PART 8 of 10: Civilian Witness Sees Officer Jarrott Traffic Stop Go BAD Turns Back to Come to Scene

Part 8 of 10 @CopsConsTV obtained New Mexico State Police body camera of footage from a civilian witness named Jonathan Munroe. He witnessed the traffic stop of Officer Darian Jarrott and Omar Cueva.
Jonathon advised he was a witness. Jonathon said he was driving down the road, saw the police officer, the vehicle, it was a pull over. He said, “No big deal, white pickup, State Police pulled him over, someone getting a ticket.” As Jonathon got closer, the police officer started to move funny. Kind of like there was a tussle and he started to move up and down away from the road. Jonathon said he heard one distinct shot.
Jonathon stated he saw the man with the rifle. “The other guy was a man, I saw that” he said. Jonathon saw him with a rifle and as he passed, he smelt gun powder. He remembers it was a white pickup. He does not know what he was doing after that. Jonathon was trying to keep track of the traffic in front of him. It is not the type of thing normal people get to see very often, so Jonathon began to shake. Jonathon said he then got on
the phone and called 911. After that, Jonathon came back and he said HSI was on scene.
Jonathan stated he walked up and asked if there was anything he could do to help. The agent in the maroon shirt said “no.” Jonathon went back to his vehicle and called the office he works for to let them know he was not going to make it.
Jonathon stated he had a client with him in the back seat, but said he did not know what was going on.
Jonathon mentioned he was driving 60 mile per hour, by the time he got to the exit and over the bridge, he only saw the cop car. By the time he got back here, a suburban was
Jonathon advised when he saw the officer fall, he was approximately 30 yards away on the close lane. He saw him fall like if he had already been shot. Jonathon does not know how many times he had been shot, once or twice, but Jonathon only heard one shot.
Jonathon said he smelt the smoke. He stated gun powder has a very distinct smell.
Jonathon advised the suspect looked like a red neck type and the rifle looked like the ones HSI was carrying. Jonathon stated when he showed back up, he got to see the officer and pulled his vest off and he got to see the wounds. Jonathon told me he wrote a statement and gave it to one of the HSI agents. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “PART 8 of 10: Civilian Witness Sees Officer Jarrott Traffic Stop Go BAD Turns Back to Come to Scene

  1. We all have a choice to make when we know something is wrong. It's nice to see examples like this of someone who chose to do the right thing, taking action without hesitation or delay to help a total stranger.

  2. My neighborhood has become lawless. Last week a cop shot a guy running with a pipe right in front of me. (He tazed him first but it had no effect & the guy turned around & starting charging the cop)
    The guy that got shot had a hole in his chest & was bleeding out on to the street. I stayed & watched the EMTs cover his dead body.
    I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’ve seen someone shot dead but none of it had any effect on me.
    I went about my day like nothing happened.
    Strange world we live in when you’ve become so desensitized to violence & chaos.

  3. I got this feeling he thinks he was smelling "smoke" because guns use smokeless powder. Any unusual smell would be the iron from the blood.

  4. This was so avoidable that officer was set up (not intentionally) HSI had armored suburbans just don’t understand why they didn’t give him a heads up that the guy was known to be armed and dangerous. I can’t understand the lack of value of human life…..

  5. A lot of people here are commenting in a sympathetic but way exaggerated manner on how 'disturbed' the person is.
    It looks like we're lucky to have a very attentive witness who remained calm and observed as well as he could. This isn't a Marvel movie where some superhero watches a person die and becomes a stone cold robot. Everyone deals with stress in a different way. Do you expect him to be screaming and crying instead?

  6. I'm not calling it a conspiracy or anything. I wouldn't dare. but there is something very odd about this interview and interaction. I mean there's a whole bunch of points I could outline. But it's late and considering a law enforcement officer has died on duty. I not even sure I will question things any further. I leave that for those who are far more articulate than I.

  7. Biggest fuck up in terms of interagency miscommunication that got this officer killed. This officer was not part of a multi agency task force which had this guy under surveillance…Another New Mexico State police officer who actually was involved in this task force was supposed to stop this white pickup at a predetermined location where agents with Homeland security,FBI,and state police were waiting to arrest him.This officer is dead because “He didn’t get the memo” so to speak…

  8. Poor guy. Glad one of the other officers realized in the aftermath that he was traumatized and asked for him to get the same support the officers were getting

  9. I wonder if that's how he always talks. I know he just seen a hero he killed but I feel like maybe one of those Debbie Downer is that always talks this way

  10. I just don’t understand why jarred didn’t have the suspect put his weapon down on to the seat,instructing him to take out the clip and bullet out of the chamber at gun point,instead jarred seamed very trusting to let him walk out with weapon and not have his own weapon drawn.that would’ve made all the difference that day.

  11. They didn’t watch him die. There was a BOLO, aka be on the lookout for the vechicle. This officer just happened to be the one to pull him over. The officer was told he was armed. HSI heard about the vehicle being pulled over. They started making there making way, then through radio traffic, the officer stopped responding, then HSI arrives and find him on the ground. Few mistakes were made. Either way should’ve never happened. Anyone in law enforcement can understand. Those types of calls come I. All the time after so many you tend to let your guard down. Prayer to the officers family and the officers involved.

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