​PART 7 OF 10 State Police Officer Details Working with Feds & What Led up to an Officer Being Shot

​PART 7 OF 10 @CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of an interview NMSP K-9 Officer Leo Palomares. Officer Palomares stated he is a full-time member of the NMSP K9 team and HSI Task Force Officer. The majority of his training is towards the narcotics interdiction
side of patrolling.
Officer Palomares stated on January 28, 2021, HSI Supervisor Mark Kolnas called him and asked if he was available to assist with a whisper stop. Officer Palomares stated he has assisted with many whisper stops for different federal agencies. Normally this is asked of him, due to the agency not wanting to burn their confidential informants. Another
situation could be because the agency does not have the monies to purchase the narcotics he suspect will be travelling with.
Officer Palomares and his partner Officer Montez were supposed to be the primary traffic stop of Omar Cueva. Officer Darian Jarrott was the one who noticed the truck and pulled him over.
Here is his interview on what happened on that day and the days leading up to it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIeJcAAEEwI ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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35 thoughts on “​PART 7 OF 10 State Police Officer Details Working with Feds & What Led up to an Officer Being Shot

  1. HSI SRT was at the stop making sure everything was ok? Wtf? This case is 😔 HSI is incompetent! This officer an the La cruces cop are the only competent ones? Officer jarrots Sargent didn't even know the names of the 5 officers that worked for him? This officer named 20 different people from 3 different departments!

  2. Wow this people of HSI are crazy why in the world they asked to a police officer to do the traffic stop when they perfectly knew the suspect Omar Cueva was high on drugs they even saw him acting weird and paranoic and carrying with him a rifle fully loaded, they were so irresponsable and negligent, they played with officer Jarrott's life; a person with that that description you cannot do a normal traffic stop you need back up because this people when they are high the devil takes control of their body and they start hearing voices that tell them to kill, start to be extremely angry etc. Notice that officer Jarrott was extremely respectful and polity and still this guy killed him without any mercy he shot multiple times in his back and chest and face (the first shot) and as if that wasn't enough he shot him point blank range in the head, that was extremely disturbing to watch when I saw that I started to cry because honestly we also have bad cops but he wasn't a bad cop you can see how he was respecting the suspect's rights, he even asked him if he could turn off his vehicle and adds "if you want", so you can see that he was not violating his rights because another cop would've tell him to turn off his vehicle they will force him to do things against the law but Jarrot was doing all his traffic stop according to the law respecting the suspect's rights. He didn't deserve to die like that. So crazy what HSI did knowing the guy carry a rifle and was paranoic it was extremely irresponsable and stupid what they did.

  3. They had a QRF (quick reaction) team in an armored truck who watched Jarrott get mowed down from just 200 yards away so they didn't blow their cover. But also, they were confused on whether Jarrott was involved with their plan (he wasn't, and he got in the way of an already in-progress plan to apprehend the suspect just a few miles up the highway). Tragic sequence of events. I can't imagine the guilt the other guys feel. Everyone wants to hang HSI / DHS for this but in reality a lot of bad luck was at play here, I've spent hours studying this event. In truth, a few people carry some of the blame including HSI, the Sargeant above Jarrott, and Jarrott himself (his tactics will be studied in law enforcement classes for decades to hopefully save someone elses life)

  4. Wow! This officer didn't even bother to inform officer Jarrot, just like he didn't attend the briefing, didn't open the important emails, didn't had officer Jarrot number and then just decided to stay back on pursuit… He didn't want no part of it…. RIP Officer Jarrot. May the [Lost] give peace to your wife and kids! [God] Bless!!

  5. Unfortunately this is going to be a lesson on what not to do when you pull over a prick like Cueva. He should have Jacked him up from the get go. Me personally; I would rather be tried by 9 than carried by 6.

  6. Man you can tell he is pissed. It's crazy a mistake at my work you just move on. A mistake for these guys and your dead. It's very sad

  7. Has anyone ever considered that the officer just stopped the truck for having the dark tint without knowing at all who the suspect was? I mean even if he knew who the perp was? You would think he would of took more caution because it was HSI who wanted him. I personally think the officer had no idea who he had stopped

  8. Officer Palomares was in a life & death situation & one of the detectives TRIED to clown him as to why he was no longer the primary car in the pursuit. Listen from 39:4040:53. Glad someone else chimed in at 40:59 to shut that $#!T down! 6/6/21 @ 2:08P.

  9. Im the mother of fallen nmsp officer darian jarrotts first born daughter. I appreciate the updates and pray this brings justice and peace for his wife and our children especially my daughter because she's old enough to know what's going on and she feels and she misses her daddy!

  10. Feds obviously didn’t trust the local law enforcement with the information because they wanted the credit. This poor state cop was sacrificed so the feds could have a solid case and claim all the credit.

  11. They weren't there to help back the officer up but were there right after the truck drove off. To me they weren't to dar away and was watching the whole scenario unfold and just froze up. Just watching the footage seems they were within range to at least put shots in the direction of the guy the minute he stepped out the truck with the rifle.

    Yall rewatch and count the seconds from the moment the truck pulls off how fast the HSI medic is on scene on foot. Seems they didn't want to be in the fight.

  12. With my knowledge of things his body movements and eyes say he's hiding something more of a cya type thing while telling the truth of actions hes hiding something or being sued or his buddies above him.

  13. Nmsp has its secrets from its own guys left is blind from right. How do you think the state got the money for its fancy new units and 700mhz system…. yep federal grants take our money do our drug stops you peasants. It wouldn't surprise me if the cartel has infiltrated nmsp. Notice he is available to help but conveniently can't help. Law enforcement in NM has been hiring tons of former or outside LE with limited background checks. There was talk last year of gang activity forming within several agencies whom get intel for cartel activity.

  14. That’s what you need to go work for HSI is be an immigrant newly arrived to this country and not have loyalty to United States of America as you can well see this guy can barely speak English just like the rest of them down here in South Texas.. A bunch of anchor babies is a criteria on HSI application. Oh I almost forgot if you’re Anglo you have to look the part of a Delta operator grow a beard and have a bunch of tattoos and 511 tactical gear

  15. Palomares. Make sure you attend every single briefing. Even if you have all the info on the target. Every brief is different and briefings don’t always go as planned. Pongase las pilas viejo. Trucha!

  16. at 11:55 this patrolman talks about how HSI Special Agent Rodriguez had told contacted NMSP Sergeant Mark Madrid who is Jarrott’s immediate supervisor and asked him for assistance in pulling over Cueva. In SGT Madrid’s interview in a different video he never mentioned anything about being contacted by HSI. He even denied being asked by HSI to have Jarrott pull over Cueva. Jarrott was the only patrolman on in his normal assigned area since another officer called in sick that day and SGT Madrid was attending a training. SGT Madrid lied in his interview.

  17. for being masters of communication and stating you can never outrun the radio, they sure did F this one up!!!! an officer is dead because they FAILED to communicate.

  18. I think the deceased officer should it work the stop a little more aggresive. Specially when a high power "possibly" loaded weapon is involved. Just my opinion….RIP and prayers to him and family….

  19. Typical federal operation. All fed alphabet agencies are notorious for not sharing all information with state and local agencies. DHS got the trooper killed.

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