Police arrest a drunk Firefighter

Grants, NM – @CopsConsTV obtained footage of an off duty Fire department Lieutenant was involved in a car crash. When Investigating Officers went on scene they could tell the Lieutenant had been drinking and she admitted as such.

For some reason Grants Police decided it was a “conflict of interest” to do a DWI investigation since they had worked closely with the off duty Lieutenant. Grants Police tried to call in NM State Police to take over the investigation however NMSP refused and said correctly that there is no such thing as a “conflict of interest” in police work.

Grants Police still refused to make the arrest so they called in Cibola County Sheriffs Department deputies who handled the arrest. Watch as the Fire Lieutenant begs for almost three hours for Officers not to make the arrest and to just take her home. The Lieutenant was very concerned she would lose her job because of the arrest. Apparently there was no concern of losing her job a few minutes earlier as she was getting into her truck.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5c_8lzYzCg ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Police arrest a drunk Firefighter

  1. Will a True friend wouldn't manipulate you drunk or not and then put you through 2 hours of emotional hell because you care about her and her former job but not the drinking and driving. Proud of You Officer! Thank You for keeping kids and families safe! And taking her off the road till she willingly gets help

  2. Proud of You Will. Doing the Right thing is hard. You're protecting other's on the road this day and the future she could've had on the roads.

  3. Hey, Michelle, if you’re reading this…….you’re a sorry excuse for a public servant. Why is it everyone else’s responsibility because you made a really BAD decision. I hope you do get fired so you never see another dead kid again. You should be glad!

  4. He’s really weak for crying over someone like her. She’s psychotic. She can’t have her way after committing an egregious crime so she plays the victim card and emotionally abuses a soft officer and when that doesn’t work she starts threatening to hurt herself in another attempt at manipulating the situation. She made things go even worse for herself though because these corrupt weirdos wanted to let her go home without charges but she made that impossible. You know you’re a pos when you can’t help someone help you. The only way this guy should get promoted is if he grows a pair. Almost anyone else would’ve shut her up. They wouldn’t listen to all this crap about how they made their “friend” lose their job. The state police department are looking for some professionals and crying and saying you “unfortunately” have to do you your job just doesn’t cut it. I hope he got to look at this video and see what the rest of us see. Someone I’ve known my entire life wouldn’t do this to me and if they did, I’d make sure they know right away that there is no way in hell that they’re gonna disrespect me and everyone else by not accepting their own actions. She’s almost 50 years old!!! Don’t cry for adults!!!

  5. It’s crazy how they had to look all over the town for someone professional enough to book her. She drove drunk and crashed!!! That’s enough for me to get someone I know on drunk driving. It’s one thing to do it and it’s another to crash and total the car and to show a reckless disregard for human life. The fact she tried to make it seem like it was stress related is also crazy. Drunk drivers+unnecessary car crashes=dead babies. 2+2=4 Karen so tell it to the obviously corrupt judge and jury in this crappy little town. She was treated like a DWI Queen the entire time and still couldn’t pull herself together to go out with a little grace.

  6. Will just know that you did the right thing! Her begging you to turn the other way just shows how much she doesn’t give a shit about you. She was willing to let you jeopardize your career cause of her own mistake

  7. I felt bad for her UNTIL she started blaming Will for her own actions. It's awful what she's seen!! But just like she did not want to loose her career, Will did not want to lose his, and he didn't make a poor judgment call. I hope she feels awful when she sees the way she behaved.

  8. Doesn’t matter if you see dead kids or whatever that can be worse than that. When we go in this line of work we go in with the understanding that we’re gonna deal and see the worse of the worst. There’s no excuse to put an innocent life in danger. If you can’t handle the highs and lows of the job then find something else

  9. Will, I understand that she is your friend for 90% of your life and I admire the job you do as well as all the other police officers and firefighters as well as emt/paramedics. But you need to look at it this way, she is a life long friend but her being your friend is the biggest reason why you need to do it. Be strong and firm.

