Officer Shoots Armed Fleeing Suspect in Rantoul, Illinois

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Rantoul, Illinois — On June 7, 2023, at approximately 12:27 p.m., Rantoul Police Officer Rene Wissel located a vehicle in the 400 Block of Campbell Avenue, Rantoul, which had previously fled from officers in April. As Officer Wissel was exiting his vehicle, the driver, 20-year-old Jheremia McKown, exited and a consensual conversation ensued. As Officer Wissel continued to speak with McKown he noted a large amount of cannabis packaged in several different bags inside the vehicle. At this time, the front-seat passenger, 18year-old Jordan Richardson, exited and began running from the vehicle. Besides McKown and Richardson, there were no other occupants in the vehicle. As Richardson was running, Officer Wissel observed a gun fall to the ground. Richardson turned around, picked up the gun, and then ran southbound through the residential area. As other officers arrived in the area, Sergeant Jerry King located Richardson running in the 400 block of Belle Avenue.

As Richardson was running, Sergeant King observed that Richardson was armed with a handgun. The suspect fell to the ground and turned toward Sergeant King with the gun still in his hand. Sergeant King shot and struck Richardson with one round. After Richardson’s gun was secure, aid was rendered to him by officers and AMT Ambulance. Richardson was transported to Carle Foundation Hospital, where he later died. As Richardson was running from the vehicle, he dropped the gun three separate times. However, he stopped each time and picked the gun back up and continued running. Prior to Sergeant King shooting, police officers issued eight warnings to Jordan Richardson to either “stop” or “drop the weapon.” The handgun in Richardson’s possession of was reported stolen from Colorado Springs, CO on May 20, 2023 McKown was arrested on multiple charges including Unlawful Use/Possession of a Weapon and Delivery of Cannabis. McKown struck Officer Wissel in the face, causing minor injuries that require further medical attention. Officers located two loaded handguns inside the vehicle, a large amount of cannabis packaged for delivery, and a large amount of currency.

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0:00 – Footage of the Arrest of Jheremia McKown
4:16 – Footage of Officer Shooting Jordan Richardson
11:50 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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40 thoughts on “Officer Shoots Armed Fleeing Suspect in Rantoul, Illinois

  1. As long as the Cops are shooting White people who cares? White people ( Europeans ) couldn't care less about their own. 😒

  2. Oh well. Don’t be a criminal piece of shit and that won’t happen to you. I’m glad these officers are all ok

  3. It’s awful how officers have to give these POS chances because they are afraid of being labeled a racist..the guy was in his car and grabbing his gun while the cop is telling him to get out of the car…this happens all the time now and shouldn’t have too…as soon as the officer gave him a command and the dude still kept reaching in the car for his gun the cop should have Swiss cheesed him right there and then.

  4. And those two ladies made very responsible social media posts about their appreciation for law and order and their dismay that their family member took these actions!

    Im sure of it!

  5. What is with the white skinned black guys? Actin like a savage!! Scream scream you low life mother of a criminal. You raised a good one ….he’s done! Society is safe from your little white criminal!

  6. The mom is a loser too, probably on the fare….Wednesday, when most normal people are working….good riddance to her son. Nice job “raising” him, instilling values… Nice.

  7. It's IL, If he had dropped the gun he would have been out with another in less than 6 hours. Thankfully he didn't, and the officer more than likely saved other lives in the process.

  8. All Jordan had to do was exit the vehicle, leave the gun inside, and let them proceed with the impound.

    What a shame and waste of life.

    Can't count on teens and even people in their early twenties to have the kind of situational awareness older people have.

    Criminal or not, whatever that kid was involved with wound up causing him to make some really rash last minute decisions and he paid the price.


    gun lying 7ft away out of reach while suspect is on the ground with GSW’s

  10. So many people act crazy when cops shoot but he is literally running like a reckless child with a gun not following rules? It’s like they are asking to die smh.

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