputy Krieger’s vehicle. Corporal Stephens arrived on scene, in an unmarked vehicle, during the interaction. Smalls reversed his vehicle and struck the building behind him. Corporal Stephens used his vehicle to tactically park Smalls’ vehicle in an effort to prevent Smalls from using the vehicle as either a means of egress or as a weapon. Deputy Bryant drove his unmarked vehicle to the stop.

Smalls exited his vehicle and fled on foot, after being parked by Corporal Stephens. All three deputies pursued Smalls and detained him after a short foot pursuit.

Deputy Bryant and Corporal Stephens returned to were able to see multiple plastic bags containing a white powdery substance in plain view inside of Smalls’ vehicle. The deputies were able to see these items because the front passenger window of Smalls’ vehicle was down. Smalls’ vehicle was subsequently searched. Deputies recovered over 100 grams of cocaine, over 45 grams of fentanyl, and more than $18,000 cash.


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35 thoughts on “Police Arrest Drug Dealer in Motel Parking Lot

  1. Someone in the hotel is slanging bricks. They get people like him to run the small stuff outside so nobody every ends up in the hotel. I'd say 5/10 hotels in Florida have a big time dealer there almost year round.

  2. '…my baby momma'' when cops talk like these idiot thugs that just sounds to ghetto for what is supposed to be a professional organization, then again with the Uvalde catastrophe who knows anymore, professional hardly describes that insanity

  3. They should have known, you have to buy a license before you start slinging that stuff. Go to the FDA and get a special license to sell that crap to people though registered distribution networks, like Walgreens. Never get into competition with those who've already paid the government for permission to poison the public, or those boys in blue will remind you why you need to pay them.

  4. This will get thrown out l. He pulled a gun on him for having tinted windows? 🤣 Jesus, these cops are crazy.

  5. I hope the city kept the defendant drug dealers $18,000 under civil forfeiture laws, not to mention his automobile!

  6. He was probably coming back to the motel to bag up all that cocaine. We won't be seeing him for another 25 years…. holy shit!!!! Someone is going to be very pissed off, You know that money was probably the guys that fronted him all that cocaine. I'd hate to be in his shoes/slides right now.

  7. Damn man… I'm a hard working aircraft mechanic with a disabled wife… I have 3 kids she has 4 kids… we struggle with my little check payday to payday… I see this dude with money literally fallen out his ass… hard for a struggling hard working man to not be enticed by this lifestyle seeing all the cash this guy is rolling in doing nothing… wish I was living such a comfortable lifestyle I had a new car with cash laying on the floorboard filling the cup holder… my center console was exploding with 20s 50s 100s…

    Edit: the officer obviously isn't ex military or has no packing skills… anyone knows he could have made do with much less space if he correctly ordered the cash he could have fit it in one envelope, most likely…

  8. damn dude was SLOPPY riding around with all that cash and dope and illegal tint on his windows. you dont bring ALL YOUR SHIT with you when you're making deals lol – plus sticking out like a sore thumb with that nice ass car

  9. Dang! So much money, and I'm overdraft in my bank account 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.
    Excuse me officers, would y'all please donate a little bit of that money, so my account won't be overdraft??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. The procedures, man. Putting evidence into open unsealed unsecured paper bags. It's asking to be tampered with. Smh. So simple to to secure this properly. Sticky tape with a seal on them bags. Doesn't even have to be a holo. Cheap, professional, no questions being asked.

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