Off Duty Police Pilot Ruins his Career after ATV Crash

Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque Fire/Rescue were dispatched to an ATV crash on the west side of town. When they arrived they found a female lying on the ground by herself unconscious and barely alive. Witnesses told the rescuers that the female was driving an ATV with a male passenger at an extremely high rate of speed on the roadway. At some point the ATV tried to negotiate a curve in the road but lost control and it hit a residential wall launching both the driver and rider into the open field. The male immediately regained consciousness and tried to turn his ATV upright and requested the assistance of one of the witnesses. The witness complied and the male driver tried to drag his unconscious wife onto the ATV so they could leave the scene. The witness insisted that the male not take his wife so there would be no further injury to her. The male agreed then rode away abandoning his wife. Rescue was suspicious about the circumstances and called Police to the scene. Rescue was also handed a loaded handgun recovered from the area which appeared to belong to the couple on the ATV. When Police arrived and were being briefed by rescue they witnessed the male returning on foot with a change of clothes and he was bleeding profusely from a large gash to his head. Police detained the male and determined a much bigger investigation needed to happen.

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00:00 Start
00:28 Firefighters Notify Cops of Crash
16:07 Retrieve found Gun from Firefighters
35:00 Cops Talk to Witness on Phone
45:00 Cops/EMT Urge Off Duty Cop 2 Go 2 Hospital
58:00 Cops Curious Why He Left Scene
1:05:25 DWI Investigation Begins
1:09:39 Correia is happy he will lose his job
1:15:40 Correia is arrested
1:18:31 Officers discuss charges
1:25:08 ATV is located in Corriea’s garage
1:27:00 Breath Test
1:36:00 Finds Out Condition of Wife ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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41 thoughts on “Off Duty Police Pilot Ruins his Career after ATV Crash

  1. I left an earlier comment but I think I was wrong. He wasn’t driving. But he did leave the scene while drunk. He prob had a concussion too. He did ask about his wife periodically. I saw comments that he didn’t. Also the cops cut him a big break having him blow hours after the crash. Finally the head firefighter was a busy body and jeopardized the investigation.

  2. I hope this guy lawyered up. Because having sustained severe mental injury can alter your mind, especially if you're intoxicated. I don't think he should be charged for driving the ATV away from the scene.

  3. Added. Comment I googled what happened he tried to drag his unconscious wife back on the vehicle to leave the sense and a witness said she was severally injured and not to move her it could cause more injury then this I wouldn’t call him a man left the sense drive off so now I understand why he never ask about her or wanted to know the condition it was to cover his ass only. No regard for his wife life at all. It also stated former wife. That’s a smart woman to divorce that man.

  4. The lack of concern for his wife was disturbing quite sick! Never ask once about his wife or could someone find out how she is. Hope and pray for her recovery and hope someone shows her this video. No excuse would be valid if you loved someone your main concern would be for the other person. This woman should run to a lawyer. Words are just that his actions showed exactly who he really is.

  5. Left the scene, drove ATV home drunk to hide evidence, further tampered with evidence, fled the scene of an accident, changed clothes and claimed to take shots of Fireball at home (in attempt to trick alcohol tests), and left his critically injured wife in the road. Most charges were dropped except him pleading guilty to a petty misdemeanor and fired. Broke all those laws and only lost his job. Good to be a cop in New Mexico!

  6. soo… this guy isn't going to win any husband of the year awards. i have had a head injury in an accident myself though and I know first hand that your body can do weird shit on autopilot that you don't even remember after the fact. acting weird after injuring your brain is not suspicious. also, he wasn't even driving. you're going to arrest a passenger for DUI? i don't like the guy either but it seems like they took the opportunity of his wife almost dying to also ruin his life and career.

  7. The female fire fighter is acting in a capacity that is beyond her scope of practice as she seems to be leading her own investigation. It's one thing to be helpful it's another to step out of the role of a fire fighter to do her own investigation and thus, everything she says can be thrown out of court because she is not trained to do so and that is not her role on scene. I am a former paramedic and FF.
    Her role on scene is patient care and scene safety.
    As far as the husband, he is a trained (former) law enforcement and knows that the police will get their information regardless so no use in lying as that could lead to additional charges. He does have a significant head injury and needs to be medically evaluated first before any conclusion can be made to whether his on scene behavior is due to trying to cover up a crime or due to medical/trauma. This would help a lot in court as in all criminal charges the state must show intent to commit the crime.

  8. I am the point now of them arresting the man?. American Police suck!!!!!!! He wasn't even the one driving the quad. Also no matter how docile the person is. You western people/police love, just love putting cuffs'/shackles on people .

  9. Holy shit not a single competent individual in sight no wonder this was such a shit show. You’ve got a female firefighter giving orders to cops instead of rendering aid. A bunch of beta cops taking orders from an idiot firefighter. Not a single decision made based on evidence or reason. Just a bunch of fools wasting 90 mins just to come away more confused than ever. These people made the drunk dude with fresh CTE seem like the smartest guy in the room.

  10. until 1 hour 14 he not once asked about his wife…..that's the sad part of it……and her surviving that crash was due to the great response of the witnesses….bless them.

  11. I do not understand any of this officers actions but I also don’t feel bad for his wife since she was driving and speeding and could have killed somebody else

  12. What was blocked out at about the 44 minute mark? When they were bandaging his head? Is that considered medical treatment, so it's protected? I'm just curious. Thanks!

  13. This just goes to show that the police just want that arrest than actually caring for us civilians.lets arrest this man who's hit his head so incredibly hard that his skull is showing even though he's probably concussed to the point where he doesn't care or know what's going on. ON TOP OF IT ALL. EVEN THE EYE WITNESS SAID HIS WIFE WAS DRIVING THE ATV. THEY JUST HAD TO MAKE SURE HE GOT ARRESTED BECAUSE HES NOT IN A COMAS. WHAT AN AMAZING WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW THIS GUY IS GONE FOR SOMETHING HE DID NOT DO. GOD BLESS THIS MAN.

  14. Wow this cop is FRUSTRATING to listen to. He sounds like an idiot. The witness told him they smelled of alcohol the the cop totally missed it. They need to take these sloppy rookies off scenes like this. He got so confused at some REALLY simple details of the guys story.

  15. In SO confused! Is he in shock ? The witnesses said she looked dead and siezubg and he’s trying to drag her to the quad while they’re helping her? He never asked about her until the end of this but if he wasn’t driving why in the hell do all this weird stuff? I mean loosing pilots license and job but his wife should be his concern. When he said he’s been wanting out of this job forever anyway, I really have!” A police helicopter pilot is a rotor pilots dream job and you don’t have to deal with the people or worry about getting shot , which makes me wonder , most law enforcement t helicopter pilots were military helicopter pilots, especially where he’s so young I wonder if he’s dealing with some PTSD or something from service? Or is it jsut a the head wound? And why isn’t he panicking about his wife????? ?

  16. Woman didn't care if anyone was hurt, but someone better check her wall out. And this guy really didn't seem concerned about his wife in the slightest.

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