Part 1: Journalist Plays Cop Pulls DWI Suspect Over, Real Cops Show Up!!!

​@CopsConsTV is following up on a video we posted of a man named Corey King who is was under investigation and charged by New Mexico State Police as impersonating a police officer. Original video here:

During the reviewing of the probable cause affidavit we found an incident that happened in Roswell, NM in Chaves County on the early hours of April 11th, 2020. Allegedly, King did a traffic stop on a car because he thought they were drunk driving. Chaves County Deputies responded to the incident and interviewed King and the victim. King had his 2014 Ford Explorer with his lights on in the middle of the road.

King said he texted and called a Chaves County Deputy on her personal cell phone. He followed the the driver to his residence. The victim thought he was a sheriff officer. It was not till the investigation of the scene was complete the victim found out King was not a sworn officer.

King’s trial is pending and he is facing:

4 counts of Impersonating a Peace Officer
2 counts of Reckless Driving

The TV station King worked for immediately fired him. His trial is pending. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


43 thoughts on “Part 1: Journalist Plays Cop Pulls DWI Suspect Over, Real Cops Show Up!!!

  1. Those that can't do a job usually teach and those that can't do or teach are this guy… I keep saying it's mental illness but maybe too many video games and bad parenting

  2. I haven't even watched it. Just listening to the introduction and watching his mannerisms in the front seat of the police cruiser. He's just like our buddy Anthony. How do you explain bail aheehe…. Hope they met in jail and got the chance to you know… And what's the deal with the hand mannerisms from both men or boys? However you want to say it?..

  3. Dude you should have just stfu… will not talk yourself out of trouble….it’s amazing to me how many people are straight up told “ Anything you say can and WILL be USED AGAINST YOU “ and they still talk this much…even had to tell him to keep it down 😂 talking to loud telling on yourself bro

  4. Good contact or bad contact 🤔…. good touch/bad touch… Like bro why don't you just become a cop? I'm pretty sure I already know why. this dude man good luck to em….

  5. I would say share the same aggressive concern and investigation work in the drunk man with kids as you do a potential police impersonator.

  6. What purpose does he have being dressed like that? Yea he claimed to be security but then something about doing a story. If you have a security company then the outfit should be for that and that only. Do one job at once. You busy doing security don’t go jumping into your car to go get a story because you are a journalist all of a sudden but didn’t get a chance to change clothes. Cops always have their civilian clothes with them, of course some cops also just go to and from work in their uniform I’ve met cops that take their clothes to the station and change there.

  7. This guy still lives with his mother yet as you'll see part 2 / maybe that's why he thinks he can play cops and robbers / all that gear says it all / I know what it looks like Officer but that's not what I intended / he should be charged to the fullest there is to many of the impersonators out there

  8. I don't even have an opinon on this guy. I'm more concerned by the pigs trying to lead the drunk people into saying that the suspect made them feel some sort of way or said X or Y thing.

  9. Guaranteed, these Incel losers running around cosplaying/impersonating LEO's are the same damaged rejects that "stormed" on Jan. 6.

  10. " How am I going to let them know I'm not following them if I don't follow them and confront them to let them know that I'm not following to them?"

  11. Why is the guy who is drunk not charged with DUI. He admits to knowingly drinking and driving so is that admission of guilt not enough?? Does it mean had the guy hit a pedestiran and drove on could he deny it and get away with it because of Corey or whatever ,I think not.

  12. Anyone with half an ounce of sense would look at him and say He's a cop, now if you are comitting an offence be it driving without insurance right up to DUI of course you will be panicked and presume even quicker that he is law enforcement. Corey King knows exactlty what he was doing I have no doubt

  13. Lol even in LA press photographers use flashing yellow lights but they have a t shirt, and jeans and camera equipment, and media credentials. Most states even have license plates that folks in Press Media can obtain. In CA it’s the triangle with the PP inside and four numbers. New York say NYP (New York Press) and 4 numbers. Bro was Night Crawler with a twist smh

  14. This idiot simply needs to stay away from police business, period. He’s a hazard and distraction. And he needs to stop watching the metro state videos. He’s obviously very impressionable and lacking.

  15. She's hoping like Hell he don't throw her under the bus..probably couldn't believe when they all got there he had stobes on looking like a drug task Force agent . she probably been screwing him and feeding his ego that he would make a good

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