Metro Snitch: Part Three

The tell-all continues in this third and final installment of Metro Snitch.

Well, unless you count Jeremy essentially snitching on himself.

One of Jeremy Dewitte’s felony charges stems from an incident in which he called the State Attorney’s Office to complain that the police were conducting a criminal investigation into Metro State.

That call didn’t go as planned. Instead of the State Attorney stepping in to rescue Jeremy, Motor One found himself hit with a felony wiretapping charge, as Florida is a two-party consent state and Jeremy recorded the conversation without the investigator’s knowledge or consent.

It gets better.

In that phone call, Jeremy refers to Metro State’s vehicles as “police cars,” then quickly catches himself with this gem: “But I shouldn’t say that, ’cause then it sounds like I said it.”

Nailed it, genius.

We expect to post the full State Attorney call recording to Patreon later today.


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Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Metro Snitch: Part Three

  1. Ugh. The background noises of the main guy recording the interview😬😤 Do they all live in one room or something??

  2. "I'm scared of going to jail. I was having a panic attack that day I was arrested". Acting like a cop and being scared of jail. The definition of bitch made

  3. If Jeremy put 10% of the effort he puts into being a fake cop into actually becoming a real cop he probably would have made it easily! It ain't that hard, its not like becoming a lawyer! Oh he's a felonious sex offender isn't he? I guess that explains why he never even applied to become a cop! 😂

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  5. I'm surprised that Jeremy never thought of higher men who look like him. That way he can say "but sergeant. That's not me sergeant".

  6. Can't you just see Jeremy offering to have Metro-State show up at the actual funeral and give a 21-gun salute and play taps on the bugle

  7. Why is this called metro snitch, I think he's doing the world justice by telling about this friggin nut…
    He deserves to get knocked down a few pegs.
    Dimwitte is a snake and has no respect for woman as well as for anyone…
    Narcissism at its absolute worst..!!!

  8. I really hope and pray this kid goes straight. It makes me nervous when he keeps saying to be honest with you. That's exactly the same thing his boss would say right before he told a lie. Kid definitely knows more than what he saying

  9. Well.. We know he could not be a bail bond agent. You cannot have a felony conviction. So, his wife or Field Goal Jennifer may have to run that one and chase down the bail jumpers 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. After binge-watching the Jeremy Circus videos scattered around YT, he has explosive anger but has stayed away from real, physical tussles with LEOs. He lives by primordial self-serving instinct, not by brainwork. He knows viscerally not to physically accost LEOs.

  11. Hey can we collecting money to pay Jeremiah bailbond to keep enjoying this fantastic and hilarious metro state serie😆😆👽

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