My First Take of Kenosha/Blake Incident

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49 thoughts on “My First Take of Kenosha/Blake Incident

  1. That's why I talk to you, Donut, K9 Raider, K9 Duke, K9 Mattis , this police chief that goes to church with me. This other cop on YouTube thats a gamer on twitch. That I keep killing in this game. He thinks I am guy. I am 46 year old female. Older than him.

  2. Being a comedian facts are subject to manipulation. As a representative of the News an editorial response used as as a FACT, is fruad! Liabil. And garbage!!!! Ratings!! I've got your six Mike.

  3. Who's reasonable when they're scared and don't know how to react. Police need more funding to pay for training. Very few police get enough training for when it goes off. Vets do, but they're no use in traffic stops or domestic cases.

  4. You've been gone for little while. Would you watch Gabriel Iglezias, Making Cops Laugh/Crispy Creme Doughnuts? It might make you laugh, if only a little bit. I'm not asking for a reaction, but a laugh is usually often good for the soul.

  5. Mike the Cop!!! I was searching on YouTube for San Joaquin River & I found San Joaquin Valley Transparency. I was shocked. I was furious and addicted. They were also histerical , informative and incredibly satisflng. DeEscalate Yourself Officr… Is my all time fav…
    But I had a cousin, & best friends hubby… Both cops.
    The one that got away…? His Dad was Fire Chief Torrance Station 1. He said I was a Keeper. Our children would have called him Grandpa. So I'm not a hater.

    Anyway after I got arrested June 2019 I binged on the Auditors & CopWatchers
    I needed some balance. So I found you & LEO Roundtable, Audit the Audit … leaving one out… oh Joe Rogan, & the cop that spoke up outta Boston. I'm willingly to see two sides of issue and give and compromise or even change my position. Like an adult.

    Check out 'Ask Fresno" Twitter. I had no desire to own a weapon but I had been considering it, to travel remotely alone in RV.
    But now I'm not allowed to own a gun for 5 yrs.

    I refuse to be Disrespected by Any Man! Certainly not by 6-8 90% of FPD. maybe 80%
    What do you think?

    So me an Fresno going round & round.
    Court docs say I am Incoherent – I was vocal expressing my opinion regarding Cheif wanna be Mayor. Not if I can help it!!

    Came true March2020 – They threw me into a mental institution.
    He wasn't a Resident when he told everyone how God wants it.
    I had to get a Twitter , cuz the video & audio are not my best thing.If it was I would still have trouble. There is so much of it now…

    I m thinking of Doing a Couple Twitters targeted to Fresno area

  6. See my first thought was what if they had not shot him. What was the next step? He got in a car with kids. If he had taken off with those kids he could have gotten in a wreck and killed the kids or someone else. He obviously does not make great choices. As those kids mother I would have been grateful to those officers for doing something that kept my kids as safe as possible. He should have complied. Simple as that.

  7. The person who started “defund the police” called the police on a young boy who was hunting squirrels with a BB Gun (an airgun, not airsoft.) she claimed that the boy was shooting at people.

  8. Breonna Taylor was killed in a drug raid as Louisville police executed a no-knock search warrant in March. The 26-year-old EMT had no criminal record, and police found no drugs in her home. . . . . . Shout her name every time you see a cop, never let them forget..

  9. Mike, use what lev erage you have to tell police offiscers:
    Let's get some calm.
    I don't care, at this point, if the bad guys get away.

  10. Blakes actions did NOT culminate a death sentence. The cop could have pulled him down on the ground he did have a hold of Blake's T Shirt tight enough to lift it up to expose his stomach. There is NO REASON NOR EXCUSE FOR THAT COP TO PUT 7 BULLETS IN BLAKE. Because the cop knew that Blake had a warrant and had priors, he should have called for back up. The cops partner did absolutely nothing and he also could have called for back up. Cops have to quit killing folks because their adrenalin is out of control. Don't get me wrong, I support the Police Officers everywhere, but I will not support injustice anywhere. Cops need to be retrained regarding de-escalating a situation.

  11. I've been following some of the BLM vs. ALM
    debates over on Modern Day Debates. No offense
    to the pro-police debaters, but I'd love to see Donut
    or Mike the Cop, someone who knows how to be I
    an officer and what the job entails, debate some of
    these anti-cop interlocutors.

  12. I don't know if you will here this I love wut you do you do wit is right but I will support you and plaes keep doing wut you do I love you and the cops and the lost cops

  13. And it is a fact. Use of deadly force in a war zone is more stringent then cops policing its own citizens. If you're so worried about losing your life that you'd rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6 get a different job. Im not saying cops don't have a tuff and dangerous job, they do, but its not even close to being the most dangerous job.

  14. And yet a kid kills 2 people shoots a third walks by with said gun towards cops after a call for shots fired gets into a car and leaves. Weird. Might be some double standards.

  15. I have been told by a friend who was in law enforcement, that the problem he saw with the shooting, was it was in the back and that was against procedure. The subject had to be facing the police with the weapon in his hand and point the weapon at the officer. This is what my friend had been taught when he was in school. The reason for it was any cop could shoot a subject he didn't like, in the back and claim he believed his life was in danger when it wasn't. What are your thoughts on this?

  16. 3 things everyone need to not get in trouble, you need to be logical and you need to have reason in any decision, and a open mind. In my opinion and know right from wrong especially

  17. Did Jacob DESERVE to have a gun EMPTIED into him, be paralyzed from the waist down, while the cops had a week to fabricate some story to cover their own tails? I mean, how is a knife in his hand AND in the floorboard at the same time? At less than 10 feet away, NO ONE can hit him with a taser? Seriously? They were counting on him NOT making it, and him being shot 7 times is evident of intent to kill. A Glock 9mm holds what, 9 rounds? If he were a white guy, would he have been shot 7 times under the same circumstances? I think we all know the answer and no one's willing to say it: NO. If he were white, he'd have been tackled, cuffed, and booked,end of story.

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