Part 2: Journalist Impersonates a Cop While Reporting for TV Station

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel and evidence from a search warrant executed on the home of Corey King on June 25th, 2020 in Roswell, New Mexico. The warrant included electronic devices of audio visual recordings of incidents from him impersonating a police officer and his 2014 Ford Explorer outfitted with lights, sirens, and horns imitating a police unit.

King was cooperative with State Police who conducted the search warrant on the home, electronic devices, and car. He answered questions about the initial investigation during the search warrant. He was later booked on:

4 counts of Impersonating a Peace Officer
2 counts of Reckless Driving

The TV station King worked for immediately fired him. His trial is pending. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Part 2: Journalist Impersonates a Cop While Reporting for TV Station

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    The Narcissist family

  2. Unpopular opinion: as a LEO myself, I really feel this is a big stretch for the charge of impersonating an officer. He is in no way a Dewitt type Metro State officer. Sure he made some mistakes, and it’s understandable if the individual mistook him for LE in his security uniform. But I don’t feel that he himself represented himself as LE. His biggest mistake was speaking to these officers when he was not being detained. He effed himself with that. We are trained to trick people into incriminating themselves. And they did a beautiful job of that.I just don’t see how they even got probably cause to the point of getting a judge to sign off on this SW.

  3. You know.. I worked a Census survey that took me down obscure back roads. I bought a small rotating incandescent amber light and used it only on said windy one-lane dirt roads, and only as a warning to any car that might be coming the other way (I had to slam on the breaks several times to avoid a collision). Really only came up once… and I had no siren.
    I've never seen amber lights and a siren before. He could likely argue Amber lights are fine, but not the siren.

  4. Ain't no way I'm leaving MY house while they are in MY house they can search all they want to but I'm walking with them to make sure they don't plant anything and I hate to feel that way but alot "not all" of LE hv proven themselves to be untrustworthy 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️and it's so sad that folks hv to feel that way about the people that our tax money pays to help keep us safe but it's just the world that we live in now unfortunately 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  5. I never understand why most of these guys don’t just uh be a cop for real. I know some have felonies but this guy doesn’t seem like he does. It’s just like they want to play a cop and pretend to be in charge but don’t want to follow the steps and go through the work. It’s an odd character trait- love being an authority over others but don’t want anyone having authority over them.

  6. Im not just anybody…im pretty sure he is. Wonder who he thinks he is. Also the whole they are trying to clear me thing. Like how dumb can you be.

  7. People lose & break phones all the time, so it's obviously BS saying police can't take his phone because he needs it for work. He just doesn't want to explain to his boss what happened to his phone. They shouldn't even let him call on the phone because he could call to have phone remotely wiped clean:

  8. So if I murder someone, I'll just get my cousin to come impersonate a police officer to arrest me & the police will charge my cousin but not me????? He can take one for the team.

  9. He's a want a be nightcrawler… that is not very good…he watched the movie and thought he could do the same thing and thinks he's good at it… Hollywood BS is not real life

  10. What an unprofessional sloppy warrant search you guys are a bunch of buffoons… I sure hope there's no real crime in that area because if you guys are investigating they're going to get away with it… Maybe you should watch real cop and detective shows to get some pointers

  11. He know exactly about everything except what he told the guy who he thought was DUI. He also is very fuzzy about events of what happened with the guy that night and what he did. This guy is really dangerous. He will just keep escalating his behavior and his desire to be a cop. He needs to be locked up.

  12. He knows things… many things…many people! Including telling detectives how to be police officers and police procedures.
    He knows how to talk himself right into jail.
    The smartest idiot in the room… or should I say, car! 🙄

  13. I actually Believe him for the most part. Seems like a nice guy that just might have overstepped his bounds for a bit there. But he doesn’t seem like the typical shit bag impersonators trying to be more than he is. Seems like a guy trying to make a living for himself doing what he loves to Do. Hope he doesn’t get to fucked punishment wise.

  14. I know this is old but I just want to comment that the guy is totally lying about the workday app. We use it at my job. It can be loaded on his mom's phone or anyone else's for that matter.. it's not a special journalist app. Just a regular app you can download anywhere you are able to download apps like the playstore lol

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