Murder Suspect Admits Bad Haircut Led to Killing

@CopsConsTV obtained an interrogation of Mark Valencia that was conducted by New Mexico State Police. New Mexico State Police were called to a residence in regards to a shooting. When officers arrived they found Valencia in the driveway. Inside there were two shooting victims.

Valencia spoke to detectives on why a bad hair cut led to what happened that night.

This featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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47 thoughts on “Murder Suspect Admits Bad Haircut Led to Killing

  1. This is for all the Jr. Detectives that think they figured it out and assumed that sexual relations must have been the motivation that triggered mark the murderer to do what he did when in fact thats not the case,so don't quit your day jobs .

  2. Not to mention, if you watch the whole video, He says that Eva got in the way and that she got between them and asked him to stop and then at the end says he doesn't know how Eva got there and he doesn't remember seeing her. Clearly his story does not lineup

  3. This man is a liar. He blatantly said that he is not a violent person. I know from experience that he is. He has always had an anger problem and many people have have asked him to get help in the past. He's always had a problem with alcohol. He's always thrown his weight around just because he is a trained security guard. He will cry and be sorry one minute but will turn around and do the same thing again the next minute. He needs to atone for his crimes.

  4. 🤔 the guy don’t have any hair! Like even before the said haircut😂. Basically you were drunk saw red mist as a narcissist drunk and killed the persons whom offended your sensitive ego

  5. Boy you remember this but you don't remember that if you remember this your remember that, I feel the entrapment now that's why he's asking him about what all her remember, you best shut up and get a lawyer fool

  6. Bullet for a bad cut literally I think he was jealous and that's why Eva jumped in front of dude because she know her man was a volient drunk he still don't sound too sober to me

  7. I felt threatened I felt threatened he keep saying that I wonder why, he's bigger then me, but if you're so threatened why when he challenged u to go outside your like let's go if your going outside to fight why pull out a 🔫 we're going to fight right,

  8. This dummy "I'm a super nice, polite guy, that wouldn't hurt nobody, so I went back to my car and grabbed my gun, and I shot both of them to death". THANK GOD he never had any kids. The gene pool is polluted enough!!!

  9. He says “I don’t think it’s the best thing I should have done”

    Ladies and gentlemen. If you’re ever in a predicament and you think that, DO NOT PULL YOUR GUN. You should only use your firearm if it’s the ONLY OPTION YOU HAVE LEFT. Including running away. Also if you have to go retrieve your firearm, you have other options. Like leaving.

  10. This guy is one of the worst liars 🤥 I’ve ever seen! “He made me mad so I went to shoot him and my girl jumped in the way and it happened so fast I accidentally shot 3 bullets through her”. I could maybe see the first shot but how do you shoot 3 times? Enjoy prison!! Lol

  11. Mark is a HORRIBLE liar 🤦🏻‍♀️
    He keeps saying his gf Eva stepped in front of Steve & he didn’t mean to shoot her but, they were at Eva’s Uncle Dave’s house & her Uncle Dave said that after Mark shot Steve, Eva ran to check on him & Mark stood over Eva who was knelt down over Steve & said “Is this what you want B*tch?” & shot her in the head. Her Uncle Dave ran to hide in a closet to call 911 & Mark tried to get into the closet but, Dave held it shut so, Mark shot through the closet door to kill Dave but, he missed. Mark is lying his ass off in this video.

  12. I have shot 2 people trying to break in to my house at 3 am. first ur asleep next glass breaking then u get ur gun looking what the hell going on then ur face to face with 2 guys in the kitchen every thing goes so fast. then bam and u call cops kids screaming trying to protect ur family

  13. Why did he shoot the girl he loves her he says the moment he went to the car he should have left his drinking got him to that point he doesn't know how to drink an have a good time besides he talking about her stepping in between them

  14. I get so sick of the detectives saying I don’t think you’re a bad person I think you’re a good person you just need to tell us the truth yes he did it you know he did it now take him to jail don’t bleed him into saying stuff you want to hear 🤷‍♀️

  15. If America removes all guns and gun shops from the public and only have law enforcement and army with guns, then America would be a safe place to live and visit like Australia. The American government should buy all the automatic guns back from the public and destroy them.

  16. The only truthful thing he said was he went out to get his gun. Investigation showed. They started arguing, he threatened to shoot all three of them. He went out to get his gun, walked up and shot dude point blank in the face. When he fell to ground his girlfriend started tending to wounds. While she was bent over he shot her in the back of the head. He then went to find "Uncle Dave", who by this time ran to a back bedroom and hid in a closet. He shot through the closet door missing Dave. Dave stayed hiding while on phone with police.

  17. He could be right that he doesn’t remember, only God knows. Alcohol invites bad spirits that can possess you and put you in very bad situations just like this one…

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