Nashville Police Officers Shot Man Who Charged at Them With a Knife

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Nashville, Tennessee — On November 12, 2022, the Metro Nashville Police Department dispatch received several calls between 4:45 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturday, regarding a man who was walking along River Road Pike and swinging tree branches at passing cars. Officials say six minutes after the last 911 call was made, Officer Ryan Thomas and Officer Cameron Vandermerwe arrived on scene and approached 64-year-old Drandon John Brown, who was walking along the roadway. Officers asked Brown what he was doing, and he told them he had “a right to walk this street” and that he hadn’t had “a drop” of alcohol. After the officers asked him again what he is doing, Brown became agitated. Much of what he said to police is difficult to understand, but he eventually started walking away from them down the road, declaring he was “walking with God.”

One of the officers then asked Brown if he could talk to him. Brown said “no,” telling the officers they have nothing to say to him. As Brown talked, Thomas can be heard asking Vendermerwe, “You ready?” In response, Brown turned to face both officers, declaring “I’ll take both of you.” He then pulled what appeared to be a knife out of his jacket, prompting both officers to yell “put it down!” Brown then started walking away from the officers before Vendermerwe deployed his taser. The taser did not appear to work, and Brown charged Vendermerwe with the knife in his hand. Three shots can then be heard as the officers shot Brown. They rendered aid, but Brown died at the scene, police said. This is the second time in less than 24 hours MNPD has been involved in a deadly shooting. According to MNPD, in the first instance, three Metro Police officers fired at a man after he entered a closed crime scene and started shooting at them (

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0:00 – 911 Call
3:54 – Bodycam: Officer Thomas
5:12 – Bodycam: Officer Vandermerwe
6:23 – Dashcam Footage

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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50 thoughts on “Nashville Police Officers Shot Man Who Charged at Them With a Knife

  1. This poor guy was clearly not in his right mind. No real options for PD once he charged them with a knife, but there were no villains in this incident.

  2. We need to bring back the crazy hospital and keep these crazies locked up. Also another good example to show some moron who says "why didn't they just tase them?"

  3. Police shoots 3 times, and has enough sense to say to the guy on the ground "SIR, drop the knife" seriously sir, I think that is a little to late. He can't drop the knife because he is dead.

  4. Comment on se permet de tirer sur une personne bourrée en seconde degré, le policier cowboy aurait pu utiliser le taser, mais non comme c'est les États-Unis on utilise plutôt le feu pour tuer 🤮

  5. sigh…
    for all those reflexively farting the word "murder" out of their mouths…
    1. dispatch had multiple calls about this guy behaving in a manner that presented a hazard to motorists
    2. the man was clearly off his nut from first contact – whether from mental health issue or one or another form of intoxicant
    3. the man flatly declared, repeatedly, that he was out there "slowing those people down" – lending a great deal of support to the accusation that he was throwing things at passing vehicles and/or lunging into the roadway, which behavior is a clear danger to motorists, rendering the stop and detention unarguably legitimate
    4. the man then became belligerent, issued verbal threats of violence, resisted without violence, then resisted with violence all lawful attempts to detain him for questioning
    5. the man drew a knife and attempted to close with an officer.
    6. a knife is a deadly implement when used for violent purposes. It can kill as swiftly and surely as any bullet.
    7. this was a clean shoot. perhaps unfortunate, but entirely within law and reason.

    all y'all…
    yeah, it would be nice if every police department had a heavily-armored Officer Clegane with a Kumbaayaa Stick and butterfly net on call 24/7 specifically for dealing with public lunatics.
    But this is the real world.

  6. I'm a Christian and I don't believe in killing anyone. But you come at me with a knife, well, you better pray I don't have a gun. In no time, you will be walking with God.

  7. I don’t typically find myself feeling sympathy for a person whose actions led to an OIS (Because, most, but not all of the time IMO, the actions of whatever LEOS/Department are being shown on video were justified and lethal force objectively reasonable). But I do feel for this older gentleman, whom so clearly appeared to suffer from mental illness, chemical dependency or some combination. I hope he’s in a better place now, if he was a person of faith or not. I also hope both officers are cleared following the investigation and are not emotionally devastated after being forced to take human life.

  8. I have a relative that suffers from schizophrenia, I've seen and helped get them forcibly committed to a mental institution a few times in my life, the fact that everyone wants to pretend like mental health isn't an issue in this country is sad.

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