Man on Peyote Baptizes Himself, Hides Under Garbage Can Lid

The title of this video explains it all, however it should be noted that while at the hospital, Paul denied that he was under the influence — despite having clearly stated otherwise earlier in the call.

We have reached out to the City of Las Cruces to determine whether Paul is still employed with the city. We will update the description when we hear back.


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00:00 Intro
00:52 The report
01:35 The recycling bin
02:09 Hiding under garbage can lid
07:46 Drag
12:32 “He was crouched down like this, bro”
22:44 “Sorry to hear about your wife, man” (his wife is fine)
25:13 Hospital
28:54 “Your wife said you were fine two hours ago”
31:34 “He’s gonna trip balls. I’m excited!” ** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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44 thoughts on “Man on Peyote Baptizes Himself, Hides Under Garbage Can Lid

  1. Psychedelics are cool man. Let him have his experience. Send someone to guide him through the rest of his experience! How nice would it be to have a separate holding cell for people trippin out. You get a nice sound system with all sorts of music selections, paints/art supplies, or whatever. Tripping shouldn't be looked down upon. We all need to experience that in order to understand. Looking from the outside at this, you will never be able to relate! Look, if he were high as shit on meth, hadn't slept for a week, acting like this, you think he'd be so calm once they approached? Naw, man. Dude wasn't with it, but he wasn't trying to fight back either.

  2. Peyote is a naturally growing plant/cactus that has hallucinating and psychoactive effects when ingested.
    It causes a psychedelic trip/high and is known to be one of the worlds strongest naturally occurring drugs.

  3. What do you think we are gonna have to do here.
    Well. We need professional help. Get a sanitation truck here ASAP. They can deal with the trash can lid.. Call that sushi restaurant we went to last week. You know the one where that guy was cutting and flipping the food all over. He should be able to take care of the utensils. Flag down that landscaping truck. They should be able to handle the crown…. And.. How sure are we about that being water and not pee?

  4. Why didn't the police place cuffs on him right away when detained. Ask yourself, how long would you like your hands placed behind your back before cuffs were placed. Seems the Officers involved wanted the suspect to contest being placed in an uncomfortable position; without cuffs applied. From 4:12 to 5:47 (1 Minute and 35 Seconds) the suspect was held by Officers without cuffs being applied in what looks like a very uncomfortable joint lock position with wrists and elbows being controlled. If you also examine the recording, there looks to be some editing done at 5:43. The suspect says "Okay" and then immediately says "Yes Sir" during what looks to be a quick edit. ALSO, the order to "Stop Moving" by Officers makes no sense.

  5. 2:10 I knew what was coming and I still couldn't believe it. OH MAN. It just gets better and better. Jack Sparrow what happened to you?… That's just all sorts of awesome. Good cops!! Well done guys!

  6. The Police And Goverernment, Are NOT YOUR FRIENDs, EVER! DO NOT CONSENT to ANY SEARCH OR INVITE THEM INTO YOUR HOME Unless They Have a Warrant, DO NOT TALK TO THEM WITHOUT LEGAL COUNSEL, I was a Deputy Sheriff back in the early 80s, And I Say What I MEAN AND MEAN WHAT I SAY ,

  7. Actually very sad for this gentleman, grief can made you do things you normally wouldn't do..grief can just make you feel like you have a wet quilt on top of you, and your just trying to get relief..I'm praying for this man. But Good that the officers can stand around laughing because of there encounter, in this day and time with LEO, it's tough doing that line of work..thanks to all that serve in that line of love from Alabama

  8. They handled this better than I thought.. but still idiotically. I swear “when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

    Dumb ass cop: “you don’t wanna do this… why’d you do that?!… do you understand?!”

    Like dude.. he’s trippin balls.

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