Oklahoma State Trooper Stays Calm While Being Shot At During High Speed Chase

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released dashcam and bodycam footage of Trooper Brack Miller engaged in a high-speed pursuit of a black SUV on the Turner Turnpike in Oklahoma City back on Saturday, April 2. During the chase, the suspect, 32-year-old Charles Carswell, opened fire on the officer, striking his patrol car several times.

On April 2, OHP was notified by an agency in Sedona, Ariz. to be on the lookout for armed robbery suspect, Charles Carswell. Troopers spotted the vehicle in Canadian County and attempted to pull the driver over. However, Carswell refused to stop and led troopers on a chase. The video showed Trooper Brack Miller from three different angles, pursuing the Carswell, who was fleeing from authorities. Entering Kilpatrick Turnpike, Carswell could be seen firing shots through his vehicle’s rear window, and Trooper Miller is seen on-camera bobbing and weaving from his driver’s seat.

Eventually, Miller was able to tactically ram Carswell’s vehicle, ending the pursuit. Carswell got out of the vehicle with a rifle and started shooting at troopers while barricaded behind the SUV. Troopers and officers fired back at Carswell, where he was struck and killed on the scene. Two troopers were injured but are expected to recover. As is the case with any incident in which shots are fired, troopers returned fire on the suspect. However, that footage hasn’t been released to the public pending an investigation.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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37 thoughts on “Oklahoma State Trooper Stays Calm While Being Shot At During High Speed Chase

  1. i know equipment is paid for by taxpayers, but i wish that repair and maintenance that is directly caused by a police chase would somehow be billed to the person that caused it. Or in this case, if the suspect is killed, his family.

  2. Must be the first Grand Wagoneer to be in a high pursuit and the first to be destroyed by the pit maneuver lol

  3. I saw a video stating from his mother and sister that he was on a spiritual journey, that he was shot and killed while after gotten out of the car and playing bongodrums to ease the situation.
    Killed over two watermelons. Of course he was killed because of his race, his family declared.
    He wasnt violent at all, and did not shoot at anyone.

    Well, he went on a spiritual journey allright.

  4. Sheeeeet. The guy must have the lowest Blood pressure of anyone. My heart would have been jumping out of my throat

  5. May God Bless this trooper! He is a bad ass‼️If this hero’s blood pressure went up or his heart rate went up, you would never know 😝 When he said under his breath, “oh that was ugly” for some reason I found that funny because he is so calm. I think he was planning in grocery list in his head or something because he was so chill 😝

  6. Some people fold under pressure, others focus. This man is rare specimen. A real man who can face danger with little to no fear. I've always said you have to be just a little crazy to be a cop. Haha! I wouldn't be surprised if he's seen combat and been shot at before. He also knows it would be complete luck for the bad guy to get a kill shot under these circumstances. Glass and steel do funny things to bullets. Regardless, balls big enough to come in a dump truck. I salute you sir!

  7. everyone talking how calm he is, i think myself ignoring the fact hes being shot at, he drives like a beast. handling his vehicle with one hand while operating on the radio with the other and driving better and safer than everyone else i encountered in my entire life (even when attempting the TVI twice, he checked the backmirror for trafic) . i think hes not a human, must be an alien or cyborg

  8. Damn, that was pretty calm cool and collected for the situation. You can see why the first couple PITs failed, the weight difference of the cars was against him and he needed to be far up the rear axle area. Eventually he executes it beautifully. Ngl, suspect had pretty decent PIT defense by slamming brakes / being erratic and keeping the cop off his quarter panel… Until he didn't!

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