Parking Lot Shooter Claims Police Brutality During Arrest Caught On Bodycam Video

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Humble, Texas — The Humble Police Department released new video of a June incident after a man accused officers of using excessive force with both surveillance and body cam video showing what happened that led to the arrest of Christopher Hannah.

The following is a statement released from Humble Police Department:
“On June 24, 2022, at around 2:30 a.m., Officer John Cox responded to reports of a disturbance at a local bar. Upon arrival, Officer Cox confronted a highly intoxicated man in the parking lot who claimed to have been in a physical altercation with what he described as “two bikers” who began “punching (him) in the face”. The suspect had obvious injuries to his face and head. The suspect then admitted to firing a firearm at least twice at the two men with whom he was fighting. After securing the firearm, Officer Cox moved to detain the suspect, at which point the suspect backed away from the Officer and refused to turn around and put his hands behind his back. Knowing the suspect had admitted to possessing and firing a firearm earlier in the evening, once the suspect continued to attempt to put space between himself and Officer Cox, the Officer pushed the suspect down onto a patch of grass and handcuffed him without further incident.

At no time did the Officer strike the suspect, and it was determined the injuries suffered by the suspect were caused solely by the altercation in which he was involved prior to Officer Cox’s arrival. Officer Cox then spoke to a female witness who stated the suspect also pointed his firearm at her, placing her in fear for her life, after he fired at the two males on the motorcycles. The suspect was charged with aggravated assault based on him threatening serious bodily injury against the female witness by pointing a firearm in her direction and self-admitting to firing a firearm at two individuals. We have reviewed the information for the purpose of launching an inquiry into the incident, but have received no formal complaint from the suspect or anyone else.”

The incident with officer Cox is being classified by former Houston police officer and now lawyer, Tom Nixon as an arrest tactic used during a case of non-compliance. Hanna’s lawyers said that Hanna was knocked unconscious by Cox but didn’t even know it until he woke up in police custody. Hanna’s lawyers plan to file a formal complaint.

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0:00 – Surveillance video prior to arrest
1:43 – Surveillance video showing the arrest
2:38 – Bodycam: Officer Cox
3:32 – 911 Call from Christopher Hanna

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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46 thoughts on “Parking Lot Shooter Claims Police Brutality During Arrest Caught On Bodycam Video

  1. so dude gets his ass kicked by 2 dudes then fires back, cops show up and punch him in the face for having his hands up showing no weapons.
    funny how cops can point guns at innocent people because they feel scared, this dude just got whooped, of course hes going to point at anything he feels threaten by, its called adrenaline.
    He was arrested for?

  2. My father used to hang out at Lloyd's. I went in there a few times to hang out with him. Place seemed chill, just an older crowd enjoying their evening. I grew up in Humble, actually not far from this bar so I can say it's never been a great area, but it really has gone to shit if there are shootings at Lloyd's. The police station is literally right down the road too.

  3. I do think the officer was too quick and aggressive to the non-responsive behavior of the defendant. While defensible, I believe that the officer should have taken a few more seconds and wait until their partner gets close to assist in detaining.

  4. Ok yeah the cop might have been rough with him but you know what so fucking what. When you are caught on camera doing all the shit he did he absolutely deserved all of it. Not so tough without a gun is he?!

  5. Was he about to get jumped? Most likely. But then he pointed the gun at the lady in the car.
    On top of that, he told the dispatcher AND the first officer that he fired a few rounds off.
    Guess what the officer does: "Ok, this guy has a gun on him. I have to detain him fast"
    And so, that sudden push was necessary to keep him from getting an advantage.
    PS was it just me, or did the guy sound drunk?

  6. Not commenting on if the officer did good or bad, but videos like this makes me angry at my own country's (Sweden) citizens. Many here say that our police are brutal swines and are not calm and use too much force. VERY rarely we see something like that tackle from a police officer in our country, yet still people talk about them being murderers. There are officers that never even have to use their gun in their whole career smh…

  7. If that dude claims he was knocked unconscious by the cop then he’s a talented sleeper cause he never stopped running his mouth the entire time. Even after that cop flat backed him.

  8. FYI it's pronounced Umble. I made the mistake of saying humble when I moved here and still get clowned over it a year later.

  9. No matter what douchebag this clown was.. this officer shouldn't be an officer.. seems so extremely enraged..the way he first clashes him down.. he is clearly intoxicated but c'mon people like this shouldn't be police. 1:53
    and then afterwards.. saying he will mess him up and hurt him and kick the shit out of him 2:6.
    you need to get rotten apples like this, out of the force..
    .Its so fundamental.. at least here in the western world Scandinavia.. that you can keep your composure against intoxicated people… and don't use your badge and that you got the biggest gang in town in your back, as a latitude to hurt people.
    with power there comes the responsibility on what you do with that power.
    but yeah its USA ranks as one of the most c0rrupt regions.. according to transparency international… and its so entangled and rancid.

  10. YO That man's got a fus ro dah into the ground!!! He actually ragdolled!!! 😂😂😂 I have never seen ragdoll physics that good in real life!!!

  11. And as usual the “Quota” slowly stroll’s up after the Policeman start’s and finishes the job.
    It’s is far beyond time to return to professional old school policing.

  12. The officer did nothing wrong. The creature lied about being knocked out and waking up in custody since he continued to resist. Do us all a favor and give that creature a forever dirt nap!

  13. This is what is wrong 2022. Criminals no longer expect consequences. My prayers for all Police Officers. It is crazy time USA

  14. Wow, read this story in a different context on a different site. Dude is obviously drunk with a gun firing it at people leaving. Pointing that gun at people leaving then pointing it at a girl who as far as he knows was backing out of a spot. Fuck Christopher! He don’t need a gun.

  15. Cop could have de escalated by saying he was not under arrest but being detained until info is sorted, but the guy is a liar for saying he was knocked unconscious on the news. No way he could know if he was drunk. Compensation? Give him $4

  16. This is the way police work should still be done!!! U ASK, U TELL, U MAKE!! If police officer would still be able to do police work like this I promise there would be less crime. The respect for the police is completely gone thanks to our media and politicians!! Excellent work officer!!!

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