PART 4 OF 10- HSI AGENT Recounts Investigations Leading Up to DEADLY Traffic Stop of Officer Jarrott

PART 4 OF 10 @CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera from the interview of HSI agent Juan Lopez. He was one of the agents responsible for surveillance of Omar Cueva’s house and vehicle choices for the day.
Cueva moved a few cars that day and they saw he had a hand gun his hand when he left for the drug buy.
Lopez thought everything was going to happen in Las Cruces, NM with an undercover buy and not a traffic stop.
The whole interview Lopez does not appear on camera due to the placement. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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33 thoughts on “PART 4 OF 10- HSI AGENT Recounts Investigations Leading Up to DEADLY Traffic Stop of Officer Jarrott

  1. That is why communication is very important ti everything you do. Officer Juan you should know better than that. You should tx the head of the operation that the devil is on the move with a weapon on his hand.
    As per officer of late officer Jarrot said during the investagation he received the email about the look out thats it no details.Sorry officer Juan your group was responsible of officer Jarrot's death.

  2. The feds have blood ALL OVER their hands!! The ONLY thing the officer knew was he was wanted for questioning by HSI. They didn’t say he was armed, highly dangerous, and already had 3 strikes. The was looking at life. Not sure why the cop was so laid back about him carrying…but he didn’t see the AR-15 under his shirt…AND the fact they sent 1 officer to deal with someone they were chasing with a TAC team is downright pathetic!! The feds in this are pathetic scumbags!!

  3. Oh no!! Wait!! So this was all set up as a sting operation? Did they not let Officer Jarrot know the make, model and tags of the vehicle?
    For goodness sake, Ofc Jarrot believed he was conducting a routine traffic stop, due to some dark tinted windows!!
    OMG!! This just made it worse. Senseless loss of life.
    They could've told him over the radio, not to approach. He called it in, he called in from his car, he gave a description of the vehicle before he came out of the car. They should've told him
    He could've just told the perp, just get the window tint lightened up, and let him go with a warning. That could've saved his life!!
    This was unnecessary to begin with, but to know that the police already had set up to take that guy down, makes it worse.
    I hope his wife wins this case and gets every penny her and her family deserve.
    It's not going to bring her husband and father of her children back, by any means; however, it will help her with the children's education and their future needs. And hopefully teach these guys a lesson.
    Darn… I'm so disappointed, in the fact they knew how dangerous this guy was. And he didn't just have a hand gun, he had an assault rifle which he used to murder Ofc Jarrot.

  4. He should have called and reported I see the BOLO vehicle, and I’m initiating a stop based on dark tented windows .

  5. Jartott new he had a gun on him and he let him get out of the truck without being able to see his hands on the opposite side of the truck. As soon as he saw that gun he should have retreated and told him to stay in the car. Never let someone get out of a vehicle with a gun still on there person. So sad he could have prevented this

  6. Tears will not do now. They need to be held accountable for needlessly and carelessly sacrificing the father of four children in the most brutal way by that POS! The entire HSI was after this pos, yet they let one lone officer deal with him without telling him what he is dealing with. This is unacceptable!

  7. As a police officer with 30 years experience, there was no way a felony traffic stop is done with one officer. Where the hell was HSI when this stop was made? No where in sight. Took them a while to get to the officer. That stop should have been done with all the HSI agents and the marked vehicle is usually to have the visibility of a marked unit during the stop. In every arrest of a violent felon I have been on with DEA, FBI, ATF, they take the lead because it is their subject. What should have happened is the uniformed officer makes the stop and the agents move in to arrest the subject. No way you allow the officer to approach that vehicle alone.

    There are SO many opinions in these comments about what happened, by people who don't actually know what happened. Here's a good article for some reference. Might not be all the answers you're looking for, but it helped me put a few of the pieces together. This was a tragic incident, due in large part, to human error, and miscommunication. I'm absolutely certain the death of that officer grieves all who were involved, including the HSI agents.

  9. This video series is superb. You did a great job putting it all together. When I saw the ambush video the first thing I thought was why did those HSI guys show up so quickly after? Were they cartel? It seemed odd. Then I found this series yesterday and it all makes sense. Cueva was being watched and followed by feds. How horrible for officer Jarrot and officer de la Cruz is a badass. Hopefully this situation sets precedence for the future and will save lives.

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