Man Says God Told Him to be a Criminal

​@CopsConsTV obtained body camera footage of a man who said God told him to crash into a vehicle. This body camera is the aftermath of the crash and what witnesses and the suspect told police.

Joshua Montoya was arrested on Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway, west of White and Parker Road, on suspicion of two counts of aggravated assault.

The featured content is NOT intended to be violent nor glorify violence in any way. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and education. ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


32 thoughts on “Man Says God Told Him to be a Criminal

  1. Cops and emt workers ask the same questions over and over to gauge how compliant a suspect is/will be. One may unknowingly reveal issues with authorities by visible becoming angered over answering the same questions.

  2. Dude is having a mental break. Wow. He doesn't need jail, he needs to be locked into an insane asylum for a good long time for some badly needed, and mandatory, help and medication.

  3. Given the consistency of his mannerisms/behavior/etc he is definitely crazy or having a prolonged psychotic episdoe, but damn this guy gets annoying fast. Your wife doesn't listen to you because you're an insane twat. Case closed. Please lock this dumbass up and throw away the key. As someone whose been severely injured by a negligent/crazy driver I can honestly state I have pretty much zero objection to anything they decide to do this person. I'd also like to give 4 thumbs up to these cops. They're truly compassionate officers and beautiful people. IMO there's nothing more respectable or admirable than good cops like these.

  4. Now I've seen everything & at one time the generic caution Viewer discretion advisory, Now google has elected to push things very far & actually go into detail about the advisory Claiming images may cause the mentally disturbed to actually do or harm themselves or worse when watching demonic like content and you can thank Google for there's & others around the world for there own demise. Very very strange wording about l or They agree to watch this before I do myself in.

  5. OK, yeah, it's good that this young man was arrested, as he's clearly a danger….but here's the thing: Nobody can prove God DIDN'T tell him to do these things. It's the great thing about being God. All the accolades, none of the accountability.

  6. I know that feeling like I'm talking to others in a fkn foreign language like him??…lol I understand, … the matrix red or blue pill.i got it right away. I understand that 1. I feel bad for him that no1 listens to him nor understands that needs to stop ppl need to be heard and he's 1 of many like me that no1 listens. I feel horrible for him and makes sad and emotional as an emotional person I am ,o well I am so what . It b shows I'm human and have a heart. Let him go see family, let hi. Go free ashe broke down crying wanting to see family and be with em.

  7. He's innocent. Let him go and I get it that his family doesn't listen to him and I understand love his sense of humor and he's in mental health field world and no1 hears him. I hear him I understand, And feel for him, what I do is just don't bring it up to avoid this whole thing, situation and I remain civil and talk to the pro. Dr's I've got. I'm good,no arguments no drama bullsht , no. Sad but true but sometimes it needs to be done that way but talking to the pros. Is better. I remain patient as possible and better than what it was with my patients I'm chill almost 24 7. So hope this gets out there and helps all who need something and beneficial

  8. Most times I don’t like cops but when I saw the cop pat him on his shoulder and showing sympathy even tho he practically tried to kill someone is insane I applaud this officer more cops should take notes

  9. These officers are truly civil servants. Their compassion and empathy for this man is to be commended. These are the kind of cops that should be in charge and promoted.

  10. Don’t know if he crazy, on drugs or faking. Don’t think it matters. If there ever was an example of a person who should be separated from society for the rest of his life …… it’s this guy. You can’t fix this.

  11. I do think the man who intensionally crashed his car into those people is suffering from a severe delusional disorder but I feel like it’s more likely from long term drug use or drug induced psychosis. It’s widely misunderstood and it’s not always schizophrenia but that could also be a factor. Either way, he needs a lot of help and until then he is a danger to the public.
    (Edit: the reason behind my leaning towards a drug induced delusional break is because of his affect, eye contact and the fact that he makes it. His speaking tempo and although the topic of what he is saying sounds crazy, his sentence formation is clear and coherent. That is not typical for someone suffering through a schizophrenic episode)
    I’m so grateful that the people he hit are ok. I totally understand that man’s angered responses after the crash but in his recount of the events, he was so clear and concise and was really just concerned with his passenger.

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