Mesa Officer Shoots Suspect Who Drove Into Pizzeria To Avoid Police

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Mesa, Arizona — On August 21, 2022, Mesa police officers were called to assist the Department of Public Safety with locating a wanted fugitive, 36-year-old Kevin McKinney out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. McKinney was wanted for a homicide that occurred in Albuquerque, on August 20, 2022. McKinney also had a probation violation warrant in Colorado. Albuquerque Police believe that McKinney was in Mesa, based off of cell phone records which showed him in the area of Dobson and Baseline roads. His vehicle was described as a black 2011 Jeep Patriot, equipped with multiple spotlights and red and blue lights inside to mimic a police car. Just after 3:30 PM detectives spotted McKinney’s vehicle parked outside of a pizzeria on Dobson and Baseline Road. Detectives confirmed that McKinney was sitting inside a cell phone store next to the pizzeria.

McKinney left the wireless store and got into the driver’s seat of his vehicle, that’s what Mesa police officers positioned one of their vehicles at the back of McKinney’s to contain him. Officers shouted for McKinney to exit the vehicle with his hands up. McKinney tried to back up into the police vehicle and that’s when officers fired Les lethal beanbag rounds at his vehicle. McKinney quickly put his car in drive and drove forward, accelerating into the pizza restaurant. That is when multiple officers shot their Duty weapons. A surveillance video from inside the restaurant shows the vehicle breaking through the front door as three employees and one customer were inside. At the time, none of them were injured. McKinney stopped moving his vehicle and after a short time exited his vehicle. He was taken to the hospital and treated for gunshot wounds. Kevin McKinney faces multiple charges. A revolver and knives were recovered from McKinney’s vehicle.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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32 thoughts on “Mesa Officer Shoots Suspect Who Drove Into Pizzeria To Avoid Police

  1. Wow, these cops, sorry clowns just went crazy. Bullets flying into restaurant. No care of visitors in their? These are the ones who should not be cops. What a disgrace. I have heard that mesa police have plenty of issues. Citizens can not stand them also.

  2. That’s crazy the bean bag round destroyed the car mirror like it was nothing , I see why the guy was fearful and drove into the store. Then a hail of bullets. This type of police tactics is crazy.

  3. That seems like a waste of ammunition especially when NOT fired upon by perp and having a public business with God knows who inside as your back drop… Trigger happy much?

  4. Customer took his time to take cover, I mean he waited right til the last moment to take cover: "Nah it's just 20 officers with their guns pointing this way…it's just a couple of bullets…[hundreds of bullets start flying]…oh sht it just got real!".

  5. "The officer could have hit someone with those shots"

    Sure lets just let the dude crash through the windows and run someone over. Both are risks, there's no right or wrong here.

  6. Absolutely, there's a small chance the officer was able to see through the window of the SUV and into the restaurant to clear it. But you'd be hard pressed to convince a jury of that if he had killed someone.

  7. Let's give this a "Gun safety Rule #1" test – "Know exactly what your target is and what your back stop is"….Hmmm, mag dumping with the interior of a pizza shop as your back stop…Anyone else see a problem with this???

  8. UM…. What kind of training are these officers being given? Is it POLICY for them to just fire volleys THROUGH a Vehicle, and use the patrons and servers and cooks and ovens and drinks machines INSIDE a restaurant to stop the rounds from continuing thru and hurting some lady with her baby filling her gas tank at a service station three blocks distant??

  9. Raise your hand if you don't know what a SWAT team is. Okay, now the rest of you raise your hand if you don't know what a SWAT army-type vehicle is? Okay, no hands raised good, so why the hell would you sit there eating pizza when you see a SWAT tank pulling up behind a vehicle right outside the front door of the pizza shop you're in?

  10. Amazing he survived & what’s more amazing is no diners or staff were struck in the crossfire. Those bullets will travel through the rear windshield & out through the front like Swiss cheese.

  11. Are we not gonna talk about the decision to shoot BEANBAGS at an inanimate object in hopes of stopping the driver? Is shooting off his side mirrors really gonna stop the vehicle?

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