PART 3 OF 10 DETECTIVES Interview Cop Killer’s Wife and INVESTIGATE What She Know About the Murder

PART 3 OF 10 @CopsConsTV obtained lapel video of an interview with Omar Cueva’s wife, Laura Swanquist-Chavez conducted by @New Mexico State Police after the murder of NMSP officer Darian Jarrott.

The interview was conducted in the evening of February 4th, 2021. She was on the phone with Cueva’s when the traffic stop happened and more than likely heard the murder happen.

It is unclear how much information she knew about the drug operations Cueva’s was a part of. She switches from English to Spanish in parts of the interview. We have a Spanish translator dubbed under the audio for the audience to follow. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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45 thoughts on “PART 3 OF 10 DETECTIVES Interview Cop Killer’s Wife and INVESTIGATE What She Know About the Murder

  1. Hey can we all come together as a community an support the poor innocent wife an kids who have to suffer all this mess cuz yall didnt know how to do your job? R.I.P OMAR CUEVA idk his wifes name or anything but we could start a go fund me to help this beautiful family

  2. Valheim to our brother in arms OMAR CUEVA UN SOLDADO DE TODO CORA CUANDO ERA LA HORA all y'all parts pastey's can get mad an cry but yall know he pulled off sum John Wick shxt🤘🤘✊🏽 but lets roll up sum dariana ina wood an smoke his lil ass again so he can relive his failure as a man an a warrior in armed combat

  3. she just got indicted on two counts of federal firearms charges. which can net her a possible 11 years in prison. she will get the max charge since the weapon in question was involved in the murder of a police officer.

  4. I can't listen to these Liars call that POS roadkill a "good man" and "great father". Bullshit! Hope the Officers family sues her into Neverending Poverty.

  5. Action speaks louder than words. You can lie to the whole world but you can't lie to yourself lady. Fake breathing , pretending that she's scared reaching to that lady at her side . Buying gun to a criminal means you are 100% involved to everything he'd done.

  6. @28:00 why does this sergeant come in during the most significant part of questioning, to ask the same questions again?!
    He literally ruined the questioning by the female officer of what happened before the murder of the officer.

  7. idk why she's even talking to these pigs just say nothing and you'll never be able to incriminate yourself, no need to waste your energy talking to these people

  8. Проблема в том, что полицию США учат относиться к инспектируемым людям, как к однородной законопослушной массе, без учёта возможных проблем у отдельных индивидуумов. Как итог – трагедия.

  9. If I was to officer talking to her I would have told her that her beloved husband executed a peace officer and father of 4 and that he got killed for it. Thats exactly how I would have told her the fantastic news.

  10. I like how they played it like they wanted to make sure the kids were ok,so they wanted to pick them up and bring them to the station. Naw, they wanted everyone out of that trailer as quickly as possible because they were securing a search warrant.
    And for someone who was there voluntarily and could leave at any time, they sure did insist that she ride with them, while still saying everything is voluntary lol.

  11. is there a version where kermit the frog isn’t narrating everything ?? some of us actually speak bean language and i’d like to hear the whole thing uncut

  12. They wanted the officer Dead. Who the hell would send a SOLO police uninformed. But again, the officer fucked up for being too nice. Big death mistake.

  13. She is acting 💯 I'm sure he schooled her on what to say and do. I'm sure doing what he was involved in he couldn't let her blow his covers so she had to be involved.

  14. It’s a shame the Sgt came in and interrupted the interview like he did. The officer was making really good progress, he had built a rapport with her and had got to the part when she was explaining how she was speaking to her husband on the phone at the exact time the police officer had pulled him over in the initial stop ( that was shown on the deceased officer’s body cam). She was about to explain about that discussion and what was said ,when the Sgt came in like a Bull in a China shop and began asked her questions that she’d already answered to the other officer, then very coldly the Sgt told her that her husband had been shot dead. After that there was no chance of getting any sense out of her never mind getting any info about the state of mind of her husband literally seconds before he executed the police officer. Well done SGT 👏🏼👏🏼 WELL DONE 👏🏼👏🏼 NOT!!! 😳🙈

  15. I thought that in the video from Officer Jarretts body camera during the initial stop that it says that dude was on the phone with his wife during the stop by Jarrett?! Anyway my point is that she fucking knew and knows everything she's a liar and knows damn well what her husband was into..

  16. 8:13 He couldn’t “find” a job and yet she just said minutes prior that he quit his job so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. 🙄
    No sympathy here.

  17. i don't understand the comments that someway or another make it seem the fact that the victim in this case was a cop makes this worse, you are all ignorant for that, it should never matter what the victims background is or was, in your ignorance you all forget we are truly all the same, you've forgotten the true meaning of Humanity, and that right there is what i believe will be our downfall

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