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According to a police report on 11-16-2018 absolute chaos ensued when at around 0930 hours Officer “CJ” responded to a Smiths Grocery parking lot in Albuquerque to investigate a disturbance involving a group of unknown subjects in a verbal dispute. Upon his arrival near the Walgreen’s parking lot he didn’t observe any disturbance occurring. Officer CJ did see a large native male lying on his left side near the westbound Central bus
stop. Officer CJ conducted a welfare check on him and determined he did not need EMS. Officer CJ began to walk towards the Walgreen’s entrance to conduct a walk thru, when he saw the Liquor Clerk running out of the front doors. The clerk directed his attention to a female and male and told Officer CJ the pair had just stole
alcohol from his liquor department.
Officer CJ noticed the female suspect (Tellethea Fowler) holding a bottle of alcohol in each hand. The male was observed in the video armed
with an approximately 2 foot long metal pipe as they walked right towards Officer CJ. The male used his body to shield/block Officer CJ from contacting the
female. Officer CJ is heard giving 3 loud and clear commands to sit down. They both ignored him. The female then smashes one
bottle of alcohol on the ground. The pair then turned west and attempted to walk around Officer CJ’s position and headed towards
his parked police unit. The male then turned away from Officer CJ and released his right hand from the pipe and
appeared to be preparing himself to use a left handed swing at Officer CJ. Officer. CJ is then heard telling the pair they were under arrest and
ordered the male to drop the pipe. He ignored verbal command to drop the pipe. The female responded by
yelling it isn’t a “Pint it is a 5th” she then broke the second bottle on the ground. The male changed his mind
about swinging at Officer CJ and turned to follow the female. The pair then began walking southbound back towards
Central with the male walking in front of the female. Officer CJ notified Radio that he needed help as he was walking backwards towards Central Blvd giving the pair clear commands
to sit down and that they were under arrest. The male still refused to drop the pipe. The male then places himself in front
of the female as they attempted escape across Central Blvd. Once the pair was within 15ft of Officer CJ he deployed
his Taser. The male leaned forward slightly but did not go down from the Taser probes. The
female then came up behind Officer CJ’s left side and struck him on the back of Officer CJ’s head with either her right hand or
her loaded brown purse. The impact of her attack against Officer CJ caused her to fall backwards. The male stepped
back to his left, Officer CJ’s right and removed any probe that may have been attached to his clothes. Officer CJ stepped towards the female & used a Follow Up Drive Stun against the female and attempted to get her into
custody. Once Officer CJ realized the male was unaffected and still a threat he stepped back and away from the pair. The
suspects were still resisting arrest and attempting to escape across Central Blvd. Officer CJ got near the concrete
sidewalk when he used his second Taser cartridge. Officer CJ targeted the female without warning due to her already violent
attack against him. The probes made good contact on the right side of her torso and she slowly fell forward onto
the ground near the sidewalk. The male then stepped up in front of the female while still armed with the pipe. He then grabbed the Taser lines
and broke them. This allowed the female to get back to her feet. The male then started to walk westbound
towards Officer CJ in an aggressive manner firmly holding the pipe in his left hand. Fearing he would use the pipe on him, Officer CJ took several steps backwards and holstered his Taser and removed his OC spray. The male then turned to his
left and started to cross Central Blvd with the female. Officer CJ followed the pair across Central in traffic and deployed
his OC spray into the face of both suspects to prevent either one from considering another attack towards him. Officer CJ could hear dispatch and responding units request an update about his exact location. Officer CJ tells them he needed
units to the “Wendy’s” bus stop. At one point a third male Robby Emerson arrives nearby while armed with a hammer in his
right hand. Officer CJ could hear him yelling at the suspects to “Get out of here”. Officer CJ ordered Robby to stay back. The
female Tellethea Fowler then attacked Robby and attempted to disarm him of his hammer so she could use it
against Officer CJ. Robby fought back and used two hands to keep control of his hammer. Officer CJ pointed & yelled out
that he had felony charges on the pair. Deputy C. Otero tackled
Tellethea before she could flee across Central Blvd and quickly got her into handcuffs. Officers and Deputies eventually located Robby hiding at a vacant property and took him into custody. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. I understand why no civilians stepped in but I would of it’s not like he had a gun or anything like that I honestly thought that guy in the big truck was about to but I was wrong

  2. I would only be a police officer for a few days, then I would be fired for using too much violence against this drunk pack.
    I wouldn't have your patience. My respect btw.

  3. The dude would be so much better off without the drunk chick. At least he calmed down. Drunk women always start the fights between two guys in a bar. The officer needs a lozenge for his allergies.

  4. Tasers and spray don’t work a substantial amount of times he should have got physical as they were so intoxicated he should be able to deal with them easily,Leo reluctance to get hands on is a real issue

  5. Damn, having those two slowly slowly following you, getting up after tasers and getting hit by a car and just keep following you.. That's what nightmares are made of 😰

  6. That's restraint. One had a pole one a hammer. In most places they both would of been shot during the struggle.

  7. The officer should’ve just shot them all, since he had every right to do so! Would save us tax payers a ton of money, and it would help clean up all the trash off the streets! People like this are a waste of space.

  8. Fucker was trying to take the hammer, this Bitch clocked me in the back of the head, too funny, I’d be angry too, the dirtballs police encounter every day and night, cannot be fun!!

  9. Getting beat up with a pipe n doesn't shoot but quick to shoot someone unarmed running away.if he woulda got knocked out he woulda been done for

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