Part 1 of 2: Fake Cop Gets His Gear Stripped by REAL COPS!!!

@CopsConsTV obtained body worn camera footage from Sedgwick County Sheriff’s deputies from an incident that happened on November 16th, 2020.

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office affidavit says Kory Michael Farmer in the case states that at around noon on Nov. 16, two detectives were driving east on Kellogg near Hillside in an unmarked sheriff’s car. They were passed by a Chevy Silverado apparently chasing a Pontiac Grand Prix at high speeds. The pickup had lights and sirens activated, similar to an emergency vehicle.

The detectives identified themselves as real law enforcement officers. Farmer refused to identify himself, replying “F you, and F you.” He then claimed to be a warrant officer for the District Attorney’s Office, but named Derek Schmidt, the Kansas Attorney General.

Farmer was taken into custody for impersonating a police officer. His case was recently decided that he will spend a year on probation. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


48 thoughts on “Part 1 of 2: Fake Cop Gets His Gear Stripped by REAL COPS!!!

  1. Fashion Police reportedly issued a citation against the detective in the checkered leggings. Charges were dropped pending that they immediately be burned. 🔥 👮‍♂️ 👖

  2. A dude with a Jack Russell Terrie riding shotgun automatically should raise suspicion,🐕 🐶 😂😭 Wa Wa I’m a big tough guy, I need water, I’m hypoglycemic 😢

  3. House is paid off car is paid off…good thing I got money. But dude you live in a trailer with 100 dollars to your balance. LOSER

  4. 18:18 – "If you're gonna jumble up my words and use them against me…" – Dumbass you JUST got your miranda rights read to you which clearly state "…can and will be held against you". Kory you're dumb on 4d chess levels, you should know not to talk to them without a lawyer. Saying "pending" does f*ck all.

  5. 15:40 – "Ah my wrist bones" – Kory is expecting some "professional courtesy" from what he believes are fellow officers, and hinting he would like the cuffs untightened. Sorry Kory! Your delusional expectation won't get you anything more than some A/C, some water, and a free pair of shiny bracelets.

  6. First, WTF are so many cops and vehicles there for one guy who's not resisting?
    Second, I'll never understand this impersonation business. I guess people impersonate cops to feel powerful or something.
    Same as the fake veterans I run into all the time… I guess they want to feel important, or get respect or whatever…. but that's for the psych professionals to figure out.

  7. What is it with people and their cigarettes? Is that cop so weak that he HAD to have a cigarette on duty before he could transport? In any event, I believe the guy who was arrested thought he was being tailgated again and jumped out of his truck not realizing they were detectives until they turned on their lights. The guy’s story was full of holes. First he told the first guy to pull over, then said he never tried to pull anyone over, then said he was trying to get away from the guy with the gun, but also said the guy turned off somewhere. He’s full of it.

  8. The 900 lb gorilla continuing to be ignored by EVERYONE re: the DeWitte story is, WHO IS HIRING THIS JACKASS? We all know who he is by now. This is viral and national news.
    He does this nonsense in Florida, Donald Trump's home. His customers are MAGA. They LIKE to have the power of a fake cop with them as they rip through our streets. Facts.

  9. Y Kira words árelo ring with my thinking and joe they are being used is and only the govenrment knows and pony upward black and grey bevous what is none and who is dead semetatubdus kien Ed white cop desa the wash omega are you in Ati responde ing bay skies telling ya pinkish kids make peor k po a puse odias e to create a destruction and real Nombre bthrrats and rwalrtukw. Geriamonua blain ya want yo blaim fuvk ya ya gonna shit make she I’m Ed my yo don’t thi to remain kw hat

  10. Why don't they ever just say that they are dressed actors on way to a shoot and the other person mistook them for a cop so they pulled over with them for a chat. But then decided to practice the role, to see if their acting was good that day. He is definitely a amazon prime member, who paid the price to be a cop.

  11. I've frequently seen that a lot of these wanna-be cops all have a story that starts with a traffic incident. They're always trying to justify their inappropriate behaviour/intimidation attempt by demanding that there was such an egregious traffic violation or incident that they had to present themselves in a manor that a police officer would. It's weird and funny.

  12. The guy kept saying the same story. The cop was fucking with him trying to change up up what the guy said. I even heard the cop make shit up. The guy may be guilty but the op was worse.

  13. This guy really doesn’t understand you have the right to remain silent….but guess he has a little money & house & car paid off so he doesn’t have any problems I suppose. For real this guy cannot be quiet…wanna talk then talk about the weather.

  14. It amazes me how many of these guys that are too crazy/stupid to get hired as police officers, are running around with guns working in bail enforcement and secuirity. Many of these impersonators are mentally ill, and shouldn't be anywhere near a firearm.

  15. Exactly why I don't pull over for unmarked traffic cops , the vehicles has to say the PD name on the vehicle for me to pull over & only then I may pull for the marked vehicles depends how I'm feeling and what I'm doing. I plan to make it home just like them by any means necessary. 💯

  16. If your story doesn’t make sense then it’s normally a sign it’s not true. Also, he uses “basically” a lot, which is another sign that the events are being fabricated.

  17. 15:54 Cop 1: "How much do you weigh?"
    Suspect: "like 175 maybe, it fluctuates all the time."
    Cop 1: "Oh you're weight fluctuates all the time, man, okay, we are going to drop all charges, you are free to go"

  18. It is always the guy who claims to know what their doing and a legal scholar that continues to blab on and on about everything after having been mirandized. Just making the officers day in court all the easier.

  19. So if the kid did not wave the gun how in the world does the so called impersonator know he had a gun?? I think this guy has a good chance of beating this case

  20. I have seen other vids of impersonating a officer but this one i dont agree with,maybe i heard what happen wrong but were and how did he do it? From honking his horn?

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