Officer investigates a drunk driver but the script flips a month later!!!!

Albuquerque, NM –
@CopsConsTV got an email from a subscriber pointing out two of our videos have something in common. Albuquerque Police officer Fouad Cherair is in them both!

In one video Cherair is a cop investigating a DWI incident. In the other video he is being investigated for aggravated DWI.

Fate is sometimes an evil creature, or a blessing in disguise.

Here are the links to both full videos:

11 year old blows into breathalyzer for sister with Officer Cherair on scene

Off Duty Cherair Arrested for DWI ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Officer investigates a drunk driver but the script flips a month later!!!!

  1. I got 1 dui and I admitted my wrongdoing immediately. I felt so bad for doing it. I have more balls than all of these idiots who try to weasel their way out of it. That being said.. there’s nothing better than seeing a corrupt cop try to weasel himself out of a major crime. Something like this should automatically disqualify them from ever enforcing the law again. This dude is clearly a fucking idiot. It’s crazy to me that this guy wasn’t dragged out of this car, cuffed and taken to jail like the rest of us would’ve been. Once again.. because he’s a cop he gets special treatment.

  2. Again more hemming and hawing by cops when it comes to one of their own. Anyone else would have been in cuffs in the blink of an eye.

  3. The same police who talk down to you and treat you like garbage are expecting special treatment for committing crimes. Cops today have zero integrity and they believe they are above the laws they are supposed to be enforcing. This is exactly why the public has zero respect for you all.

  4. The police will know who Fouad is with a licence plate check. They will know he's a cop. Yes, Fouad knows the game. Rather disgusting isn't it.

  5. when he asked for his name he went to write the name on his hand, not in his note book, he had already run his plate and knew who he was. I believe he didn't want it in his notebook because he did not want a record of it and that way he could let him go, but the guy wouldn't comply so of course butt hurt comes into play and he had to arrest him which is what he should have done in the first place.

  6. Dang .. that is what being in utter denial looks and sounds like. He wanted so so bad to believe there was no crash and he wasn't drunk. I feel for this guy but owning up to it is the first step towards healing and restoration. hope he is well.

  7. Unbelievable I just spent an hour watching the other video earlier today and now look at this man he's the criminal acting like a ding dong like he don't know what's going on but yes I actually hold him to a higher standard than that teenager go figure unbelievable

  8. He knows at the moments just before video started that in last few minutes he wrecked his car, lost his job/career, he is going to jail and losing his license. So that is why he is acting so strange.

  9. crazy he didn't say a word and they didn't instantly start saying ur impeding on my investigation and let him go all in his pockets without even a warning

  10. 2 levels of privilege here, the first 5 minutes that he ignored the cop and played with his phone and randomly reached into his pocket is the white privilege, then 5 minutes after that, when they discover that he's law enforcement, they disregard his failure to follow instructions and while attempting to cuff him, allow him to shake free of their grasp and turn around to face them. I guarantee this would not have gone down like this if the driver had been black or Latino. And no, I'm not some liberal/progressive playing the race card. The best, most glaring example of the reality of white privilege in recent memory was the treatment of the Jan 6 capitol hill rioter/insurrectionists. Deny all you like, but you KNOW that if that had been a crowd of 5000 angry black people, the response by law enforcement would have been very different and would have likely resulted in dozens of deaths. Oh, and before you even start, save your what-about-isms and false equivalences.

  11. LOL. This actually makes me furious. I hold officers to a much higher standard when it comes to this shit as they deal with these scenarios daily and truly understand the ramifications of this! They literally see dead bodies caused from DUI’s. They also take an oath to up-hold the law too!🙄

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