Off Duty Police Officer Arrested for DWI on Camera

@CopsConsTV obtained lapel, dash, and in car camera footage of a DWI traffic stop involving a Las Cruces Police Department off duty officer Lourdes Hernandez. A New Mexico State Police officer was patrolling in Las Cruces, NM observed a vehicle speeding. The officer activated the radar and verified the speed of 73MPH in a 55MPH zone. 

The officer activated his lights and the car did not pull over to the shoulder. The officer approached the vehicle with a female subject inside. She stated  she was an officer with the Las Cruces Police Department and her duty gun was inside the glove compartment of the vehicle. The NMSP officer detected a strong odor of alcohol. She had bloodshot eyes and was chewing gum. 
The officer asked Hernandez to exit the vehicle. She explained that there was alot going on in her life and got into a fight with her boyfriend. Hernandez denied a field sobriety test and was arrested. She immediately requested a New Mexico State Police supervisor to come to the scene. 

The supervisor came on scene and explained the policies of the New Mexico State Police on impounding her car and property. Hernandez stated she did not want to go through the process. 

While on the call the supervisor encountered a male subject who identified himself as a Las Cruces Police Officer and the boyfriend of Hernandez. The Sergeant could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. The boyfriend wanted to talk to Hernandez but was denied.

A Las Cruces Police sergeant arrived on scene and retrieved Hernandez’s police issued firearm and property. She was then taken to jail to be booked.

Hernandez was charged with aggravated DWI first offense refused testing, speeding, and negligent use of a deadly weapon (Intoxication).. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


50 thoughts on “Off Duty Police Officer Arrested for DWI on Camera

  1. I find it extremely concerning the arresting officer didn’t clear the chamber of a loaded gun, pulling a magazine on an M&P doesn’t render the gun safe with a round in the tube, both of them the female and the arresting officer showed a lack of competence.

  2. I really hope her dui went all the way and she didn't get off for pulling some side strings after this video. Party girl becomes cop so she doesn't get busted,,,,sorry chica doesn't work like that always.

  3. This is America we speak in English not Spanish and when they start speaking in Spanish it seems suspicious and seems like they’re trying to hide something

  4. El policía es paisa el wey no importa si nació en el gabacho. A lo que voy es que es derecho y hace cumplir la ley. Ojalá así fueran todos los policías de lado mexicano pero valen pa pura verg.

  5. The main officer lives and works in the United States of America, and he knows he's being recorded, so why the hell does he chatter in Mexican Spanish? That's freakin' disrespectful.

  6. How was she even hired as a police officer? Speeding, dui, doesn’t pull off to the shoulder, carrying her firearm, and doesn’t have any of her vehicle documentation. Absolutely horrible

  7. Anyone have a theory about the boyfriend who came popping out of the bushes? I assume he came to the scene thinking he might have some “professional influence” as a fellow cop, or was at least trying to give his girlfriend an alibi, telling the sergeant she was his designated driver, so she didn’t drink. The boyfriend sounded pretty sketchy when he said a “friend” dropped him off and he walked over to the scene. I don’t get why his friend didn’t pull up right near the scene.

    I really wish the cops had pursued the situation with the boyfriend, making him take them to the car that dropped him off to prove that a “friend” had indeed driven him there. What was weird to me is that it sounded like the sergeant was making excuses for the boyfriend when he was explaining that situation to the other cops. He told them that he’d seen a car parked a bit away that he assumed was the friend. Then he told them there was someone else in the car, but he couldn’t have seen that. He just took the boyfriend’s word for everything!

    (Edited for spelling!)

  8. Spanish is a beautiful language, but I can’t understand it! I wish there were subtitles for when the officer was speaking Spanish. So curious as to what he was saying!

  9. I commend him…. He is doing his job! That is actually what our tax dollars are for. No one is untouchable, not even folks who are cops. That’s the way it’s supposedly be PERIOD!!

  10. Wake your supervisor up and get him to come all the way here to tell you that the arresting officer is arresting you for suspicion of dui because you refused test…..she should know this is all textbook and on camera….you pulled over in the middle of the road 😂

  11. I am on light duty but Mucho drinking. So, her boyfriend just shows up and says I know for a fact she hasn't been drinking. Way to go pal. I guess that's why she refused a breathalyzer!

  12. In my opinion what the officers were saying amongst each other should have been translated for the public to hear….not FAIR TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!!!

  13. I've seen a lot of these videos and this officer should be commended for Hes actions good work Officer, she was all nice and flirty at first and thinking Shes going to be let of but then see her demeanor change when he said he didn't believe she hadn't been drinking. She only wants Hes's supervisor to try and get special treatment because she can't manipulate this, Officer.

  14. Taking his time so her levels go down, before blood tests are completed fucked up. All the videos you see with cops they decline the test and they almost always never show the outcome

  15. I live in NM. There’s no problem with keeping a gun near you in the car. I have my CCW and keep my pistol in the waist band. Your vessel is an extension of your home. Don’t tell me where to keep my gun copper!

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