Motorcyclist Evades State Police at 150+ MPH, Still Gets Charged

From the report of Trooper Desmond Benton, lightly edited for clarity: On 07/19/21, at approximately 9:29 PM, I was working stationary radar on the I-49 South 69 on ramp watching southbound traffic, when I saw a motorcycle moving at a high rate of speed on I-49 passing the on-ramp and weaving in and out of traffic. I proceeded to catch up to the motorcycle. The motorcycle was still traveling at a high rate of speed at the 67 mile marker when I noticed that traffic was starting to pick up. I decided to activate my blue lights and siren, and caught up to the motorcycle at the 65 mile marker.

We were traveling approximately 109 mph as the motorcycle fled southbound, passing the Wedington Drive overpass at more than 150 mph. I caught back up to the motorcycle around the M.L.K. Blvd area on I-49. The motorcycle continued to flee southbound on I-49. The motorcycle exited the interstate on exit 61 passing on the shoulder. The motorcycle fled eastbound on US 71. I was able to catch back up to the motorcycle as we approached the US 71 and School Street intersection. It was then that I was able to see a possible tag on the bike: Arkansas 494-AO or 494-AD. I could see that the rider had a black helmet with some silver color in it, black jacket, black pants, white tennis shoes, and a black backpack with a silver design going across it.

I thought the rider was going to pull over, but he fled northbound on School Street. The motorcycle ran the red light at the intersection of School Street and 15th Street, then turned eastbound onto 7th Street. The motorcycle failed to stop at the stop signs on 7th and Locust Avenue and 7th and College Avenue. After running the stop signs, the motorcycle turned northbound on Willow Avenue, running the stop sign at Willow Avenue and MLK before fleeing westbound on MLK Blvd.

The motorcycle ran the stop sign at MLK Blvd and College before fleeing northbound on College. I could see the motorcycle as it ran the stop sign at College and School, continuing northbound on College. I advised dispatch that I was going to discontinue the pursuit. I knew that traffic might be a little heavy on College Avenue and I didn’t want to pursue at these speeds in that area.

I went to the registered owner’s residence: William Wright in Fayetteville. I made contact with Mr. Wright’s wife, who advised that her husband was at work in Tontitown. Mrs. Wright tried to call and text her husband, but she was unable to reach him. I gave her the phone number for headquarters and asked that her husband call me.

Mr. Wright contacted me and advised that he had sold the bike on three days prior, to a Reginald Seabron. Mr. Wright asked me to meet with him at his office in Tontitown, where he offered to give me a copy of the bill of sale. I met with Mr. Wright, and he provided me a copy of the bill of sale bearing Reginald’s name, driver’s license number, address, email address, and signature.

The following day, I went to Mr. Seabron’s address, however Mr. Seabron was not there. I spoke with a lady by the name of Tracy Davis, who advised that Mr. Seabron was staying in a motel in Fayetteville. Ms. Davis advised that they were keeping Mr. Seabron’s son. I asked Ms. Davis if Mr. Seabron had a motorcycle. Ms. Davis stated yes. Ms. Davis stated that Mr. Seabron came to his son’s ball practice in Springdale showing off his new motorcycle. Ms. Davis stated that it was around 8:20 pm the night prior. I told her about the pursuit. She just started shaking her head. I advised her to tell Mr. Seabron to get in touch with me so I could talk to him about the pursuit.

Mr. Seabron has a warrant for his arrest out of Tonitown, and a suspended driver’s license. Will be sending this report to the prosecuting attorney’s office for review for warrants for Mr. Seabron arrest.

Mr. Seabron will be charged wih felony fleeing, reckless driving, fail to stop at stop sign, and suspended driver license.

[Regarding the sentence immediately above, it should be noted that despite law enforcement often making statements regarding charges, generally speaking, with the exception of minor traffic violations, the police do not have the authority to charge anyone with crimes. Prosecutors do, and they operate under a different standard of proof than the police.

While the police arrest on the basis of probable cause, prosecutors are only supposed to file cases they believe can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is one of the reasons why many arrests are not ultimately charged. That happens by design.]

In this case, Seabron was charged with fleeing. He is separately facing trial for two counts of theft by receiving (possession of stolen credit card information), failure to appear, and possession of a controlled substance (less than two grams of meth). Seabron has pleaded not guilty.

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21 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Evades State Police at 150+ MPH, Still Gets Charged

  1. No lights while serving and protecting on the side of the highway. Then the officer proceeds to fly down the interstate over 100+ mph, no lights half way through the pursuit. Could have called it off. Officer seemed fueled on rage. He then went on to sit on the side of the road with no lights, continuing his serving and protecting.

  2. Officer's report: "We were traveling approximately 109 mph as the motorcycle fled southbound,….." No that's a lie. He was doing 130 mph and he started the pursuit at 120 mph coming up behind traffic with no flashing lights. So he lied in his report. Seems like grounds for dismissal to me.

  3. Runs 100+ while swerving around traffic at night with no emergency lights on in a 5000lb missile. But yup, the biker is the real criminal. Always forget that cops are above the law when it comes to traffic infractions. I love the police for the most part, but that's just dumb.

  4. So going 120+mph in a 1 ton hunk of metal, with no lights or sirens on, is a solution to another vehicle speeding? Lets add ANOTHER hazard on the road. The trooper broke the law and sped as well. State Troopers are the worst they should all jump off a bridge.

  5. This pig does over 120 with no lights or sirens. Cops always think they are above the law. He should be charged with the same offense as the guy on the bike was gonna originally gonna get.

  6. A cruiser going 130 is a lot more dangerous to the public than a motorcycle going 150.

    Instead of playing street racer, start ticking these inattentive drivers who fail to see flashing lights in their rear view and/or refuse to move over.

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