PART 5 OF 10 Officer Darian Jarrott’s Sgt is Interviewed about what he knew and how he responded

PART 5 OF 10 @CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of New Mexico State Police Sgt. Mark Madrid’s interview with State Police investigators from a February 4th, 2021 interview. Sgt. Madrid was Officer Darian Jarrott’s supervisor.
Officer Jarrott was working at the 103 (mile marker). He called earlier in the morning, he had made a traffic stop and locked himself out of the unit, because his unit was in the shop. A little bit later, Sergeant Madrid was coming back from Lordsburg and hears Jarrott go on a traffic stop. Sergeant Madrid said he was coming back because there is no one else but Jarrott. Dispatch does a status check on Officer Jarrott and there’s no
answer. Dispatch then does a second status check. Sergeant Madrid stated he starts stepping it up. He said he drives an unmarked pickup truck and cannot go fast.
The information Sergeant Madrid received on the BOLO was, an individual coming in from Tucson (AZ) with a load of fentanyl, supposed to have a gun in the vehicle. Sergeant Madrid said, “No big deal, we deal with that on a daily basis.”
Sergeant Madrid advised it was put out to the guys, just to be on the lookout. Nothing panned out the first two days. It was the same thing that today, BOLO for a vehicle.
They had officers stationed on Interstate 10 (I-10) looking for said vehicle, a white Chevy pickup with head rack. “No big deal,” he said. Sergeant Madrid told Officer Jarrott, “Just remember this guy is supposed to be carrying a gun,” when he talked to him earlier. “If you happen to spot the vehicle, make sure it is a good stop, do not stop it for any reason.” That was it. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “PART 5 OF 10 Officer Darian Jarrott’s Sgt is Interviewed about what he knew and how he responded

  1. 😎 How he saying Jarrett knew bout the sting an on the other hand, I heard no 1 informed Jarrett bout how dangerous Omar was? I heard the Feds let Jarrett down by not telln him about the danger.

  2. Can you believe this Captain seeing lied talk about didn't hear the officer on the radio saying the that he was pulling over a white truck this captain of starch and just finished saying he didn't hear the last part in the video you can hear officer stand that he was pulling over white truck you can hear it clearly you say you was pulling over a white pickup truck discussion fireman no knew he knew whatzupwitu he was he's about he don't know who he was and you didn't know nothing you had his name when you didn't look them up then unbelievable man supposed set an example you let you Officer Down bro you should quit

  3. What type of Sargento Captain where you is don't know nothing that's why you don't know nothing supposed to be a sergeant to send you somebody that got a gun you don't even investigate about the do don't know I don't know I don't know what tipe ofCaptain or sergeant when the send you a bolo supposed to investigate pre-prepared I'm pretty sure they knew his name this guy makes you can fire you don't know nothing she'll be on alert to this Captain talking about it happens sometimes and sometimes it don't happen I seen the video he sent he was pulling over a while truck you talking about you didn't hear that you know you de,you just don't want to do your job you was supposed to got on the radio and tell him to wait for you, you should be ashamed of your self and quit This guy's name and find out more about the guy you need to get fire you are not professional what do you know bro sunbelievable man what type of Sergeant or Captain are you

  4. I just listened to officer palomars the K9 , they told him that day it was a white Buick suv? An updated him it was a white pickup ? So how did they have the bolo for the truck 3 days befor?? An suspect had 3 different cars? I want to see that bolo email from 3 days befor!

  5. How was the Bolo 3 days before but the feds were following an knew exactly where he was? There is nobody in jarrots department to blame. This is 100 the feds fault. I would sue the federal department

  6. My dad was a police officer. His partner and best friend was shot and killed in the line of duty. It affected my dad so badly. I can’t imagine what this officer is going through. He will re live this for the rest of his life.

  7. So so sad, HSI botched this one. Issued BOLO without providing important facts to local LEO’s. Officer Jarrott was a sitting duck to what should have been a Felony Traffic Stop!

  8. This entire situation is quite bizarre. They get the BOLO on Tuesday. Supposedly, Officer Jarrott was aware of the BOLO. But when Jarrott stopped the truck (on Thursday), he was treating it like a regular traffic stop – not the BOLO as described. So one must conclude that Jarrott had not paid attention to the BOLO or had completely spaced out the details of it. Omar Cueva even provided his name to Jarrott which should have set off alarm bells (if Jarrott knew the details of the BOLO). The HSI guys showing up seconds later seems to indicate they were unsure of why state police were stopping Cueva earlier than expected, but perhaps HSI thought state police had adjusted the plan of where to stop Cueva.

  9. I seen a lot a disturbing dash cams, but what happened on 2/4/21 was more than heartbreaking. HSI knew what this monster was capable of, they should've send a agent with him, my opinion his blood is on HSI and the agent hands for this. Mr. Jarrott may you never be forgotten, Thank you for your service and you rest in POWER!.

  10. There is no communication between feds and local departments, feds like to keep info because they have a inferiority complex, HSI fucked up bad and it cost an officer his life.

  11. No fucking communication and no fucking back up. For a known drug offender that has weapons. He was sent like a lamb to be slaughtered. RIP OFC Jarrot

  12. This guy basically says he new that bolo may be armed. But it wasn't important enough to tell his guys not to stop, especially alone. Basically blamed the dead cop for making a mistake. And he just don't know!

  13. That sergeant is acting kinda nervous during the interview. Not saying he did anything wrong, but just seemed to be squirming.

  14. I hear this all the time. "What's so bad that he had to kill?" Answer is prison. Specifically those of us who know it's the only ending that comes after the "why don't you go ahead and step out" stage. We know it's not about a hearing problem. It's the most dangerous step, and the officer is blind for those couple seconds. Stop pulling people like that out with one officer. Traffic violations turn felonious quick. It's not that important.

  15. This POS dude was being followed at the exact same time this poor officer Jarrot pulled over this POS and nobody told him or anybody how dangerous this POS was!?!? If he wouldn’t have been alone this man wouldn’t have lost his life. So sad!

  16. Watching the whole sequence of events play out from where Officer Darrion pulls out and follows the perp, you want to jump into the screen and tell him to turn around or wait for backup. It’s soo painful and eerie. He had no idea that those were the last seconds of his life 😔.

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