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​@CopsConsTV obtained lapel footage from different officers of a March 26th, 2020 incident, Española Police and New Mexico State Police were executing a search warrant of a suspect who stabbed and beat a man. The suspect was Phillip Chacon. When officers arrived he retreated inside his residence.
Officers from both agencies established communication with Chacon via text message and phone. At first Chacon said he was in Santa Fe, New Mexico but officers heard the PA system in the background asking him to come out.
Rio Arriba Sheriff James Lujan arrived on scene and ordered everyone to pull back. In the lapel footage and police report officers mention Sheriff Lujan smelled of alcohol.
At one point Lujan walked into the “hot zone” of the standoff with his cell phone in hand and walked up to the residence of Chacon.
Eventually, Chacon was taken into custody and weapons were recovered from his residence.
The Española Police Department has charged Lujan with resisting, evading or obstructing an officer.
Rio Arriba County Sheriff James Lujan was arrested Thursday 5/21/2020 for refusing to comply with a search warrant in relation to an earlier charge of obstructing an investigation in this incident.
(Note the multiple hours of standoff video were condensed into the parts of Sheriff James Lujan and other agencies interacting) This is part 1 of a 5 part series involving the Rio Arriba Sheriff in Espanola, NM.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G7diRTrGAg ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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38 thoughts on “Out of Control Rio Arriba Sheriff Tries to Take Over Active Scene While Allegedly Drunk(Pt 1 of 5 )”
  1. Sheriff comes from outta nowhere, no uniform on, giving orders, smelling of alcohol. What is going here???!!! I can't believe this crap really happens in law enforcement. Seriously?

  2. The title 9f this is wrong. This is more about the stand off, not the sheriff. Only a few minutes at the end of over half an hour of video is not about the sheriff. Very misleading.

  3. Two Espanola officers said in the video said that they smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the sheriff's breath when he drove up in his vehicle and did nothing about it. The Espanola police department should have automatically made the sheriff take a breathalyzer test. The sheriff had no business being the in the first place and interact with the suspect. Just shows how intimidated the Espanola police officers are when it comes to that sheriff.

  4. Why didn’t they want the sheriff involved is the real question when that cop said tell him not to turn himself into the sheriff

  5. the danger he puts everyone in is unforgivable. He knows policy, protocol and he is so far off of it and puts everyone's lives at risk. Maybe he has been watching too many cop shows and he looks at himself as the hero in this episode.

  6. Phil had a 10.5 yr prison sentence suspended with five years probation. Less than 60 days later, he beats up someone AFTER telling a buddy to film it. Drives away, then does a u-turn where he proceeds to hit the victim with his car. Afterwards telling his friends/accomplices "I'll clean up the streets of Espanola."

    This guy is nuts. 10.5 yr prison sentence suspended and he pisses away that golden opportunity less than two months afterwards. Incredible.

  7. 4:50 “I’m not asking, I’m telling you to pull your people back”. Weak flex on the drunk sheriff 💪🏿 He ended up getting arrested himself later because nobody is above the law. That female officer in charge is a boss! Love her leadership skills.

  8. I live in pa and the sherrof department in a commonwealth are officers of the court. They have control of courthouse and prisoners and and serve warrants. theres a seperate police force.. It boggled my mind that out west sherrifs do everything!?

  9. See I would’ve pulled drunk Chief over and told him you stink of drink and you’re making decisions you’ll regret after a good nights sleep, now go home now and it’s all good, you offered your assistance and we politely declined and you went on your your way no harm no foul.

  10. Cop: There's 3 rifles that he dropped on the ground but I know that he has more
    Sis: how do you know he has more guns?
    Cop: Cuz it's Phil..!

  11. There seems to be no end to this shameful man's ego, corruption, and sense of self-righteousness! I have followed most of this series, and I am embarrassed and angered by this man's audacity and general behavior. This is obviously NOT what he was entrusted to do.

  12. This entire Investigation is EPIC! I called the now convicted sheriff and talked too him as this was investigation was concluding. He freaked out when I called him out. EPIC!!!!

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