Plane Crashes Cops are Amazed at Pilots Skill

@CopsConsTV obtained body and dash camera footage of an incident that involved an emergency landing of an airplane in Farmington, NM.

A pilot announced he was going to be short of the run way and decided to land 1,000 feet short of the runway. He managed to land in a dirt lot without hitting any structures or powerlines.

The pilot suffered minor injuries and the FAA took over the investigation. It appears he ran out of fuel. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


44 thoughts on “Plane Crashes Cops are Amazed at Pilots Skill

  1. Oh yea,I bet he did see stars. Smashed his head,lucky he didn't get knocked out. Lucky to have walked away. Wow.

    Sounds like he did all the right things. Just ran out of fuel.

  2. 2:18 why thank you Aviation Accident Investigator Bob😂😭 what insight will you bless upon us next💀
    "He was flying a white plane"
    Cop: my god this mans investigative skills are remarkable

  3. Darned amateurs – NORA, who the hell is NORA?
    The FCC, FAA, NATO and everyone with any radio telephony literacy knows that the phonetic for N is NOVEMBER!
    Using anything different only causes confusion, as my children knew before they started school – they all learned the CORRECT phonetic alphabet along with the name and pronunciation of each letter in the alphabet, shortly followed by the shapes of the letter in upper and lower case, printed, written and script.
    It seems strange to use that much fuel on a flight of that length, even allowing for most reasonable headwinds, so it is possible that he had some fuel loss somewhere. He said he filled the aircraft with 18 gallons each side (which implies there was 12 each side already in there) but even if they were empty, 36 gallons in an aircraft that should not use more than 10gph, cruises at about 120kt and on a 300mile flight, seems reasonable in terms of fuel planning. And there was fluid leaking which the fire dept was initially concerned about but realized it was pooling behind a berm which gave a natural dam. Possibly a slightly loose fuel cap? Low pressure over the wing would suck fuel out. I've called an abort takeoff for an aircraft ahead of me when I was queuing for the runway for exactly that – I could see fuel leaking back from the fill cap, and that was just from wind over the wing as he turned to face into the wind on the runway, right in front of me. If it was slower, from a seal or gasket on the cap, it would be much less obvious and gauges on such shallow tanks are pretty useless for en-route checking. He might want to memorise a few items from his emergency landing checklist though – that master switch and fuel selector should have been off as soon as he knew he was landing off-field and rough.
    So 5h1t happens, and he pulled a landing he could walk away from out of the bag, even if the aircraft is pretty busted up. I think his biggest problem will be with insurance companies in the future.

  4. He’s gonna get dinged by FAA for abandoning the aircraft without turning master power off. That’s a BIG fat no no. Fuel management gets a negative ten bud

  5. He’s not a private pilot. He’s a student pilot. Yes he needs a valid government issued photo ID. He ran out of gas from poor preflight and flight planning. His CFI is also responsible for his decisions.

  6. ‘I was low on fuel.’
    You should never be low on fuel, in fact it’s a violation of the FARs. Just because he was lucky enough to not die or kill anyone else doesn’t mean this isn’t his fault, or that his decisions weren’t reckless.

  7. Well I think it’s safe to say He didn’t pass His 300 mile Solo trip to become Certified as a Private Pilot.. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Pilots must be trained to exit the plane and get away from it because I worked at a small airport in Texas and me and my coworker just happened to be outside when a guy landed in a Cessna 150 and veered off the runway slightly but when he wheel made contact with the cross taxi way the plane immediately flipped over and the poor guy was panicking and spent several minutes kicking out the windshield to get out of the plane and then took off running and didn’t look back tell he was a couple hundred feet away. In the meantime we went to the plane , grabbed the door latch and the door opened right up, guy kicked the windshield out for nothing. But I must say I wouldn’t want to be in that situation…..

  9. It's kinda fucked the cop patted him down before putting him in the car. The guy crashed a plane.. it's not like he committed a crime.

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