Man With AK-47-Style Weapon Struck During Shootout With Officer in Fountain, Colorado

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Fountain, Colorado — On November 20, 2022, Fountain Police were dispatched to a call regarding a domestic violence disturbance in the 6900 block of Meadows Drive. The victim called 9-1-1 stating she had to leave her home after an argument with her husband, 41-year-old Ross Florsheim turned physically violent. During the 9-1-1 call she also explained that her husband has access to firearms. Officer Brett Ryder was the first officer to arrive, and he immediately made contact with the victim at the neighbor’s house. The victim told officer Ryder there was a verbal argument between she and her husband and when she tried to leave, with her eight-year-old son, her husband threw her to the ground.

She was eventually able to get out of the home but she told officer Ryder her husband was intoxicated and her son was still inside the residence. As officer Ryder was speaking with the victim, a second officer, Corporal Haley, with the Fountain Police Department, arrived on scene. After receiving information of an act of domestic violence and needing to check the welfare of the child in the home, both officers, wearing body worn camera, approached the home of Florsheim. As they approached, Corporal Haley described that he has had adverse contact with Florsheim in the past and he thought it would be a better idea for officer Ryder to make initial contact. Officer Ryder approached the front door, with only his flashlight in his hand, opened the glass storm door and knocked on the front door. Corporal Haley was standing off the front porch in the driveway with a view of the front door.

Several moments after officer Ryder knocked on the front door, he heard a gun rack from inside the home. He told Corporal Haley that he heard a gun. Officer Ryder drew his sidearm. As soon as the door opened, Florsheim emerged and was holding an AK-style semi-automatic rifle with a large magazine and he raised it toward officer Ryder. Officer Ryder directed Florsheim, at least 4 times, to put the gun down. Corporal Haley also yelled for Florsheim to put the gun down. Florsheim refused to comply with officers direct orders to drop his firearm and continue to point it at officer Ryder. After eight commands given and 7 seconds had elapsed officer Ryder fired a single shot into Florsheim’s torso. Florsheim immediately dropped to the ground and within 2 seconds, began shooting rounds from his rifle out the front door in the direction of the officers.

Corporal Haley tried to fire his sidearm, but it malfunctioned and through the course of events, never fired a round. From the body-worn camera footage, at least 23 rounds can be heard coming from Florsheim’s firearm. Both officers fled their respective locations to obtain a safer position. Once additional units arrived, a hostage rescue team approached the home so they could locate the child and provide medical aid to Florsheim. Despite the seriousness of his injury, Florsheim was still agitated and verbally abusive to officers as well as paramedics that rendered aid. The child was hiding in a room and came out when he heard the officers telling him they were there to get him to safety. The child was safe and unharmed. Florsheim was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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  1. If there ever was a time for a mag dump this was it. If the bad guy is already pointing a gun at you that’s not the time to tell him to drop it.

  2. All those situations you were glad you had your gun then when you need it it doesnt work kind of destroys your confidence

  3. Well he did in fact face up to someone his own size, but little did he know he would be immediately punked.

  4. Waiting for the racist comments… oh wait y’all been taking a hiatus the last 20 videos. I can’t exactly understand why that is

  5. How scary to have your gun jam like that. This is why, especially in domestic calls, well…every call, there needs to be at least two LEO’s there. Glad everyone important is ok.

  6. By the way that gun didn't jam. He tried to rack a round when there was already a round in the chamber. Not only once but 3 time. Good thing he didn't need that gun in that moment…

  7. Freaking piece of shit cops show up to someone's house late at night of course they're going to be armed. That doesn't give an officer the right to shoot them. That man had every right to shoot back at the officers after the assault on his life. Regardless of "why" they got the phone call to go there in the first place.

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