“No, you grab it! I’m not touching it!”

Some of you may remember the Real World Police video “If you move your hands off that steering wheel I will shoot you!” That was the video where the driver claimed that he needed to check the balance on his driver’s license, and explained away his unlicensed concealed firearm as belonging to his cousin — as if that would work.

Here is another way that a pretty similar conversation went down – also in Orlando. This one comes with its own twists and turns, though, as throughout the entire stop the driver is convinced that the officer is treating him disrespectfully, not quite understanding that the officer is on the fence about taking the him to jail.


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28 thoughts on ““No, you grab it! I’m not touching it!”

  1. Guy tries to block lights in his face,.. Sir put your hand down, it could be used as a weapon… 5 minutes earlier, you have a second gun in the glove box?, ok see ya later when im "afraid" of your hand

  2. For everyone who thinks it's okay to use a dealer tag for personal use, you're wrong. Here's the actual statute.

    Section 320.13, Florida Statutes allows dealers to purchase metal dealer license plates which are valid for use on vehicles owned by the dealer while the vehicles are in inventory and for sale, or while being operated in connection with your dealership's business.

  3. As usual, cops let other cops drive drunk. 100 mph, been drinking, illegal concealed weapon, no valid tag. Sure, just let him go.
    Defund the police.

  4. Some people just SHOULD NOT be police officers/cops. SMH!! He is going to get himself or someone else killed with his shotty instructions. 🙄🙁😠😐

  5. What??? He asked him to grab the gun after saying he would shoot him if he touched it! The driver is screwed

  6. That cop did a Great job and handled the situation perfectly he treated the driver absolutely accordingly as a suspect and a criminal because he is one he was speeding over 100 miles an hour how to expire gun license I was driving around and dealer plates for personal use

  7. If the driver just said he was traveling to the game for a business meeting it would have been fine, no it doesnt matter where the meeting takes place, a corporation can hold business events wherever they choose. Reward and employee of the month? (even if its yourself) then its not personal reasons. Meeting a potential investor, or even a potential buyer? Not personal use. Looking to advertise at the stadium? Not personal. The cop was a dick and this guys lawyer would destroy and citations or charges.

  8. I like the police, but this officer seams like he has a chip on his shoulder! Maybe a bad call earlier in the day, but I would feel a bit off if the officer talked to me like that after being forthcoming and polite..

  9. I’m not sure how to feel about this one. Clearly an older, more seasoned officer that seemed to have preconceived notions on how this stop would go. But ultimately let the guy off pretty easy, but not before stating “I may file more charges, not sure yet”. I think the cop was being a bit rough, and I think the guy was a little whiny. I just really couldn’t get a read on the officer. Taking a dealer tag because he’s using it illegally, while telling him to drive without a tag, which is also illegal?? People drive on dealer tags all the time. Maybe Florida is different, but I don’t think a cop around here would take a dealer plate, unless he/she was really trying to “get someone”.

    All my opinion of course. All in all, the stop could have been worse on all sides.

  10. He should’ve gone to jail. Not sure why the cop let him off. He probably just threw the gun on the floor. It looked to be unholstered.

  11. I have been pulled over many times when I was younger with a firearm in the car, never had a cop say he was going to shoot me if I touch it. But I have had a cop ask me if I wanted to shoot him, I said no. He replied, good then we both get to go home tonight. That said the vast majority of the times I have told the cop that I am carrying a weapon, they didn't really seem to care.

    I think that is mostly due to attitude of me and the officers. But I haven't be ticketed in years, I did get pulled over a year ago for suspected hit and run, was detained for investigation, the cop decided it wasn't me an I was on my way. Very polite, respectful encounter for me and him both.

  12. I think the cop in this needs to go back and educate himself more back at the academy. He was well within his legal rights to drive the vehicle whether it's for personal use or not. NOW as far as the gun goes very smart having the officer reach for it instead of u going for it urself. BUT this officer needs to go back and properly educate himself on state and federal laws.

  13. Attitude is everything, loose gun, expired concealed weapons permit, illegally using dealer plates, reckless driving.

  14. yea, cops are trippin if you think ima reach anywhere over there to show you goddamn anything, you're on something. I'd sooner step out the car. You grab it

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