  10. She don't get to call shots anymore when she is this mentally unstable. Its not Justin fault she needs major psychiatric help She not mentally sound enough to continue as a fire fighter. She has abused threatened harrassed bullied this poor officer. Another officer should have stepped in to give Justin a mental break (hes crying) and he should not have had to endure this ongoing abuse from her. If she she chooses to take her life he had nothing to do with it. She should be In another line of work until she deal with & settle your issues. Cuddling her inappropriate language and behavior will never be a solution. Hold her accountable for dealing with her Mental Health Praying for all of them

  11. This was the most ridiculous waste of time. These officers have a job to do and all she did was hinder them. Then to bring hospital equipment outside! Do other DUI drivers get this much pampering while gaslighting? She should be fired!

  12. I see dead kids like she in that movie with Bruce w. she hates seeing dead children and can't cope its good she'll be fired. She is really going to use dead children as a way to get out of the arrest? This slob didn't cry 1 tear for people she sent to the hospital….did will lasso this wildebeest? I think he smashed b4

  13. Funny how police treat firefighters abs fellow LeOs wayyy different than us. Shameful video and no one’s commenting on it. Bunch of cop cucks

  14. Somehow her behavior is worse because she knows him, has known him since he was a kid. She is literally tormenting him. And lady, you knew going in…there are many a professions where such a dreadful experience exists, just sayin' therapy is more effective in dealing with such a trauma than alcohol and surely she knows the stats in children dying in Dui wrecks.

  15. This really bothers me because of the emotional manipulation on her part, yes her career is more than likely over but she put herself in that situation and hearing that officer crying there just broke my heart because you know he hates what he has to do, he doesn't want to do this but he is bound by law, maybe 30 40 years ago things would have been different where you had the good old boy system and her actions would have been dealt with by the fire department internally but that just isn't the world anymore, I feel so awful for this guy and to have a friend of yours emotionally manipulate you with their friendship is just awful, and may I add if he wasn't having thoughts of quitting the job before he definitely has them now

  16. I feel bad for will kinda, I’m glad these guys can talk about it like that on site. She’s dead set on bringing everyone down. Notice that’s she’s out of it, stop crying. I’d be so pissed at my friend for freaking talking to me like that not understanding that the best thing she should do is shut the f up, problem is he can’t tell her to shut up. She’s in the business, understand the process, I know these agencies cross train. These situations are totally avoidable. Dwi First totally different than what she’s turned it into, ie verbal evidence from running her mouth, in and out of reality. 1sts are slaps on the wrist in most cases, IF you handle yourself with the slightest amount of composure. This here fire ma’am lost her shit, and we all saw it.

  17. Wow, putting a guilt trip on Wil, she is not a friend, she is messed up.
    If she can't handle the stress of her job she needs mental help.
    Wil needs to look into selling wall paper at home depot if he is stressing this bad.
    Hope they all get the help they need.
    But she did get a lot of additional support that normal people don't get.

  18. I'm only in the beginning of this and in my personal and humble opinion it sounds like she's suffering from PTSD.
    She obviously can't handle the job and i don't fault her for that i can't imagine what she's seen but this definitely isn't the job for her.

  19. All I can say is SHE DID THE CRIME SHE WILL DO THE TIME!! In my 60 years on this earth I have never seen such acting like she was the victim.. she is not a victim!! Will if I was you I would have told her to shut the hell up!! I'm glad you stood up as much as you did, but you should have stood a bit more in control!! Boy that crying was a act to get her way..lordy lordy!!!
    Good Luck Will

  20. Both her and Will are more worried about their Jobs and not the people she put in danger and he would put in danger if he lets her go…

    The only conflict of interest is that this was being recorded, if it wasn't then she would have gotten a ride home and probably killed someone doing the same dumb shit.

    Apparently she did this again and both DUIs were dismissed/dropped… Fuck this justice system and the corruption!

  21. I thought I had fast forwarded enough and then when I stopped it to listen again it was dead kid talk still.. dead kids are tragic but put a muzzle on her

  22. Hopefully, the minute he started calling her Ma’am was the minute it dawned on him he didn’t need friends like the lovely Michelle.

  23. After she said for the 6th time, "I hate seeing dead kids," the cop should have responded with, "The chance of more kids being dead dramatically increases when motorists drive drunk"

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